Good morning, wednesday-tax day

  1. good morning, friends!!

    another nite and can't sleep; i've decided to just get up & play in puter , listen to music & write to you guys. if i fall asleep, great, if not, well, whatever. no sense fighting this.
    you know, i don't usually feel tired during the day, so maybe i just don't need much sleep.
    i'm listening to stevie nicks sing & enjoying.
    i brought my book out with me, too.

    well, i'm going to put the headphones on & see if i doze off!!
    nothing special planned for wednesday--just work!!!

    you all have a wonderful day!!

    mary ann
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning from California, where it is dark (0150) and cold. Where the heck did that glacial cold front come from? brrrrrrrrr.

    I can't sleep either - I was in a nice warm bed (electric blanket) but was tossing and turning. I had a small cup of coffee last this afternoon because I was very groggy - now I can't sleep.

    Yeah, tax day, blech. I still have some studying to do for my test tonight at 6 p.m. And a hospice meeting. But I want to attend part of the Tea Party at the Sundial Bridge too.

    The sign I want for my front yard is T.E.A. Taxed Enough Already.

    We are filing extentions for state and federal.

    I'm not listening to music Mary Ann - it will just wake me up more. I had a peanut butter sandwich and two glasses of milk. Maybe that will make me sleepy.

    Happy Wednesday to everyone -

  4. by   Sabby_NC
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]good morning my dear friends
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]hope you are all feeling well even though some of you are cold at this time.
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]i think our weather should be up in the 60's today so that won't be so bad!
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]i have been driving past this little place every week and i am drawn to it so i thought i would share a photo of it. i would love to see it back in its day when it was a sweet house with flower gardens around it. hmmmmmm i would love to fix it up! i love the rock work in the chimney. anyhow here is the darlin' little house.
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway] don't ya think i could fix it up really nice? i would love to hear what those walls had to say!
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]where has netters been hiding lately? coooeeeeeeeeee netters how are you darlin and mutti?
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]i have a few extra visits today as some are circling the drain right now. bless their hearts.
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]ok i had better get ready for work.
    [color=#3366ff][font=broadway]have a super day. :heartbeat :d :heartbeat
  5. by   GPatty
    [font="comic sans ms"]
    good morning mary ann, steph and sabby!

    i l-o-v-e that house! and i could sooooo see my dh and i living there! beautiful!

    i have to work tonight, *blech!* but it's only an 8 hr shift, so i guess i'll survive. although tomorrow and friday are 12's.
    guess i shouldn't have told the boss that i liked the last schedule she gave me.... since i liked it, she changed it!

    school is going ok. got a "b" on my last test, and 100% on my presentation that i gave monday. happy 'bout that!

    on the agenda today is to volunteer at the children's school, finish up laundry, and do some schoolwork.

    how 'bout you?

  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    Glad school is going OK calliou.

    MaryAnn and Steph, I hope you can get to sleep.

    Sabby, that is an interesting little cottage.

    No class or work today, just a day of writing for me. Stuff that I have to get done sooner or later, so I might as well start on it now.

    Still waiting for word back from the hospital, they did say they'd decide this week. Starting to get impatient...the interview went well, so why haven't I heard something? It's not my only opportunity, but my only interview so far.
  7. by   GPatty
    Morning Joe~
    Have you called the hospital to check?
  8. by   Joe NightingMale
    Quote from calliou
    Morning Joe~
    Have you called the hospital to check?
    Not yet, they say they're making their decision this week and it's only Wednesday so far. I might call sometime Thursday or maybe Monday (at clinicals on Friday).

    The HR people can be hard to get hold of, so that's the other reason I'm holding off---I'm hoping my concern is premature.
  9. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Just popping in for a quick hello. Have been busy with work so haven't had much time to come on.

    Everything's pretty much the same. Work today as well 3-11.

    Hugs all around!!!
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Oh Sabby - I love little houses like that. Actually old farm houses too. I pass this one two story old farm house with two chimneys and a screened in porch and filigreed trim when I go see one of my patients. I'm hoping someone will fix it up someday - and not tear it down. It really bothers me when folks tear down part of history.

    Well, I did finally fall asleep. Now gotta wake up so drinking strong coffee. Study, shower, meeting, drive to the big city, study, school.

    Hope you hear something Joe - waiting is the tough part.

  11. by   zuzi
    Good morning my sweeties..... hey is a new day in my magic land..and I choosed like always to be HAPPY and to stay away to unhappy people or people who choosed to be unhappy. Unhappiness or hapiness are OUR choices. Be balanced, keep your unhapiness in the closet, looool. I miss my "papa" "le baron" and all people loves to my heart. Like nurses we need to build a positive way around us not a negative one, a environment where people enjoy to be for less or long time. Reality is how you build it. For me I chossed to see a happy sparkling, rainbow, loving reality, loool. Dosen't matter nothing else..... We need to work on our personailities and build a strong happy balanced, logical ones, not for us specialy , BUT for our patinets and collegues. No one want to hear negative thinks, complains or dirty staff, I hate it.... I CHOOSED to live in sun in rainbows in fairy tales, is my world, and is real is beetwen us, is love and sounds and beuatifullness. Just look around you , LIFE IS LOVE and beuatifullness, enjoy, hapiness bring hapiness, twsited minds bring twisted minds, love brings love, and negative fellings catch negative ones. Be good be Lovables, looool, put yourself in others shoes, before to talk, if they ask you to do some, JUST DO IT, at one point they have right and much more they have rights and we are supreficials some how. Always is a way to be happy and make others happy, instead to choose unhapiness path. Just think! I remember my sis, by the way, hey sis, still sad???? Muaaaaah! Muah Muah three times to have a good day!

    I told you that i meet the most beuatiful smart balanced police officer ever last night, whooooo....still not a ticket, one day for sure, speed was... I could not tell you on a public forum, he, he, he....Thanks God for all his miracles.. be good nurses stay untwisted (he, he, he you readed well, I didn't say STRAIGHT, loool) HAPPY and positive and balanced!

    And let's bring some gowns NOW for the gurls, lool!
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  12. by   jnette
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    [FONT=Broadway]Where has Netters been hiding lately? Coooeeeeeeeeee Netters how are you darlin and Mutti?
    Heeeeeeere she is !!!

    Shew.. busy couple days here. Yesterday was "bath day" for Mutti... a tedious task, even though she was quite agreeable. Just very time consuming, after a full day of work when I want to just come home and chill awhile. Then I had to curl her hair since I had shampooed it, then supper, and then I fell into bed at 8 pm exhausted.

    Today was Mutti's Dr. appointment to get her signed up for HH and a bath aide 2xwk. Yay!

    Since I have to pass our agency on the way to the doc, I pulled in and loaded Mutti into a W/C, and rolled her into our facility to meet all my colleagues, my employer, etc. Everyone instantly fell in love with her and her accent. And Mutti poured on the charm, as always.

    THEN... my employer (owner of the agency) asked me if I had time to stick around for a bit... she is in the process of buiding a website and handouts.. very classy and professional looking, and wanted some pictures to place next to the paragraphs of the services we offer.. PT, OT, Speech, Nutrition, etc....

    She didn't want to steal any copywrighted pics off the internet, and asked if we cared if she took some good shots of Mutti in her W/C, then with a huge exercise ball, (Mutti loved that one!!!) .... then we even stood her up and got one of her standing, with a raised arm walker... Mutti was in her element, I tell you ! She LOVES to be photographed, and she was eating it UP !!! :chuckle

    Can't wait to see how the brochures look.... SWEET !!!

    Tomorrow another long day, have a 2 and 1/2 hour CPR refresher at 4:30 pm// so not even worth coming home first... I get off at 3:30pm since I'm there at 0630. Oh well... I'll just stay all day, I guess. When I get home, it will be time to put Mutti to bed.
    Not to mention ME. :stone

    Mary... I'll sleep FOR you !!! I have nooooooooooooo trouble falling asleep !!!

    It had BETTER be warm tomorrow.. our high was only 45 degrees today, and windy as heck.. making it even colder. :angryfire

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's EVER going to really warm up and STAY that way!

    OK.. gotta go .. might get back in a bit... HUGS to all ! :kiss
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  13. by   dianah
    wow, busy-busy-busy jnette!
    i wish i could have been there to see mutti just lap up all the attention!

    hope you get some rest tonight (tomorrow sounds busy too!).

    i left work early to take youngest to a derm. appt.
    he has a cyst on his neck, which was injected w/cortisone.
    they increased his doxycycline to b.i.d.
    he got to drive home, so he's happy.

    i received this via email:

    winner of definition contest... "political correctness"

    the following is the winning entry in an annual contest at texas a&m university calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term: this year's term was political correctness. the winner wrote:

    "political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end"

    r. j. wiedemann ltcol. usmc ret.

    :d :d :d

    dh and oldest are heading out soon to a jam.
    i'm stayin' home, got some things to do here.
    hope to get to bed early, as i'm tired.

    y'all have a good one! (any news joe??)
  14. by   jnette
    Yes, Di.. tomorrow will be tough.. I'll be at work at 0630 and won't leave there 'til 7:30 pm... oy.
    Will be glad when this week is done. Where HAS it gone??? :spin:

    At least it WILL be nice out tomorrow. Yay.

    Hope the cyst disappears soon.. any idea what caused it? I ask because I have been feeling a painful nickel sized lump on the lower end of my skull.. between my ear and where the spine goes into the skull...hmmmm... hope it goes away. :stone

    Bet ds was thrilled to drive.. heh.

    Joe.. I, too, wish you good results soon. I'm sure things will turn out to be just the way they were MEANT to be. Keep the faith!

    OK.. this tired lady is heading to bed, too. Can't wait for Friday... means I get to sleep in Sat, am !!!