Good morning Wednesday the 15th

  1. Hello this is for the benefit of those on the east coast...or else further away. True it's still Tuesday here. What can I say.

    I was having a great sleep but was unceremoniously woken up by the man.... .................................................. .........................................
    .................................................. .................................................. ...
    and now I have the munchies.

    We did housework tonight cause we're having a very belated housewarming Wednesday evening.
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  3. by   bethin
    Do I say good morning or good night to you, adrienurse? Neither applies to me. I won't go to sleep until 3a and its 1230a here. It certainly isn't good morning.

    I had all of my Tuesday planned out: meet with my advisor to make out schedule, look at apts in Indianapolis, do Christmas shopping downtown, go to scrapbook store, visit huge bookstore downtown (2 floors of books, magazines, CD's with a coffee shop!), and eat at St Elmos in downtown Indy. Got up, dressed, and then I threw up. Felt horrible so I called and cancelled all my appts and rescheduled for Thurs. I love going to Indianapolis and shopping and eating in downtown. I also planned to take a walk over to the canal. It is absolutely gorgeous! If I had a man it would be even prettier.

    So, I took some phenergan and vicodin and went to bed. I feel ok now but it seems to hit me out of the blue. I'm taking in fluids ok as long as I can take phenergan first. I cannot keep living like this! It's been going on for 2 weeks. Was supposed to see the dr on Monday but I felt soooooo sooooo bad that I didn't make it. Rescheduled for next Monday.

    One of my nieces is potty trained. :hatparty: She runs into the br all by herself. Pulls her pants down, wipes, and pulls them up. She's so proud of herself. She ran to me yelling "Aunt Bath (can't pronounce e's) I potty!" I asked her sister if she potties and I get a blank look. My nieces make me laugh like I have never laughed before.

    Everyone have a great night and a great day!
  4. by   adrienurse
    I can relate bethin. I'm trying not to get hooked on the clonazepam my MD put me on for night times, but it's the only thing that's making me sleep. I got enough problems without a benzo addiction.
  5. by   bethin
    I had a one time prescription for clonazepam and I never knew I could sleep so well! It was wonderful while it lasted but my dr said it's too addictive.
  6. by   dianah
    Bethin, I hope you feel better, glad you WILL be seeing your MD. Vomiting puts such a crimp in one's social life.

    Hi Adrienne, hope your issues get squared away too.

    I'm about to get ready for bed, gotta press youngest ds's shirts while the shower/bathrooms are occupied by the ds's. I attended a short conference on CHF tonight, held at a Benihana-type Japanese restaurant. Mmmmm, good!! Both the food and the presentation were good, lol! Now, though, it's home and back to the usual!

    Best to everyone! --- D
  7. by   bethin
    Good night dianah. You didn't drink, did you??? Of course not. Our sweet darling dianah has never drank ETOH before.

    Hope you sleep well!
  8. by   nursemary9

    Well, another night at work!! We're full; so it;s just what we've got!! Not real awful tonite.
    Of course, as is par for the course on this floor, I have NONE of the same pt's I had last nite!!!:angryfire :angryfire Well, I'm all ready getting used to it---I don't even expect them any more!That doesn't mean that I don't get aggravated, tho!! I do have a solution, but no one listens to little old me!!
    Our Manager has the same thoughts I do, but since the majority don't want change, there is none!!
    Enough of this RANT!! Doesn't help!!

    After work, DH has his Physical therapy. He is doing quite well now & this may even be his last treatment. He has been given home instructions & does the exercises religiously!! He is good that way. After that it's a trip to Costco & whereever else he might want to go; then hope to lunch & pretty soon it's bedtime & off to work again!!

    Tuesday evening I just couldn't fall asleep; actually the reason was, I simply wasn't tired. I don't know why since I worked Monday nite.
    Well, I'll probably sleep well this evening!!

    Adrien, hope you get back t o sleep and get some good ZZZZZZZZZ's

    Bethin, Hope you fel better! Good News about your Niece!!

    Dianah, Hope you also get some good, refreshing SLEEP!!

    Well, break is about over. better run

    Hello to all who come after!!
    Hope you all have a WONDERFUL, SUN SHINEY DAY!!

    Mary Ann
  9. by   RGN1
    Morning everyone -it really is morning here - 10.00am as I type!

    Sorry you're ill Bethin, hope you're on the mend really soon.

    To those who should be sleeping - GO TO BED!!!!!

    Hope your shift goes well Mary!

    I'm on the only day off I have this week but have to go shopping or there'll be nothing left to feed the family!! I have an interview Friday for a promotion . I'm up against 2 other colleagues so I'm not too confident. One of them I would hope to be chosen over but the other one is very good so we'll see. Still I can only give it my best shot!!

    To all those above & those yet to post have a great day XXXX
  10. by   jnette
    'Morning !

    Got called back out yesterday afternoon, so I didn't have time to come and play. Wah.

    'Nuther day, 'nuther dollah. Enjoying my morning brew before I head to the shower and start getting ready for work.

    Beth.. you worry me. PLEASE get thyself to the doc, and pronto! You planned day sounded so lovely.. I'm sorry you didn't get to do all you wanted to do. Your nieces sound precious, indeed!

    RGN.. good luck.. hope you get it !

    Hi, Dianah ! You're sleeping tightly now.

    OK.. I'm off to get ready.. hope I can get back here this afternoon to check up on you all... heh.

    Later, peeps !

    Adrien.. thanx for starting us off !

    Mary.. hope your shift went ok, and it's alomst over now!
  11. by   DDRN4me
    Mornin friends!!!
    trying to get motivated this morning... have to go out to a house early...but then i will be off early to go to dinner in Boston, so its worth it!!

    not much else going on right now. trying to pack for my week long excursion to TN and NY. dont want to forget anything!

    Mary, hope the rest of your shift goes well and you have a good sleep!!
    RGN good luck on the interview!!

    bethin, feel better!!!! adrienurse hope the housewarming goes well!!

    well, better run...hope you all have a wonderful day!! Mary
  12. by   rninme
    Morning all!!

    Still dark here so I can't really tell what kind of a morning it is going to be! Not calling for rain today....that will be nice for a change....but it is better than that other 4-letter word!!

    Sipping coffee...not much planned for the day....may go to LL Bean and see how much money I can spend ...

    Back later....gotta help DH for a few minutes....

    Have a great day all!!
  13. by   nursemary9
    I'm on the only day off I have this week but have to go shopping or there'll be nothing left to feed the family!! I have an interview Friday for a promotion . I'm up against 2 other colleagues so I'm not too confident. One of them I would hope to be chosen over but the other one is very good so we'll see. Still I can only give it my best shot!!

    Good Luck on the Interview, RGN

    mary Ann
  14. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    Good luck on the interview Mary Ann.

    I've got to right a couple of essays for school and run a few errands. I signed up for a 4-hour block extra this evening 3p-7p. I need the extra money.

    I hope everyone has a great day.