Good Morning Tuesday Oct 10,2006

  1. Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening, and Good Day!!!
    It is a work day for me maybe... When I talked to somone from work yesterday our census was way down and I was close. But then again we have been down one minute and full the next so who knows.
    Here is a big ((((HUG)))) for those that need it or just plain want it.
    Hope everyone has a good day.
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  3. by   DDRN4me
    Mornin' everyone!!

    I'm back from an awesome weekend with my Nana...she looked great and was soo happy to see us!!
    had a nice relaxing weekend, did some yard work for her and brought her outside to enjoy the sun and good weather...Syracuse winters are loooong anc coooold; so it was a nice chance for her . ride to and from uneventful with my 4 and 6 yr old nephews and my sister, i really enjoyed spending time with them...we dont see each other often enough!

    got home last night and dd called...Her Fiance will be out of Iraq and home by the end of the month!!!!:spin: :spin: :spin: :hatparty: :hatparty:

    Praise God!!!!!!

    so, now we are hurrying to fix up their apartment..went over last nite to paint so everything is fresh and new for him.
    although i told her even the basement with the dog will look wonderful to him!

    work day today ...then painting again tonite! hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Mary
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Good evening from me here "Down Under!"
    My tuesday was spent having dental work done! :-(
    Had to attend the surgery twice! They were unable to book me concurrent places with the dentist and the hygienest. So, I had to have split bookings. What a pain in the bum that was!
    It amuses me the way they give you a bag of 'goodies' afterwards. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc etc. I'd rather have cheaper dental care than receive "free" goodies which I buy myself anyway!
    Have a great tuesday everyone!
    Goodnight from me!
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  5. by   Grace Oz
    mary, that's wonderful news about your daughter's fiance. i can well understand the excitement.have fun painting etc!
    cheers......... and goodnight! :-)
  6. by   rninme
    Morning all

    Not much going on here. Leaves turning, getting COLD...getting ready for our 6 months of winter. DH and I are moving the wood pile into the woodshed tonight when he gets home from work. What FUN!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!! needed
  7. by   RGN1
    HI all!!

    Great news Mary -hope you get everything finished in time!

    Hope you recover from your dental trip soon Grace!!

    So it's getting cold in Maine now - still really mild here - can't quite believe it - can still wear a t-shirt in London in October & most of the trees still have green leaves on them - guess that's global warming for you. Probably end up in a big freeze come December - March to compensate!!!!

    I'm off until the weekend now - boring shopping this morning but someone had to do it!!

    We're thinking of starting the big clear out in preparation for coming to the USA. With roughly a year to go for all that paperwork to be completed we think we should get a head start on all our rubbish!!! Trouble is I work every other weekend & so far the weekend's I've been off we've ended up carting the kids around to their various social events!! Probably we'll just get 4 skips outside the house the day before we leave & empty the contents into them !!

    Truthfully the only things I really want to take are photographs, books & the kids memory boxes!!

    Well hope you all have a great day wherever you are. Take care & stay safe xxxx
  8. by   Roy Fokker
    Good Morning

    Here's your song for the day!

    Gotta get ready for work! See y'all laters.

    Hope everyone has a great day today!
  9. by   Tweety
    Good Evening Grace, Good afternnoon RNG! Good morning USA folks!

    DD, that's good news about your SIL!

    Hi MaryAnn, I see you lurking or perhaps writing a post.

    Hi Roy. Seems strange to see you write "getting reading for work". Not sure about that song though.

    I've got to study today, both for my patho. class, but also for ACLS. I figure I really need to look at it before the class tomorrow.
  10. by   suzy253
    Good morning everyone! Could have used some more sleep but the cats wanted their breakfast. At least today I was woken up by purring. Doubt if I can fall back asleep now for another couple of hours. Have to work 3-11 today (worked last night as well). Pretty low census for the last couple of weeks--we're certainly not full...but still busy.

  11. by   nursemary9

    I had a wonderful nite off Monday, but unfortunately, woke at 0400 & couldn't get back to sleep. So,..............I showered & did my hair; then I finished a book I just started yesterday morning. I haven't completed a book that fast in years!!
    It really was awfully good---a John Sanford book--one of his old books prior to the Prey series. He always does a good Murder!!!

    After that--Tweety caught me lurking here, but I didn't feel much like typing, so I just read the threads & caught up.

    Well, then, with my puter on & my headphones on, I fell back to sleep in the chair.

    So, that was my morning!! My Sister-in-law & Brother-in-law are driving up from Indiana to spend a few hours here. We are taking them plus my mom to lunch at a favorite Chinese place. that will be fun!! Haven't sen since Spring. Shortly, they'll be leaving for Arizona where they stay until about April.

    And, of course, tonite, it's Back To Work!!! Another 4 nites before the weekend off! I can't believe how I now just live for my nites off. Oh well!!
    Maybe I can retire soon--------------------NOT!!
    Well, it sounds good, anyway!!

    I think that tonite I'll be Charge--which you all know how much I hate.
    Our Charge Nurse is on vacation, so we all have to take turns.

    Roy, saw your post from last evening----PAPERWORK!!! That's a nurses life!! You ain't seen nothen yet!!
    By the way---what will you be doing up in Chicago this weekend??

    Well, I hope all of you who were off to work are having a good day!!
    All of you off to class--hope it goes well; Hope all the rest of you have a really GREAT DAY!!!

    See You all later

    Mary Ann
  12. by   CHATSDALE

    beautiful day, gotta a lot to do, no get up and go to get it done

    rgh, have a big tag sale and get heaps of money to buy at tag sales when you get here

    grace rough tuesday but you will be rewarded by beautiful smile

    mary you tell f-dsil that he is lucky to have you in the loop

    tweety tests make us feel so good when we have them behind us
    learning somethings is just a perk

    roy you are sure cheerful considering that you are getting up to go to work

    any i have missed i will be back when i have more time love you all
  13. by   TheCommuter
    Good early afternoon! :kiss

    Wish me luck on my Psychology 101 midterm examination. I will be sitting for this test in about another 1.5 hours.
  14. by   sirI
    good morning, ya'll!!

    o.k., i know it's afternoon, but i've been busy. meeting this a.m., then when i got home, a phone call that lasted a while. meeting this afternoon, too.

    roy, i really liked the song of the day. that bass player could really do some things with that instrument couldn't he?:spin: