GOOD Morning tues 8th Nov

  1. Good Morning Everyone,

    Sorry not been here for a couple of days but have been working nights and then went onto days so not feeling wide awake. My body clock is shattered :chuckle .

    Well big news for me i am going to PACK, well maybe not today but this week sometime . I am off til friday so i have no excuse. I had really good news yesterday or should I say good safety news my employer a few weeks ago asked me not to resign but to apply for a career break when I emigrate. so i did and I got a 3 year career break which allows me a lovely safety net, because my job, salary and sickness will be protected, so if things aren't what one would hope then I can come back and I will have a job.

    Have a nice day be back later
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  3. by   luvltc
    Good morning madwife and all who follow.

    It's 2:45 a.m. here. I'm off tonight (Monday). Actually, got called into work at the nursing home where I work per diem this morning, so I worked there 8 hours on 1st shift. Then I picked up the kids from school and did the dreaded homework thing. Then my daughter had her cheerleading banquet. All the girls got medals. It wasn't really a lot, but nevertheless, she made me tear up. Funny how they do that.

    Now, I'm trying to stay awake all night so I can sleep later today so I can go to work tonight (Tuesday). Also, doing laundry and dishes and all that other stuff that I hate.

    Hubby should be home soon. So, I'll get to spend some time with him before he heads to bed. I'll probably be up for another 4 hours or so.

    I put on some coffee and tea. There are cinnamon rolls in the oven. Enjoy!! But don't eat too much.

    Will check back later.
  4. by   GrnHonu99
    Good tuesday morning...I dont stop by too often but once in awhile

    I will be studying allll day for my med-surg test on wednesday!!!

    It's raining here and its 311 am...i need to go to bed!
  5. by   Fonenurse
    Good Morning - I made it here before midday - hooray (It's o8:30 here). Brilliant news Madwife - really pleased with the career break news - that's fantastic. I am working with a colleague on a term paper today - hers, not mine. If I feel up to it, I'll do mine tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a great day - may pop backlater...
  6. by   weetziebat
    Good Morning to all -

    MadWife - Woot! that is fantastic. Don't expect such perks here - but hope you are happy once you arrive in the U.S. and don't need to use that 'safety net'. Happily counting down the days with ya!

    CardiacNurse, Congrats to your daughter! and thanks for the cinnamon rolls - Yummy! How can ya not eat too much when such luscious food is offered? Now.......drink some more coffee, O.K??? Gotta stay awake!

    Elk, good luck on the test! Amazingly, it is not raining here, but wait a bit....... it will be.

    Drove dd to the airport on Monday, for her flight to Australia. Dang, in first gear on the Interstate! So glad to live in a small city. If I had to deal with that traffic every day, I'd go crazy!!!

    Today is the 3rd interview for the job I want. Will y'all cross fingers, toes and other appendages that I get the job?? Pleeeeeaaase??

    O.K. - gotta get some sleep - so talk to ya later. Hope we all have a truly fantastic Tuesday.
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Goodmorning Everyone,

    Busy day for me today. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all a blessed day.

    Take care for me.

  8. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Good news Kay. I'm know that you're aware things aren't going to be the romantic American adventure you envision, and there are going to be days you're going to wonder "what the hell did I do?". But I hope the good outweighs the bad and in the end it's all worth it.

    Good luck Weetzie.

    Nothing much on the agenda today, but study and housework. (And of course the obligitory nap).
  9. by   grimmy
    [font="book antiqua"]morning everyone - best news i have is that my sinuses are finally draining - hope you weren't eating when you read that!:imbar but for me, that is the best news i've had in a week. gotta get on an airplane tomorrow, and any sign of getting healthier is a plus :chuckle

    i will probably get myself back to bed in a little while. getting good sleep has escaped me for the last 5 days, and my little cat bo will certainly join me.

    keep washing your hands, don't touch your nose or eyes, and stay away from sick people! you don't want this one, believe me. :uhoh21:
  10. by   sirI
    morning, all!!

    hi, kay. packing, yuck! you have my sympathy. man, i wish they had something like a safety net here. never heard of that, but, is very fair imho. can't wait 'til your are here.

    hello, jess. :angel2: so how's the move going? job?

    mornin', tweety. i hope things are going o.k. how's spouse coming along?

    hi, 5scardiacnurse.:melody: sounds as if you have had a busy day already. thanks for the c. rolls and coffee. keep 'em coming!

    morning, elkmnin06. good luck on the exam.:hatparty:

    good morning, fonenurse.:flowersfo feeling better? good to see you.

    hi, weetziebat. fingers are crossed. you know if you cross more than your fingers on one hand, it's bad luck so, i'm crossing the ones on my right hand. kinda hard to type that way, however.

    good morning, grimmy. hmmmm, there went the cinnamon roll. doesn't mix too well with sinus evacuations.

    question of the day.......which is it?....

    sit ubu, sit....woof....good dog!


    sit, ubu, sit, good dog......woof!.

    later, possum-lovers!!!
  11. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    GOOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Madwife, great news for ya! I'm happy! :hatparty:

    I'm trying to conquer a bunch of my music assignments today. I have to go to a concert tonight....

    14 more assignments (including the extra credit assignments), 1 concert, & 1 poem to go...... :hatparty: I really want a break before my Algebra class, so I'm trying to have a speedy music class. lol What I'm working on now isn't due until 11/25.

    Siri...I don't have a clue which one it is, they both sound correct! ....maybe woof in the middle????? I don't know, I can only think of "woof woof woof, woof, woof woof, woof, ruf woof ruf ruf" the tune of jingle bells!

    Y'all have a absolutely fantasic, splended, stupendous, perfect, wonderful, and happily great day!
  12. by   suebird3 ain't even thanksgiving, yet!!!!! christmas stuff?

    hi, all. the schedule looks pretty if i have a fit or don't log in as often as i know why.

  13. by   arciedee
    Good morning everyone! Quick hello while I'm waiting for my boss to e-mail me something. Things are well here... went out for dinner last night with some friends of the BF who are moving to Philly soon. Hadn't met them before, but they were lovely people. Had a delicious Italian meal in the North End of Boston, then stopped at a cafe for some... well, cafe! And gelatto. Was very nice.

    Madwife, good luck with the packing! I don't enjoy short distance moves, can't even imagine one across the ocean!

    5s, mmm... cinnamon rolls, sounds delish!

    ELK, good luck studying!

    Fonenurse, are you in school or do you have to do this paper for work?

    Weetzie, best of luck on your interview... I have a very good feeling about it, seeing as this is your third (they wouldn't keep inviting you back if they weren't interested!).

    Jess, hello and don't work too hard!

    Tweety, the nap sounds like the best part of your day!

    Grimmy, glad you're feeling better, esp. with the plane ride coming up.

    siri, it is "Sit, UBU, sit... Good dog *woof*" Wow, serious memories of Family Ties there. When I was a little kid I thought it was Boo-Boo... sounded like a better dog name to me, I guess.

    Fun, you're just movin' right along there! What kind of concert are you going to? I was in the orchestra in college... but I must admit, I far preferred playing to listening as an audience member.

    Okay, back to work here. Check back later!
  14. by   arciedee
    Quote from suebird3 ain't even thanksgiving, yet!!!!! christmas stuff?

    hi, all. the schedule looks pretty if i have a fit or don't log in as often as i know why.

    you sneaky bird, missed you... what's this about christmas?