Good Morning Tues. March 1, 2005

  1. wow i can't believe it's march already. it seems like it just turned into 2005. oh well so much for the better. spring can't get here fast enough for me. well couldn't sleep so i thought i'd get up check my email and site then do some research. i was shocked that no one had started the morning thread yet.

    well lets see what i can do for breakfast, coffee,tea, juice (all), milk (both), soda, hot chocolate, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, syrup, maypo, toast, jam (all kinds), french toast with powdered sugar, eggs (any way), all kinds of fresh fruit. i think that is a good variety. me i am stick with some healthy stuff.

    i have been so busy that i havn't even had time to open my pda or digital camera yet. i am so ready but time is just not allowing it. i have class tonigh and this morning. the teacher had to change my class from last night to tonight. dh also has class, so the older kids will have to watch the baby.that should be a good fight. dd will watch him no problem, but when son is suppose to watch him he pawns him off on dd which pisses her off. i will just have to sneak her some $$ for watching him as much as she does for me. she's my angel. now if she would only keep her room clean:chuckle

    well need to go do some research.

    everyone have a great day and if you are going to sleep get some rest.

    see ya later on
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  3. by   nursemary9
    good morning, all:melody:

    hope everyone is well!!
    i'm at work & again, it's not too bad tonight. i'm not charge, so that makes it even better.
    not much going on in my life right now--this week is just full of various appt's. take mom here & there, plus my own stuff.
    my dh & i are still planning our trip down south for the middle & end of april. we're both excited about that!! plan to drive down to the biloxi,ms area & then on to the pebsacola area of florida. while there we'll be looking at homes & job prospects!! can;t wait!!

    angie, when will you get a break from school?
    leslie, was reading yesterdays thread, you be careful!! watch your back & keep those dogs with you.

    tweety, are you getting some sleep tonite or studying? do you go back to work tomorrow nite?

    well, see you guys,
    angie, thanks for breakfast!!

    everyone have a wonderful day!!

    oh, forgot to mention, it's snowing in chicagoland tonite:angryfire --not as much as the east coast, but snow nonetheless!!

    mary ann
  4. by   Tweety
    Good morning.

    I'm at work. Just had the "we're a nonsmoking facility and no I'm not taking you outside to smoke" fight with a patient. He went outside anway but was beligerant that I wouldn't escort him. Tonight is my orientees last night on orientation so I'm letting her do her thing without too much interference, which makes for a good night for me. I did take an admission who was all grumpy that I didn't let him go to sleep. Um, sorry but your checked into a hospital, not a hotel and I have to admit you and assess you. What's with the grumpy patients. I'm all profressional they are all stank.

    My blood pressure was 114/70 last night and 126/66 tonight!!!! That is so much better than a few weeks ago when I was 150/90!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  5. by   presC.
    hi tweety, great news about your bp. that's a blessing!

    angie thanks for the bf. just finished eating orange that me&my mil bought in the market today.

    hi mary ann, stay warmth ok, and so glad that you have a quiet night..

    "morning" to weetziee, leslie, jnette, lil'girl, fran, steph, rain, roy,ben, dale, suzanne and to others i missed to mention. have a nice day!

    ~not much going on here. only reviewing and surfing..
    so humid... need to drink h20 now. c u all later.:melody:
  6. by   weetziebat
    good morning family,

    thanks for the breakfast, angie, but i'm having a beer. will check it out again in the morning. :d is your class going to be changed all semester or is it only tonight?

    mary ann, bet the snow looks pretty. we get it about once every few years and only lasts for a day. because of that schools are closed and everyone is out making snowmen whenever it does snow.
    sure you must be looking forward to your vacation. i've always heard mississippi is supposed to be so pretty but have never been there. you can tell us when you get back. hope you've got good weather for the trip.

    tweety, don't ya just love those folks who come into the hospital and then expect to get a good night's sleep? why didn't you stay home if you wanted to sleep?? after all that if your blood pressure was o.k. you've got it made!

    presc, so healthy, eating an orange. good for you. humidity makes it so hard to sleep, doesn't it?

    well, guys i've gotta get some sleep so will see y'all later. g'night

  7. by   akcarmean
    mary ann -- my break was about a week & 1/2 ago. i don't get another break. i finish with my adn on june 5 and start my bsn on june 6. i don't have my bsn schedule so i am not sure if we get a break on there or not. all i can say is it's going to be a long summer i don't know if i will even be able to enjoy my pool this year .

    weetzie -- we must have been posting at the same time. no my class was just changed for this week only. teacher is on the road trip. it is only for this week only . thank god.

    well i am fallin

    a all laer.

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  8. by   presC.
    Quote from weetziebat
    presc, humidity makes it so hard to sleep, doesn't it?

    hi weetz,you're right it's very hard to sleep.
    good thing we have ac.
    see you tom. have a peaceful night my dearest weetziee.:kiss

    hi angie, :flowersfo
  9. by   DDRN4me
    good morning all,

    another snow day! i'm a little miffed they didnt broadcast it until i was wide i am up at 5:30 for nothin!:angryfire
    well, i do get to browse a little here. thanks for breakfast, angie..i'll stay with the healthy stuff too!
    tweety, glad to hear your b/p is better...scary stuff when it climbs and stays!
    mary ann, hope your night stays nice. your trip to miss and fla sounds great..wishing i was going somewhere soon!dh is going back to korea on sat, then dds will be going to fla to see my mil in 2 weeks. maybe i'll hide in someones suitcase!
    weetzie, glad you like this !@## snow. i'll glady send you some!
    presc, have a good sleep!
    everyone else, have a great day, i think i will use this quiet time to study a little..everyone is home so my time will be limited l think!
    angie, take a break now and again...system overload happens fast with me ! i plan to study next to the pool this summer, and fall in occaisionaly! mary
  10. by   suzanne4
    Good morning, woken up early by two litle guys who needed to go outside. Better that they woke me up though.

    Just checking e-mail and then I get to return to bed for a few more hours of slumber, then off to work I go. Last in a series of three, then I am taking some time for myself. Have been burning a candle at both ends for awhile, and then one of my students from Bangkok is actually coming for a two week stay on the 11th, so this is "me" time for just me.

    This is my time to do absolutely nothing other than go for a pedicure and several massages. Can't wait.

    Mightt see you over the next day or two, but then no computer for 5 days. Perhaps withdrawl, but ???? And no cell phone either, will be used for emergencies only. Think that we all need time like this every so often.

    Make it a great one today, I know that I will. And enjoy breakfast.
  11. by   madwife2002
    Morning all almost pm here,

    I am off out for lunch nice bowl of soup me thinks. had popcorn for breakfast as fat free :chuckle
    I am going away for girlie weekend on St Paddy's night, no men , no children, no work- sounds like heaven.
    I can start counting down now I made it to March

    Have a great day
  12. by   jnette
    Morning !

    Well, the snow is still out there.. didn't get any more, but they shut down all county offices, etc. here today.

    Good job on the B/P Tweetles !

    Suzanne.. I agre a strtch of days without the puter and cell phone is very much needed in this day and age. My cellphone is used for emergencies only. And I never have it on anyway.. heh. Only if I myself have an emergency and need to call out.

    Hi Princess C.. gues you're sleeping now. Sweet dreams.

    Mary, glad you're having a better night. Biloxi sounds good to me right now, too, although I don't much care for the deep South. But if it has a beach, I'll take it .. in a bind, of course.

    Mary G.. one is NEVER up at 0530 for "nothin' "... ALWAYS something to do if ya look hard enough.. might not be what we WANT to do :chuckle : .. but there's always plenty to do. Enjoy your snowday !

    Angie, if I had two new toys, I couldn't STAND not to have started fiddling with them yet ! No way ! I'd stay up all NIGHT to play with them, if I had no time during the day... Hope you get to play with them soon. Thanx for breakfast.. still sipping on my first cup of coffee.. think I'll wait an hour or so. Not an early breakfast eater.

    Well, lemme see what I can get into.. I'll be back !
  13. by   Aneroo
    Good mornin' all! Just had breakfast from Chick-fil-A (they have yummy biscuits). At school, putting of studying. We restart lab this week, as we've switched clinical sites. I'll now be doing psych, which makes me incredibly nervous. No snow here, just icky cold rain. Forgot my car was at Sam's club last night, need to walk and get it (it's next to the school). Went and saw Constantine last night...pretty good, didn't get some of the Catholic stuff though. Dbf has to work tonight, so I should get some good study time if I can get away from the Sims game. Need to get my butt to the gym. Have a membership, never use it. Gave up soda hoping to get a few pounds off that way, but if I workout, I lose the weight SO much faster. Anyways, good morning to ya all! -Andrea
    Mary Ann- Biloxi and Gulfport are awesome! My parents used to drag me there as a kid, so they could gamble without going all the way to Las Vegas. I want to go back now that I am old enough to gamble. If you have kids, there is a really cool marina type place in Gulfport, and New Orleans is only and hour away!
    Tweety- Glad your BP is back down!
    Angie- I certainly hope you get a break! I would go sit in the pool (the 3 feet end), stand up and put books on ground, and study. I'd have to switch sides of the pool though to make sure I was getting an even tan. Studying at beach is hardier (although I try every year), because of the wind.

    Suzanne- Aren't pedicures the best. I cannot wait to get another one (had one around New Years, but it was really warm out, and I was getting a tattoo on my foot, so I wanted my feet to look ncie when I had it done ). Definitly on my list of things to get done once I get my first few paychecks.
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning - I'm at work after 8 days off . . . .

    Actually, only one ER patient so far. The bad thing is I'm craving salt and SOMEONE brought those hot chile lime Cheetos to work . . . .

    We just got rain here . . no snow. Thank you God.

    Happy Tuesday.