Good Morning Tuesday! April 21, 2009

  1. Hey folks

    It's morning here but I'll be asleep in a few hours.

    Because of the crazy way my schedule came up last week, I was at work: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, had PALS on Thursday and Friday (AND ended up covering a co-worker for 3 hours post PALS exam on Friday because she had babysitter issues), worked Saturday and Sunday.

    And then Monday morning, after I got done with my shift at 0730, walked up stairs and donated blood

    I slept long and well for the first time in a week on Monday LOL.
    I'm off today and tomorrow (and this weekend too!) Can't wait to see my paycheck this Thursday

    I literally have nothing planned - might go down to the shore this weekend.
    But other than that, catch up on housework and just relax I guess.

    Hope y'all have a great day!
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  3. by   DDRN4me
    hey Roy nice to see you !!
    had a nice relaxing weekend with decent weather. work wasnt too bad yesterday as it is a holiday in my state. may people also take the day to watch the marathon; and because it is school vacation week. not me. i like to work when its quiet like that. had a great productive day going till a kiddo came down with a louse in a tissue!
    then head checks for most of the place! thankfully nothing else found!

    (((sabby ))0 so sorry to hear about your beloved Jasmine. may happy memories comfort you and dh.

    jnette Gavin and Mutti are both adorable! glad things are going so well.
    Joe, sometimes no news is good news. sending hopeful thoughts your way.
    ((Zuzi and Zoe))) hope work improves. know what you mean about the stresses others bring on !!
    di hope you are feeling better
    speaking of work i better run and get ready. cold dreary and rainy today. would rather curl up with a book and a cup of tea!
    hi to all i missed.
    prayers for those in need. :heartbeatmary
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    good morning roy, mary and all that follow

    just popped in to wish you all a great day.

    not feeling too bright this morning and so missing our baby fur girl.
    this sucks for sure and i know it will take time but gawd i miss her so much.
    hubby and i have shed many many tears.

    enjoy this beautiful day. :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    I hope you feel better Sabby.

    Hi Roy and Mary.

    Have class this afternoon and evening, so I'll be at school a while.

    Clinicals went OK yesterday, even though I'm not really learning anything. Though we only have two weeks left.

    Emailed the hospital again last night, might try calling later in the week if I don't hear something. Hate to be a pest but I do want to know.

    Fairly cold and rainy today, hopefully that will end soon.
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from sabby_nc
    not feeling too bright this morning and so missing our baby fur girl.
    this sucks for sure and i know it will take time but gawd i miss her so much.
    hubby and i have shed many many tears.
    ohhh sabby!

    :icon_hug: that's terrible! i had no idea...
  7. by   Grace Oz
    Hello all, it's tuesday night here and I'm on my way to bed.

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy day and even though I've not always responded to each post, I have read your news and happenings.

    Sabby ..... ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) I'm thinking of you both, hon. Take all the time you need.

    Nice to see you start the GM thread, Roy! .... Thanks!

    Joe ... hope you hear something soon! Hang in there!

    Mary ... G'day!

    To everyone ......... stay safe and well! *See* you tomorrow!
  8. by   nursemary9
    good morning, friends!!

    had a very rude awakening this am. phone rang about 0200--(i was even actually sleeping!!) it was my bro. seems mom got out of bed during the nite, didn;t take her walker & ended up falling--yet again!! this time, he says there was lots of blood!! called 911--tho she kept saying not to--we met them all at the er. she cracked her head open again, needed 4 sutures & then 11 staples!! hey did a ct scan--no subdural this time. badly sprained rt. wrist, also. they let her go home.

    i don't get it--why can't she just use the d--- walker??? she used a cane for years, is it so much different!!
    she's 92 yrs old--her mentation gets worse by he day!!
    she just kind of laughs at us when we express any concern.
    i just don't know what to do about her any more.
    anyway, i called off this morning

    nothing else new here.
    saw md last nite--just routine--had to have the monthly restricted duty paper work filled out!!

    anyway, i hope you all have a great day. take care.
  9. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Haven't posted in a few days. I'll have to try to catch up on the previous morning threads.

    (((SAbby)))...I'm so very sorry. I've been there many times. It's never easy. Hang in there my friend.

    ((Mary)) hugs to you too. Must be very frustrating indeed.

    Not much going on here. Work...lousy weather. Driving home last night..or should I say early this morning at 12:30 a.m. in torrential rains, in the dark, could barely see the lines on the highway and I travel that highway a lot. It's supposed to be 'April showers' not April downpours. :-)

    My sis is staying with me for awhile. She sold her place in NY, bought a condo on the Cape and is having some work done on the new place..mostly converting the heat to gas.

    Off today and then back on tomorrow.

    Hugs all around.
  10. by   Roy Fokker
    Here's something that might cheer you all some...



    It's a famous song, covered by the band "Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers".
    Laugh and enjoy...

  11. by   zuzi
    Hey good morning at 2 pm, lool. A beuatifull day like always. "The man" try to fix my laptop, in a pecefull way till now, better to goes out from home as soon as possible, loool, thanks God that tommorow i will work again, loooool...could i have a bed there???? Positive energy inn , positive energy out...deeeeep breath... Yesterday night driving to home outside was like in my chlhood...warm... peace... i opened all windows to smell and fill the night air on my face.... I drove pretty close to a green field like in fairy tales and apples and cherries are blooming (I don't know what tree are, loool) but smell so nice, I thinked if I will stop the car and I will stay a little....could be dangerous??? Of course... You see I need to do what i need to I keep drive and pass my fellings...yesterday i feel just ok with my self... like my father told me...."do the best that you can and when you go to sleep to be in peace with you and is enough". How you can balance your professional life with your family life and personal life when you are the only one who work and bills come and come....and a day has JUST 24 hours???
    But damn it, I love what I do now and is like addiction I could not stop to work....I love to work, and work and work is like as a marry go around....may be because I have nice people in my shift and nice warming hearts little ones just coming in profession and to go to work is fun and beauty of souls and shapr minds conections???. I think that that is BEAUTY of souls.
    If you look at all of them how beuaty are insiede you could not say much more than so blessed you are, beauty and love are seen on people eyes and reflect in people words. Probably for that I love there. We work on personal life ...I don't know, Alwaysd I try and hope and dream that one day will be different...we work at tell nice little somenthing, one to each other, but know......I am so easy to be hurted and i don't want to hurt also...I read my books again and again about asppys, are so miraculos brilliant in their beuaty...and is so hard for other hearts.....

    let's up now my loves is time for shinning...and coffe and "be a man my daughter" (loool my father words..loool)
    love you like always and thanks for support.....from the time when geeeee "I feel like a woman" loooooool. deeeeeeeeep breath... we are on controled balance again.....and I am happy... be happy and beuaty... and stay up!
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  12. by   jnette
    Greetings, Friends !

    Roy.. always so good to see you ! Wow.. I bet your paycheck WILL be nice !!!

    Enjoy !!! Go off and have yourself a well deserved relaxing weekend !

    Hey Suzy ! :icon_hug: Bet you're happy to have sis closer to you now, eh? Lucky you. No fair.

    Mary.. I'm sooooooooooo sorry to hear about your dear Mom... how awful for ALL of you ! Bless her dear heart.. it's so hard to give up that independence. I'm so sorry she was hurt yet again.
    I know just how stressful this is for all of you as well. ((((hugs))))
    I pray she recovers well. Keep us posted.

    Joe.. it will all come to pass... keep the faith !

    (((SABBY)))... just thinking of you and holding you and dh close to my heart. Nothing I could say would ease your pain. Just know you remain in our thoughts and prayers for comfort.

    Zuzi.. hang in there, Hon... keep your head held high !

    Well.. Mutti's BP was 190/110 this morning.... not good. Called the doc and he increased her Metoprolol to bid.. she already takes Enalapril bid as well.. But she has always had HTN... nothing new there. Just don't want it to cause another and possibly irreversable, debilitating stroke.

    OK.. let me get out of my work clothes and into something more comfy.. T-shirt and yoga pants will do nicely, thank you !

    Will try to pop in again later.... HUGS all around !
  13. by   flightnurse2b
    for any dunkin donuts fans, today is iced coffee day, so they have iced coffee for 50 cents, and the proceeds to go our troops!

    just wanted to share incase anyone was interested.
  14. by   compassion1
    Just got a dozen donuts earlier, and forgot about the coffee. :lol_hitti