Good Morning Wed. Jan. 19, 2005

  1. wow starting the thread 2 days in a row i feel honored.

    here is some breakfast; eggs(anyway), potatos (anyway), sausage gravy & biscuits. ww toast, sausage, ham, bacon, jam and jellies (any kind), a spread of fresh fruit, oatmeal, grits, cold cereal, coffee, tea, oj, milk, soda, hot chocolate, ok i am exhausted now that's all for today.

    well i have 2 more assignments due before friday so i will try and work on those today. dh gets off early for dr's appt. we might get a couple hours of alone time. :hatparty: wow how rare. need to do some laundry. vaccum, and a few other things. will only get done what i can. not going to push my back. dh will help.

    well going to go and get some home work done.

    everyone have a fantastic day, welcome to any new premium members. hope all is well with everyone will check in later.

    roy i hope things work out and you get some good news today.

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  3. by   akcarmean
    well i just got my grades for last week, i got 2 a+, a b and a c. i am disappointed in myself for the c. i have emailed the instructor to find out what went wrong on how i can improve before i submit my next report on friday.

  4. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    Angie, thanks for breakfast!!! Sorry about the C and maybe you can pull that grade up with the next assignment!

    My youngest is still sick, last evening her fever was 102.8 which I gave her Tylenol. After 2 hours it was still over 102, so I gave her Motrin. It finally came down to about 100. She has a cough and congestion which the drainage has been clear so far. Her lungs are clear, no congestion at all. It's mostly in her head. I'm pretty sure this is viral, but I think I'll call the Dr today and see what he says. So I will stay home again and go in for a few hours to see pts again. I hope I can get in the office to catch up on charts sometime this week!

    They are still working on drywall on the addition. We may be able to paint next week!!! Our plan is to finish the upstairs then move all of us up and they can work on the rest of the house. Can't wait for the mess!!!! But it is coming along and looking good. It will be so nice when we get this done!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!!
  5. by   akcarmean
    Dixie -- Sorry to hear your dd is still sick. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

    Glad the house is coming along but hope they hurry so you can get things back in order. Good luck with getting some work done today.

    Have a great day.

  6. by   Tweety
    Got got answersing phones during a staff meeting when I floated to my sister unit. The manager "it'll be very short, just a few minutes....." 1/2 hour later, I get to go. But I did get to call a doc and tell her she used "do not use" abbreviations and just what did she mean by qd "was it daily?". LOL Loved it.

    So I came home and spouse had ordered pizza and left me some, so Pizza for breakfast for me! I guess the boneless/skinless breast of chicken was too healthy for him. Oh well, my diet is blown for a day.

    Angie, keep your chin up. You're doing the right thing by trying to improve next time. You're doing a great job. My instructor when out of town, so no grades yet on my second paper, so I'm waiting impatiently.

    Dixie, hope the child gets well soon.

    Have a great day for all you yet to come!
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    dixie--don't we hurt when our little ones are sick .. i hope that she shakes this real quick you 'learn' your instructor you will bring that grade up..

    tweety--it is a known fact that too much good health is not good for are lucky you have someone who places temptation in the way

    love you have a good day
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    We've had some sickness here as well..........DD had what she thought was a case of food poisoning a few days ago, and it was one of those vile double-enders where you think you're going to lose EVERYTHING. She and the baby are both OK, it lasted only a couple of days, but then Micah came down with it yesterday, so it's more than likely viral. I sure hope no one else gets it........I hate to be nauseated worse than I hate to be in pain!! Plus, we've got 3 bathrooms and 7 people in this house.......well, you do the math.

    Reminds me of the time many years ago when there were 8 of us living in a three-bedroom, 1-bath apartment, and we ALL got gastroenteritis at the same time. What a disaster.........every bucket, bowl, and pail we owned was in use, and we almost had to take numbers to get into the bathroom! At one point my hubby was overcome and couldn't find a receptacle, and in desperation he dashed outside, where he was so violently ill that I doubt grass has ever grown there again. :uhoh21:

    Oh well, I guess it's to be expected at this time of year........hope everyone who's been sick is doing better, and may the rest of you stay healthy!
  9. by   lil' girl
    Hi all! WEll we finally got a dusting of snow. And COLD big time!

    I missed yesterday cos I had soooo much homework.

    I put a new message on answering machine, goes.... If I didn't answer the phone it is because I am studying, please leave a message blah, blah!! The dang thing rang about 35 times last nite!

    WEll I have to do my research and drug cards for clinicals tomorrow Try to check back later.

    Angie thanks for breakfast, and those grades are nothing to be ashamed of girl!

    Phn hope the child gets well soon.

    Tweety Chats and Marla have a good day ya'll

  10. by   eltrip
    Quote from lil' girl
    Hi all! WEll we finally got a dusting of snow. And COLD big time!
    Lucky you, to get some snow! It has been FREEZING here for the past couple of days. My cubicle didn't get above 60 until today.

    I'm grateful today to be alive. My former life ended 6 years ago today. I am humbled by the blessings I've received since then and grateful for the challenges I face. I am, indeed, grateful for all of you as well. Thanks for being who you are, where you are!

    baskets of blessings,
  11. by   leslie :-D
    good day family!!

    dixie, i hope your little one gets better soon. i was such a neurotic mom when my babies got sick- their temps can really shoot up there and i remember their pediatrician being unconcerned at 103- told me to call him at 104. :stone and then tylenol worked for a couple and motrin only worked for the other. then of course alternating them happened quite frequently too-aggressive mgmt of getting those fevers down.

    hi angie- don't be so hard on yourself about the c....i know nsg school does that to you- that goal for perfection but trust me, it will mean nothing when you graduate; as long as you pass your nclex. hope things are going better for you? :kiss

    eltrip- i'm happy for you, for whatever this 6 yr anniversary is, you sound so grateful and content. congratulations.

    i have to bring my 15 yo dtr to the doctor in around a half hour to r/o strep.
    low grade temp, c/o sore throat with pustules on one side, red on the other....but doesn't have that strawberry rash. have to bring her anyway.
    regardless, it doesn't stop her from talking to me a mile per minute. my goodness her energy.....but it's all about school and since this is her first year in high school (an arts academy) and she has become 'it'- everyone loves her and i'm so proud of her and happy for her. she's made some wonderful friendships with very nice people. (yes, i'm puffing my chest with pride).

    and btw, happy birthday marla!!!!! have a good one darlin'.

    ok, have to finish cooking supper for the boys before we leave so everyone, have a great evening.

    with peace,

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  12. by   jnette
    Gosh.. quiet here today.. Where is ebbybody?

    Just got in from work a short while ago.. dh had a simple but satisfying little supper made. Sweet. I'm exhausted.. got my comfies on, my soft warm sockies, a cup of fresh hot coffee.. and trying to unwind. All the big wigs were in today for the monthly CQI, our medical director (nephrologist) to see all the patients.. it's always such a "to doooo" and all they do is get in our way while we're trying to work... snatching the flowsheets we need to chart our stuff on at the most inopportune times... just a crazyhouse. Grrr.

    There ! Got THAT off my chest.

    We got that dusting, too, and expecting quite a bit more by the weekend.
    It's somewhat warmer today, though... but still quite cold nonetheless.

    Hope everyone who's sick gets better SOON.. kids included. Angie.. keep plugging away.. you're doing great.
    The "C" was to keep you from getting the "bighead".

    Eltrip... ((((HUGS))))... for your celebration.

    OK.. gotta share this... it's just toooooo cute ! Ready for this ?
    Here ya go !

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! The kids took this while they were at the Aquarium up in Norfolk while Jess was visiting Adam and Thumbelina this past weekend.
    That's my two Jessicas there. I love it !!!
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  13. by   Tweety
    Get well to all the sick ones.

    Jnette, too cute.

    Off to work now! Woot!
  14. by   phn92
    Hello everyone!

    I took my dd to the Dr. this afternoon, her right ear starting hurting. Got her started on Zithromax and Allergra, should do the trick! I found that several of the great-grandkids who were together at the funeral last Friday have been sick. Talk about family togetherness! I also heard that dh's uncle was in the hospital and not doing very well. Kinda scary since we just lost his mother. All of her kids range in ages on 65 to 80, so you never know!

    jnette, love the pic!!

    I hope everyone is feeling better out there!!