Good Morning Tues Jan. 23

  1. oh i have got to go to bed:trout:

    all you aussies and night owls have fun

    talk to you later
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    ok gracie, what's for lunch?

    hi everyone,

    today is 1/23 and finally, FINALLY, we got our first snowfall of the season.
    only a couple of inches but dang, this is the northeast.
    i was hoping to get enough so i could shovel tomorrow.
    i love going up and down the street, helping out my neighbors.

    here's to a peaceful tuesday, whether at work, home, school or just buzzing around doing errands.

    ta ta!

  4. by   bethin
    good morning and good night.

    have a great day!
  5. by   dianah
    Mornin'! I'm off to bed soon, but here's the Wacky Website:

    "WMD of Yore

    Ancient sources reported that duing the siege of Syracuse in 212 B.C., Greek mathematician and engineer Archimedes constructed a "death ray" that set the Roman ships afire. A group of MIT students decided to see if they could duplicate the feat. After a trial run in which the sun refused to cooperate, they finally succeeded: Using a battalion of mirrors, they were able to ignite a wooden mock-up of a ship."

    I saw a TV program about this. What I came away with was the thought that we consider past civilizations simple, but they in fact were more advanced and capable than we realize.

    I also read an article in Archeology magazine about ancient WMD: fermented poisons applied to the tips of arrows that, even after removal, left a lifetime of festering, non-healing wounds; beehives and wasp nests flung into enemy camps . . etc. Very interesting!

    Nighty-nite muffie! Sweet dreams!

    Bethin, good luck on your test, do the best you can.

    Leslie, have fun shoveling!

    Y'all have a good one! ---- D
  6. by   clemmm78
    Good morning/afternoon/evening

    It's my fourth of four nights. Another quiet one. I'm going to get too used to these quiet nights! We do, unfortunately, have a couple of confused patients who are fall risks. Two have fallen over the past few days so we are watching them as closely as possible to prevent another fall.

    My back is still killing me, but after tonight, I'm off for six so that should be plenty of time for my back to mend. It seems that the two nurses I work with the most have spoken with our boss about their concern for me working. I have to admit, I was quite taken aback and embarrassed that they felt they needed to speak with her. As far as I can tell, they weren't complaining, just concerned for me that I continued to work despite my back pain. Problem is no work = no money.

    But, as I said, I'm off for six nights and I'll rest up as much as I can.

    I have no idea what kind of weather we're up for for the week. I hope it's sunny. Don't care how cold it is, as long as the sun is shining.
  7. by   nursemary9

    Well, I'm at work. Not too bad here tonite; We have one empty bed, but if we get anyone, it's not my admission. So, that's a good thing.
    My cold is just about gone, but my sinus is still bothering me--well, that might take awhile to resolve.

    I haven't read all of yesterday's thread yet.

    Clemm, I do hope that you're back will be getting better. That back injury stuffsometimes takes a while to resolve. I'm glad your nites haven't been too bad, tho. That's nice that you're co-workers are concerned about you.

    Leslie, Hope you enjoy you're snow. We have had some this year, but nowhere near as much as usual; I was just looking at some old piccy's yesterday & I found some old snow pics--one year we had something like 26-30 in. on the ground at Xmas!!! NOW THAT"S really something to shovel or blow!!! But I know that you guys sometimes get way more then that!!

    Beth, Have a great day---do you have school today?

    Muffie, get some good ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ'sssssssss

    Dianah. Hope you have a good Tuesday

    Nothing special planned for Tuesday; DH will go to the Golf Dome with his buddies & then to lunch----------Male Bonding!!!
    While he's gone, I will continue to go thru old Piccy's

    As you know, I'm planning this Surprise 90th Birthday Party for my Mom. Well, I had asked my Sis if she could make a photo collage for my Mom--you know, lots of old Piccy's with various people. Well, it seems she had 20 million excuses why she could not do ut, so I will. So, i'm, just gathering pics together to see which one's I will use. I have some old pics of her as a teenager & of course her wedding & even one of her as a bridesmaid. So we'll see what kind of a job I can do.

    Well, better get back to work for now.

    To all who have been here & those yet to come--have a really good Tuesday!!
    I hope everyone will be feeling better!!

    Mary Ann
  8. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Happy Tuesday Everybody!

    Mary Ann-
    Enjoy the old photos. Do you have a way to put them on DVD? My niece does this for family occasions and we watch it like a film strip.

    Please be careful with your back. If you keep adding insult to injury, you may find yourself out of work permenantly. Give yourself time to heal.

    Hope you're still having visions of sugarplums dance through your head.

    Good luck with your test or did you already take it?

    Enjoy your snow. Please take our cold weather too. The winter has been so mild I was hoping to get by without actually dealing with any winter weather. No such luck.

    Hope you're still in dreamland too!
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    As for me . . . . my tooth is killing me. This no NSAID stuff is for the birds. I think I have a cavity on my gumline. :angryfire: I have an appointment with the midwife today anyway. I'll find out what kind of measures I can safely take at the dentist's to get this tooth fixed. I really don't need to go into pre-term labor if it winds up infected. I had a twinge here and there a few months back, but it stopped. I thought it was just from drinking so many cold liquids. Wrong!

    I think dh is getting bronchitis too. He was hacking all over me through the night and sleeping right through it of course. Of course he "doesn't believe in doctors or medicine" and has to suffer through it. The problem is that is winds up being at my expense.

    Oooh . . . I sound cranky, don't I? He's been hitting the snooze for the last hour and the only result is tht I'm awake and he's not. He's the one that's suppossed to be at work now, not me. I need to go back to bed. I hate being this pissy. Maybe I'll wake up on the right side of the bed in a few hours. Sigh!
  10. by   nursemary9
    [quote=NurseyBaby'05;2031452]Happy Tuesday Everybody!

    Mary Ann-
    Enjoy the old photos. Do you have a way to put them on DVD? My niece does this for family occasions and we watch it like a film strip.


    What a WONDERFUL Suggestion; I had not thought about anything like that.
    I could still do my Collage--with just it's few photos; I have so MANY photos, that this would be something to do & use them all!!
    Thanks a lot!!

    I sure do hope you're tooth will start behaving!!
    I know EXACTLY what you mean about Husbands & that SNOOZE button!! The only one ever awake at my house also, is ME!!

    Mary Ann
  11. by   jnette
    Greetings Family !

    Getting ready for work....

  12. by   CseMgr1
    Morning, All:
    NurseyBaby, I know what you are going through with your mouth. I have been up half the night in horriffic pain from an untreated peridontal infection which was diagnosed back in 2005. Any of you out there who have had peridontal work done know how expensive it is (even with insurance), and I just don't have the money (or the time off required for the series of required dental appointments for that matter), right now. I had been keeping the infection at bay up to now by regulary using Listerine....but it's not working anymore. And, as you have just stated, NSAIDS have been useless in controlling the pain.

    I don't know what I am going to do about it, other than talk to my PCP about it at my scheduled visit tomorrow. I know he's not a dentist, but maybe he can suggest another treatment until I can get to mine. I hated to call out of work today, but I am exhausted and desperately need some sleep.
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Mornin' y'all!

    My lecture class was cancelled today. I'm not sure why, but can use the time to study!

    (Not to mention Kirsten has her ENT appt today, so I can take her there, instead of DH taking off of work. ...Works out.)

    Y'all have a great day.
  14. by   bethin
    Quote from NurseyBaby'05
    Good luck with your test or did you already take it?
    No, haven't taken it yet. I have an anatomy test on Thursday and a quiz today.

    Who knows if I'll make it. Been up all night running between the bed and the br. I feel so down. It's like I can't get anything accomplished with this frigging Crohn's. Maybe I should have the surgery over the summer and get the J pouch. I want my life back without worrying about where the br is.

    Hope your tooth feels better. I really need to go to the dentist but I hate going. Ate something hot yesterday and one tooth started hurting but since has quit so it's time before something major happens.