Good Morning Tues. Jan. 18th 2005

  1. good morning everyone,
    [color=#00bfff]the kids are going back to school today hurray:hatparty: :d
    [color=#00bfff]here is breakfast; fresh fruit (any & all types), eggs (anyway), ww toast, oatmeal, grits, cold cereal, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, soda, water. trying to go healthy.
    [color=#00bfff]hope everyone has a great day/afternoon/night.
    [color=#00bfff]i have been in class discussions, doing research and math problems since 5:30pm yesterday. needed to take a break. didn't see a thread started so i thought might as well.
    [color=#00bfff]well have more to do, i will check in later.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Keep up the good work Angie!

    Thanks for the breakfast. I'm about to get started on some schoolwork myself. Have a 45 minute lecture to listen to, then questions to answer for the chat session today. I'm going to slip some gym time in two and get to bed by 11:30 because I'm working tonight.

    I bowled a rip roaring 220!!! (For those not in the know that's a great score). It's rare I bowl that good! Our team did good and we won 4 our of 4. We're certainly not competitious because we go for fun.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  4. by   akcarmean
    Tweety Congrats on that score!!! My dh and I use to bowl on a team but just not able to right now with back but boy did I love doing it. Maybe again one day. Good luck with workout and studying. Don't work to hard.

    I think I am fixing to get ready to go to bed I have to be back up in 4 hrs.

  5. by   Thunderwolf
    Good Morning, Angie, and Good Morning to All!!!!!

    Hope you're feeling a little better today, Angie. Thanks for breakfast. I can always use a fast bite or a sit down spread. Of course, it is always nice when someone else makes it! Tee Hee.

    Had a busy day at work yesterday. Lots of post-ops and ER admits...don't yah love it!
    Sure made my day fast and furious. But hey, I had a great LPN by my side. He really is great. I even took more patients than him...just to show him how much I appreciated him. Great guy and a great nurse. Actually, we have a lot of good LPN's. No major sick folks today. Not needing to put out any major fires. Just a very busy, steady day. I can deal with that.

    Went out and bought a snow shovel the day before yesterday. Glad I did!!! We got majorly dumped with snow that very eve and today. Actually, near white out conditions going to work. I had went to several stores to find a snow shovel. All were out. Then I went to Walmart. They were out too, but as I was about to leave. I turned down this one aisle, and sticking out of a cart with returns guessed it...A SNOW SHOVEL...with my name written all over it!!!! I was so happy! I acted like a little kid who just opened his first Christmas present. I know it is needs are oh so simple. But, that is who I am...a very simple guy. Don't really ask for much...just a snow shovel all my own. With such gratitude that I had, I bought some more items at the store. Baby, you earned my I spent about $200. I know, you're saying I went overboard...maybe I did. But, it was sorta like when you ask someone for a backrub and say "I'll do anything you want if you do" sort of thing. Well, Walmart gave me a backrub in a way, and I honored my promise. Not only am I simple, but I'm loyal too. You know...I sort of sound like a puppy. Scratch my belly, and I'll lay on your feet. Ok, enough about the snow shovel!

    Anyway, not much happening. That IS good in and of itself.

    Saw a psychiatrist in the hall that I used to work with professionally. He didn't know that I left psych behind. Saw me in my whites. He tried offering me a job as a CNS in his office. Told him that I gave up my CNS and the psych field. Worked it for 10 years, had enough. He told me he was kinda sad about that because he knew I was highly experienced and trained in the field...two Masters in it. Well, I really needed the change. Told him thanks for the offer, but I was happy in med-surg. It was really good seeing him, though. He is a good doc and really is a gentleman. I don't give that term out loosely...gentleman. I reserve it for men who deserve it in my eyes. But, he certainly earns the title.

    Kicking around the idea again as to whether or not go back for my Doctorate. I'm 43, going on 44. Divorced, two who will be starting college themselves starting in about 5 years. Thinking about retirement...which is pitiful. You know it should be a crime to have to work so hard to get ahead, to make something of yourself, and the cost of living just gets higher. Should I stay where I'm at (been here 5.5 yrs) and finish out my 20 without a Doctorate, should I move risking further hits to my poor state of retirement to get a Doctorate, or what? I'm in such a point of confusion today. I don't know why? Maybe, I'm just getting older...still redefining myself. Not a second childhood, like who am I? More like, I know who I am, but where am I at with it? A subtle difference. Should I pick up teaching with my med-surg? Should I skip the whole Doctoral thing, and just branch off some more with my MSN, take a few more classes but in med-surg and get a CNS/NP in it? I just don't know? And I don't know what kicked all this off for me today, but something did. I know folks are mostly going back for a RN or BSN, and probably wondering..."what's his problem?" But, you'll see once you get your RN/BSN. You start to wonder all over again. You got to just trust me on that. I know alot has to do with retirement not seeming like an oh so vast distant future. I'm getting older...and it feels like I'm getting there quick, way too quick. Being divorced doesn't give me an edge either. No shoulder there anymore. At first, I was so gung ho about going back for that Doctorate....but, something changed for me today. Oh well, I'll sort it out somehow. Something good will come out of it all. I know it will.

    Tweets, glad to hear the spouse is back
    ...Congrats on your score!!!

    Later folks.

    Your brother in scrubs
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  6. by   CHATSDALE
    angie .. thanks for opening up the thread...insommia is my curse .. this makes it a lot more bearable
    tweety...congrats on score..winning is a good feeling even when you are there for fun and friendship
    wolfy going back to school is a big commitment..if you go you might find your niche and be very happy...however your time with your dts are limited and they are really going to need will never have this time with them again...if you can plan on a college education for them and a retirement for your self...
    i don't know there are several options...i know that you will choose the one that will be the best for all of you
  7. by   Tweety
    Wolfy, I know what you feel about thinking about your life and what you envision from now until retirement. I'm 45 and it's an age where we actually can believe that we might possibly make it to retirement. How do we want to spend the last half of our profressional lives and what sacrifices do we want to entail? Good questions.

    Hi Chatsdale.
  8. by   akcarmean
    Hi Chatsdale and Thunderwolf

    Tweety I can see that you havn't made it to studying yet and I still havn't made it to bed yet LOL
  9. by   akcarmean
    ok it's now 3:41am I am now officially going to bed. So I can get at least 2 hrs. of sleep.

  10. by   Tweety
    You're still awake Angie!! Get some sleep girl!
  11. by   Grace Oz
    G'day and good evening from "Down Under!" While you mob "up there/up over", are rising for the day, we here are preparing to settle for the night!

    It's our summer season here in Oz, and it's hot! Thank goodness for the relief of air-conditioning!
    The wonderful thing about summer .... all the delicious stone fruits are available! Peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums .... yummy!
    So .... why am I hankering for panckaes??!!! NO! I'm TOO old to be pregnant! So it's not a craving as such. Just had this hankering for a couple of weeks now. Perhaps I'll make some for breakfast tomorrow.
    Hope you all have a lovely day up there in the northern hemisphere!
  12. by   weetziebat
    good morning, everybody -

    my daughter has my truck and is planning on picking me up at 9:30 a.m. so i should be asleep but, like angie, i'm still on the computer. my dh stops at the door of the den periodically, shakes his head and says " i'm sure glad i'm not addicted to the computer."

    gonna make this short, so i can get some sleep. hope we all have a wonderful tuesday. hugs all around - see ya later.

  13. by   TinyNurse
    goodmorning everyone!
    I just got off at 3:15, picked up my son from daycare, and just reading the forums.
    Thanks for breakfest!
    xo Jen
  14. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    Angie, Thanks for breakfast, sounds wonderful!!
    Tweedy, congrats on your bowling score, I'm lucky if I hit over 100!! I like to bowl, but haven't been for years!
    Thunder-I know what you mean about thinking about your future. One thing about my job is I do have retirement, so I am hoping with that and SS I can make it! Only if dh hits the lottery! lol I admire nurses who work and pound those halls everyday! I know my body wouldn't be able to handle it anymore and public health works for me. It may not be the best paying job, but it works well with my family.

    Speaking of how well my job works with my family, the youngest is still sick, running fever and coughing. I'm staying home for a while and will go in for a few hours today and see pts. DH will keep an eye on her while I'm gone. That's one thing nice about being married to a farmer, he can adjust his hours fairly easily, unless it's planting or harvest season!!

    Well I need to run the kids to the bus, hope everyone had a great Tuesday!!