Good Morning Thursday December 30th

  1. Winding down the year here.

    Anyone else working New Years Eve? I've worked all but one of the last 25 New Year's Eve's so it's a tradition for me to be at work. :hatparty:

    What's going to be my refrain in the daily threads from now on "I've got to study today..............". So without further hesitation I bid you all a good day!
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Hi Group

    I'm at work--extremely busy--8 pt's apiece.:angryfire Someone called in, couldn't get anyone else???????/YEH!!

    It's horrendous here!! had a transfusion & of course had a reaction.
    Have peritoneal dialysis. Oh why bother listing it all--trust me--you wouldn't want to be here!!
    So, I'll be leaving you now--will be back in the am when I'm home!!
    No time to leave you all breakfast, but here's some coffee, tea, milk and fresh juice!!

    Mary Ann
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    good morning..can't sleep will be dead by mid-afternoon

    i am working day shift on friday,,,don't have anything planned for new years eve because i have to work weekend option. have to be at work by 6a

    horrible thing...i went to sleep w/tv on..they were reporting on tidal wave i guess because i had a dream that i was there and wanted a shower and they wouldn't let me use the clean water....\

    i am so blessed to live where i do
  5. by   suzy253
    Morning folks! After yesterday's post promising to be back online yesterday, I show up a day later. Oh well.

    Have a bit of catching up to do with the posts and what's going on. It's been awhile. Has anyone seen Kimmy about? Wondering how she is doing.

    Trying to put together some last minute plans for a small get-together at my house on New Year's. I don't know if it will happen or not. I'm hoping that a couple of my friends will agree to come over so I can make some interesting food!!

    OK...will check out the other posts and get updated! Cheers everyone
  6. by   DDRN4me
    Good Morning! since everyone else is so busy and I am on vacation, I will try (even as a newbie) to have a good about fresh bagesl with honey walnut or plain or strawberry cream cheese, eggs benedict, oatmeal, fresh fruit, and orange juice, and , of course, cofffe or tea??? (Also truying to ease back into diet mode!!! No plans for new years eve ..not my favorite holiday- i hate to watch people get drunk and be foolish! will proibably sit in the hot tub with dh and a movie going...
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Man, I been tryuing to switch my body clock - but it just doesn't want to switch!

    Maybe I ought to replace tweety as the 3rd shift guy! I mean, it's ok for the moment since the semester is not on but I'm going to be in trouble in two weeks if I don't turn it around! I been up all night again!

    Af for "Noo years"? 'Suppose I'll be down at McGees, chomping on some delicious steak and having some Killians Red

    Well, that's another year down. Wasn't so bad. Got to go home. Met some dear friends after more than 6 years! Almost heartbreaking to leave them all again and come back to this icebox called Buffalo

    Ahhh well. Can't win 'em all.

    I hope y'all have a great day. Don't forget to tell the people who matter to you how much they mean to you!
  8. by   Tweety
    Thanks mgallent.

    Spouse wants to have a date tonight because we haven't seen each other. So I'm trying to decide what to do. On the otherhand there's still some homework to do. Funny how this course tricked me, it has a "before the course starts you need to do this mountain of work."

    Roy, I managed to stay up the entire night. So my body clock is still on my work schedule.

    I'm going to relax now for a while.
  9. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    I am not working New Year's, years ago when I worked LTC I did work Christmas so I could have New Year's off. That was when I was single and living alone!! One advantage of working public health is you have most holidays off. Of course the pay isn't all that great!! So I guess that is the trade-off!

    I just had a frozen waffle for breakfast this morning. DH took the two oldest for their daytrip with their youth group in town this morning already. So peaceful right now! I need to get in the shower and get ready, going shopping today!! I may try to get a new pair of jeans, some flannel sheets and go to Sam's Club and stock up!! First I need to get my paycheck and do the banking before I head up to the big city! We are taking the youngest so she can spend some of her Christmas money, should be fun for her---she loves to shop!!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!
  10. by   jnette
    Hey All !

    Checking in quiclky here... was too wore out yesterday after work.. just flooped out on the couch and watched all the horrific updates on the Tsunami stricken areas...mindboggling.

    Have to go in for an hour or two today (no patients) just to internal-bleach all the machines and perform the safety checks because we didn't want to stay any later yesterday evening than we had to. On our REGULAR schedule we do this weekly before we leave, but with triple shifting it's so late by the time we finish up, no one's in the mood to stay even a minute more. :stone
    Tomorrow and Monday to go still, then we're back to "normal". Halleluiah ! This was rough.. chaotic, crazy, and downright unsafe, IMO.

    This weekend I'll be taking down all my Christmas stuff, and clearing the living room of all the gifts and finding a place to put everything.. such fun.

    Well, hope everyone has a good day..might check back in later when I return.

    Mary.. take a hot bath and RELAX !!!

    Roy, I remember my sis going to some FABULOUS New Year's Eve bashes at some really great bars there in Buffalo.. back in the late 70's. ENJOY, and be SAFE !

    Won't be working New Years.. they have closed the clinic that day I guess so they won't have to pay holiday pay... figures. We used to always be open until a couple years ago when they came up with this penny pinching scheme.
  11. by   GPatty
    Hello All!
    Just sitting here with an angelic puppy on my lap, and thought I would check in.
    Today, I have NO IDEA what I am going to do! :chuckle
    Clean house and finish laundry, I suppose. As always. I wanted to get the blasted tree out of my living room, but hubby says, "No, let's do it tomorrow!" So we'll probably wait till tomorrow....
    As I was glancing through the other posts to see what everyone else has been up to, I see Tweedles has to study....Wow...I can't even get my books till me loan is disbursed, and that's not till around the 10th, and school starts the 18th! I'm getting kind of bored with just being home, I (almost) think I would like to have some school work to do! LOL!
    Well, I wnat to wish everyone a blessed day and for those at work, make a time of it! :chuckle
    I love you all and will check in later to see what's going on around here!

    PS: Aren't we all thankful that we can still be "together", while a major part of our world has been ripped apart with devestation? Let's keep them in our prayers.....
  12. by   maire
    Good morning!

    Just a quick hello to everyone and then I'm off to deep-clean my house. The family is finally over being sick, now it's time to disinfect the place.

    Good day, everyone!
  13. by   akcarmean
    good morning all,

    tweety i was checking out my material for classes. in my math class which starts mon. we have to do 146 pages in the book (reading and problems) have an individual project due, a group project due, a math test 3 online chat sessions and something else by jan. 8th. then i have business essentials which starts sunday jan. 2nd @ 8 pm. have just about the same amount of work due. have to evaluate the other students work in the group project and give them a grade in both classes. i think there is between 30-35 people. i am beginning to wonder like you what the **ll i have gotten myself into. it sure never mentioned all this work to be done in 7 days. going to get started tonight when hubby gets home. baby starts going to sitter on jan. 3rd.

    we are going to a friend house for new years eve, eat , play cards, darts, talk, enjoy the night. kids can play together and just enjoy the family. i have to work new years day from 4-8 pm not a long shift but need some $$$ after christmas. thought i might be able to pick up a few more shifts this year but with the look of my school work don't think that is going to happen . i already have 4 shifts scheduled for sat. this month. that's the day i have to have all my work turned in and we have a chat session on sat. am for one of my classes. not sure what i am going to do about that yet. but pretty much puts me out of working.

    well need to go and try to pick up the house a little bit. havn't heard from dr. yet about my injection. i hope they call today.

    have a great day and will check back later.

  14. by   manna
    Wish I could find my class syllabus to be reading ahead for next term. We've been told to print them out and bring them on the first day of class (as usual), but I can't seem to find them on any of our school websites. Great.

    I've been absolutely worthless since school has let out and I'm not working. I sleep late, can't remember what day it is... I could get used to this. :chuckle

    As sick and sad as it is, I really miss school, but I'm proud to say that my house is much cleaner than its been all semester and I'm making quite a bit of progress in the decluttering project!

    Hope everyone has a great day, and happy new year's (early)! I think we're going to have a bonfire tomorrow night in the backyard, and hubby and some friends are going to play (they're a wannabe band) :chuckle