Good Morning Wed, Aug. 30 2006

  1. Good Morning
    Siri I hope today finds you feeling better.
    Have a good day Coffee is on and brewing help yourself.
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  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN

    I was just waiting for someone to start the thread....thanks!

    It's a lecture day, so I'll be heading to the campus in a few hours.

    Everyone have a great day!
  4. by   suebird3
    Good Mornin'? Who you kidding! I gotta work the next few. Wish I coulda slept in more....great sleeping weather, I tell ya. New schedule is due up, and I hope it is decent.

    I'll try to be on later....depends on how I feel.

  5. by   DDRN4me
    Good morning!

    had a great day yesterday! accomplished alot at the office, then went to one of my houses and had a cooking/nutition inservice ...residents and staff loved it! felt like they really got it!

    then my bf and her dh from Nashville came to visit; that was fun.
    i am off this morning to take dd to her surgeon for post op checkup.
    then meetings this pm.. not too exciting, but thats ok.
    hope siri feels better and everyone else has a great day!! mary
  6. by   rninme
    Morning all

    It's a blustery 49 degrees here right is rising, was 44 when DH went out the door at 6am.....brrrrrr. Would have been a great morning to snuggle back under the covers but, that darned paper is calling Was writing it in my head while sleeping last noc.....had to get it out of da brain and onto the computer before I deleted it...LOL. Required to use Office in this program....I HATE OFFICE!! Whatsa matta with Works?? It's user friendly!! Just b@@### and moaning this morning....ignore me.

    DH loved his Found the lid off the cookie jar this morning...ahh cookies for breakfast....that's why I love him!

    Have a great day all.....need a refill.....bbl
  7. by   RainDreamer
    Good morning

    Wow, it's getting cold for you folks already! Probably about 85 degrees here right now at not quite 5 am. I'm really looking forward to it cooling down, but we still have a while to go. At least the worst is behind us!

    I hope you're all having a great week.

    Suzy, I hope your day went well yesterday!
  8. by   sirI
    good morning everyone

    aw, thanks, jmgrn. i'm feeling fair this morning. a little too early to tell. will lie low............have a nice day, hon.

    hi, fun. hope you have a good day.

    hey, sueb. don't work too hard.:melody:

    hello, mary and thank you, too. you have a good one.

    morning, rninme - send some of that weather to me, o.k.?? have a good day.

    hi, rainy - here, too. hate it. hope your day is a good one, hon.:spin:

    thinking 'bout kat and hoping all is o.k. regarding the biopsy.:icon_hug:

    i think i'll have some coffee this morning - missed it all day yesterday.

  9. by   RainDreamer
    Thanks Siri, I hope you feel better today!

    Well I think I'm gonna hit the hay. Maybe read for a bit and then get some sleep. I'll see you all later in the day. Have a great one!
  10. by   sirI
    thanks, rainy - you get some sleep, hon.
  11. by   Tweety
    Good morning!!!

    I hope everyone has a nice day today.

    It's the usual for me gym, study, housework, Allnurses..........
  12. by   suzy253
    Good morning everyone!!!

    siri....I hope you feel better and better and are enjoying your cup of coffee!

    Yesterday....well, not to bad as nothing out of the ordinary happened but when I walked onto the floor and saw the assignments for the 3 mods on the huge white board, I was mod leader for mod III. Yikes. i was told that I wouldn't be thrown into 3-11 without some precepting to that time and how they do things but that wasn't the case. I was sooooooooo scared. Thankfully, my angel preceptor from days, Bill was working until 7 pm and gave me pep talks....'you can do're meant to do this...I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it'........I think my biggest problem was getting used to giving meds that don't say 730 am, 9am, 11am but say 1500, 2100, etc. etc. and because I was so nervous at first i felt like I didn't know what I was doing. That and working with others that I really and truly hadn't met yet. they said 3-11 has a lot of admissions which I found to be true as I had 3! One pt c/o not being able to breath, her throat closing up, pulse racing. Got the vitals machine and threw 2L of O2 N/C on her. I think she was having a panic attack but after I had the situation under control, Bill walked in to check things out. I think he waited to let me handle it and then was my backup. gotta love him.

    And...I slept till almost 9. the kitties must have known to let me sleep in a bit b/c they didn't bother me for breakfast. I had the heat on in my car on the way home.....chilly! Now I'm off until Friday (will work Fri, Sat, Sun. 3-11).
  13. by   sirI
    hi, tweety. enjoy your day.

    suzyq - sounds as if you are well on your way!!! excellent! you are gonna be just fine. enjoy your days off.
  14. by   LauraF, RN
    Suzy- Glad you made it through your first evening shift.

    I have the hand sanitizer out all over the house. Hubby and dd are so congested, doped them up and sent them on their way. Hopefully I won't get any sick calls. Gotta go to Walmart and get some milk. Probably stop by McD's and get an egg mcmuffin and a soda. Have a great day!