Good Morning, Wednesday, Nov 16, 2005

  1. Well Good morning all.

    Just cruising the threads and thought I would start today's thread

    MMMMM I smell the possum in teh crock pot there Siri. Think I will order a pizza...

    Kids are asleep, dh is asleep. Even the dog is asleep. SHHHHH don't wake them PLEASE!!!!!
    It is supposed to be 26 here tonight ande it is windy to boot. Crazy weather anyway.

    I think today will be a CHICKEN and noodle day. Not something that "tastes like chicken" but real chicken, so stay outta my crockpot Siri.
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  3. by   sirI
    good morning everyone!!!

    yep, gonna have possum in the pot with taters, carrots, onions, garlic, possum parts, more garlic, pepper, more possum parts.....


    ya'll come on back in here, ya hear? enjoy the vittles.

    see ya in the daylight!!

    night, lisa.:hatparty:
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    I made stir fry tonight - now I'm hungry again. Chicken and noodles, yum.

    Watching the CMA Awards . .. . it is good, mostly music and very little talk.

    Elton John and Dolly Parton are up next . . . .


    p.s. Keith Urban won Entertainer of The Year . . .sigh . . . so cute. :-)
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  5. by   cariad
    good morning everyone,i started to read yesterdays posts while it was still yesterday, and before i had finished reading them , it had become today, so i gave up.

    steph chicken and noodles sounds good not sure hubby can make it for me,,,, he cooks i eat!

    siri, i think that your taste in meals leaves something to be desired,,,,,remind me to bring my own if i visit???????????
    never seen a possum...dead or alive!
    by the way the corn booger story that we waited all week to hear was worth waiting for.

    babynurselsa.....your cooking sounds more to my taste, real chicken every time!

    the brits cook real big turkeys at xmas and loads of other meats as well, they seem to think that the shops are going to close for ever, and then the day after xmas they all open back up!

    personally we have been able to escape the last couple of xmases, orlando last year and disneyland paris the year before. looks like we will have to rough it this year and just stay where we the carribean!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Cariad . . . .I wanna move where you are. It is 30 degrees outside and we still have a bit of snow on the ground.

    Better get to bed - long day on Wed.


    And Good Morning!

    Depending . . .

  7. by   suebird3
    i have been up since 5:45 am on 11/15, and i am on the next thread already.

    guess someone hasta do it.....

    what a night! egad!


  8. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning to all my Friends

    I'm at work yet again; Not so bad. I have a radition implant pt; a complicated chemo pt. and a few others. What a mixture--oh yes, a Hospice pt also thrown into t he mix. I guess I'll have a varied nite!!

    I'm not Charge, so that makes everything better!!
    I really just want the nite to move on!!

    I have nothing special planned for the AM except some shopping and a nail appt. I usually take my Mom for her hair on Wed. but she cancelled for today.

    I was able to design what I think will be a nice Christmas card, but I have to print it up & see what it looks like. It seemed to take me forever to do this yesterday.I'm getting slower all the time!!
    I don't like this getting old stuff!! :angryfire

    Well, better get back to work.
    You all have a great day!!
    I'll see you all later

    Mary Ann
  9. by   RainDreamer
    Hiya everyone!

    Lisa, Siri, Steph, Cariad, Suebird, Mary Ann ...... I hope yall are having a good night and have a great day tomorrow!

    All this food talk is making me hungry ....... and I can't eat because I'm about to go to bed. Went to the doc today and got some antibiotics, hopefully it'll get rid of this dang cold and cough I've had for the last week ...... it seems like EVERYONE has it!

    Speaking of weather ...... I think the high today was 75 and sunny ........ after going through 2 months of hell (July and Aug.) with temps in the 110s ........ I can finally say we have good weather now. It's BEAUTIFUL! Sunny and breezy, then cools down to about 40 at night. Just perfect. Going through hell was worth it lol.

    Well I hope yall get some good sleep tonight, have a good night at work if you're working (Mary Ann!) and have a great day tomorrow. Nitey nite!
  10. by   Katnip
    Good morning, everyone.

    You all are confusing me, talking about stir fries, and being at work, and going to work, and being half way through night and morning. :chuckle

    I for one am getting ready to leave for work. I got a shoe on my broken foot this morning! Huge accomplishment. Still swollen and hurting though. Oh well, it takes time.

    Everyone have a wonderful day.

  11. by   DDRN4me
    Good morning friends!
    not too much going on right now. just geting ready for work, and trying to fight off the dog and cats who want to add to my post!

    i am sooo psyched, i only have one more paper left for my stinking class and then it will be done, i have 90 /100 hours for my practicum and have my service project almost done....yeaaaaahhhhhh there is a light at the end of the tunnelll:hatparty:
    dd and her fiance were here last nite working on wedding plans! wish they werent waiting sooo long, but thanks to the military, its October 2007.
    well, better sign off and get dressed for work just not in t he mood today, would rather stay home and cook or shop!

    MaryAnn, cyberkat, and all of the others who have to work like me today, hope it is a good one! to the rest who are sleeping hope its a nice restful one! mary
  12. by   GPatty
    morning everyone! or good night, whichever the case may be....
    [color="sienna"]i finished my paper yesterday, took my little one to the doc for a consult about a hernia repair (born with it, i guess), dog to the groomers, went grocery shopping and got locked in walmart cause of a tornado watch...they made us all go to the center of the store and stay there...interesting 3 hours....
    then i get online and discover the teacher is not going to be there tomorrow, but we have a project to do in place of lecture, then i have to go the hospital to research my patient that will be there tomorrow! such is the life of the student, huh?
    well, i wish all of you a wonderful day ahead...babynurse~ i'll help ya keep siri away from the crockpot, so don't worry, k?
    siri~now you behave yourself today....
    steph~ stay warm! and will it be good morning for you soon?
    cariad~ in my plans, i am going to travel nurse when i am 50, i hope to go places like you have described....sounds lovely!
    suebird~ go to bed!
    maryann~ have a wonderful day!
    rain dreamer~ hope the atb work and you feel better soon....
    kat~lordy girl..a broken foot? take care of yourself!
    mary~ get your stuff done! lol! i had to plan a wedding in about 3 months time this summer on a very limited budget...pulled it off tho, and it was was military too....good luck to them! and to you!
    well~ gotta run, and i know as soon as i submit this, there will be 10 more replies,and i can't answer you i'll just say hello to everyone and send wishes for beautiful days ahead!
    see ya'll afterwhile!
  13. by   Jessy_RN
    goodmorning family,

    babynursela, thanks for starting the daily thread. have a great day!

    siri :angel2:, have a wonderful day today and tell chi chi, we enjoyed the story yesterday. hugs, to her little one as well.

    stievielynn, i love stir-fry too, i bet yours was a knock-out at the table. have a great day as well.

    cariad, you are lucky cause i won't even let my dh near the stove. he cannot cook even if his life depended on it. get this....before we got married his daily men consisted of most ramen noodles and scrambled eggs.........he says he is truly blessed with me since i love cooking for him. i so wish i could join you in the caribbean for x-mas. i moved from there (puerto rico) 2 years ago and i really miss it (sigh)

    suebird, how are you hon? glad to see you. have a blessed day

    nursemary9, it's been a while since i have seen you too. i was "absent" for a while with some intervals in here, but i am back. glad to see you. have fun at the salon and get pampered away. have a wonderful day.

    raindreamer, i think you are to blame for out rainy weather? can you send me some 75 degrees and sunshine! wishing you a fast recovery from your cold. have a good day.

    cyberkat, i'm sorry about your broken foot. sending healing thoughts your way. enjoy your day

    mgallant, 10-2007 will roll around quick. before you realize it you will be running around in circles preparing for the wedding. it is said that no matter how early you start the plans, you still run around the week of the wedding. congrats to your dd on her wedding and you take care and enjoy your day.

    julielpn, hello there. i haven't had the lovely opportunity to introduce myself. i am jessica, student, married, mother of a toy poodle and tuxedo cat :chuckle . glad to see you have joined the thread. have a blessed day as well.
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  14. by   nursemary9
    Hi AgainStill at work--only 0625 here--1 more hour to go; I'm getting so confused here with my co-workers!! EVERYONE is standing here complaining about the current schedule. Oh my gosh!! No one is happy!!Believe me--this is ridiculous!! Kat--I did not hear about your foot--how did you do it?Julie--it's been months since I've seen you here!! WELCOME back!!Jess, I was away from here all last week b/c I was sick!! I had such a terrible cold!! Much better this week & even back to work.Oh my these people are still at it in the background!!HELP!!!!Can't wait to get out of here!!Mary Ann