Good Morning Thursday 4.14.05

  1. Woke up to a bright blue sky filled with sunshine...

    Then logged on here with my morning coffee only to find the site was down.. ACK !!!

    Sooooo... took my two bags of stuff to the thrift shop, and now getting ready to hang out some wash. Still a bit cool, but not too bad.. it'll warm up as the day progresses. DH is outside repairing the wood rails around the flowerbeds, getting them ready. Will set flowers in another week or two after all danger of frost is past.

    Just thought someone better get this GM thread started...
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    HEY jnette! Nothing like aired out laundry...I love that smell. Too darn cold here to do that ---35 deg, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And it rains too much anyhow except in July/August.

    That ONE thing I do miss about Oklahoma....hanging out laundry to dry. It was so hot and dry there, it would be dry in 10 min flat, no exageration!!!! I loved that small, esp in my sheets!

    Have a good day!
  4. by   Tweety
    Good morning! It's gorgeous today. Just got back from the gym and going to have some lunch and tackle some chemistry problems. Got the house wide open with fresh air breezing through.
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    GOOD MORNING...still fighting with my taxes . the site spit them back at me... i i can't get something going on this stupid puter will mail them tomorrow
    i love this world we live in but when it doesn't do like its suppose to i pull my hair out
  6. by   nursemary9
    good morning all!!

    i tried the site earlier also, but found it down. i agree with both you guys on the laundry--nothing like the smell of clothes dried outside.
    chicago is having a lovely day!! the flowers are blooming & the grss is getting so green!!

    we took my dog barney into the kennel this morning & will leave on vacation tomorrow morning right after i get off work. i feel bad having to but barney in the kennel, but there was no one to watch him!! he hates going to the kennel. of course, the kennel costs almost as much as our rooms!!

    my nite at work last nite was really poor. at least tonite, i am not charge. that will make it a tad easier.

    well, better go pack--have only just begun!!

    jnette & smiling--you both have a great day!!

    i won't leave any breakfast as it's abt. lunch time!!
    will leave you all with some fresh coffee!!

    mary ann
  7. by   jnette
    :Melody: Ohhh, what a beautiful moooooooorning !
    Ohhhh, what a beautiful daaaay.... :Melody:

    Yep it sure is. Deb, it's warmed up to 52 so far.. nothing like what it was Sunday and Monday, but hey.. at least the sun is shining, sky is blue,the grass is green, the trees are bursting forth with fresh new leaves, and the ROBINS are hopping about in my front yard again Wooohooooooooo !!!
    It will warm up again by the weekend, but I can handle this, I know it won't last.

    Mary, how excited you must be ! Lucky you ! Poor Barney, though.
    I know that kinda puts a damper on it for you. But he'll survive it and wiggle and wag himself into a frenzy when you return.
    Enjoy every moment of your vacation, and since you're bringing your laptop, do check in with us at least a time or two ! Woohooooooo !
    Have a safe and truly enjoyable vacation. :kiss

    Chats, hope you can get your taxed workes out.. frustrating, isn't it? I'm so glad ours are done. Already got the state's back, still waiting on the federal return.

    Well, time to go fetch a few things from off the line..

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  8. by   jnette

    Yes. Leslie.. I'd love for you to find me a set of those work-out bands. I've seen them before, and they really do a good job if you just want to stay well toned. See what you can find.. same as yours, right? Good. And let me know what you paid for them, and I'll get a check right out to you. Sure appreciate it !

    And Steph... so sorry about your day yesterday.. can't imagine anyone wanting to attack YOU. Wow. Bummer ! :kiss

    Do hope it's a NEW DAY today for you all around !

    OK, don't want to get longwinded agin.. heh.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning - ah, it is a better day. Just got back from a teeth cleaning and think I might need ibuprofen. Took the toddler with me and strapped him in a stroller. The ladies at the dentist office gave him stickers - Noah's Ark and Mr and Mrs. Noah and animals paired two by two. I looked up when he was mumbling to me and saw he had placed Noah's Ark on his mouth - he was saying "Mom, I'm a doctor". He was thinking surgical mask. Funny how they still go for "doctor". I'm going to have him show his doc this afternoon when he has his checkup.

    I love clothes on the line too - funny how some communities ban it because it is too "low class".

    It is sunny here, beautiful blue skies with a few fluffy clouds. Everything is crisp and clean.

    Have a good day everyone - Can't wait for the days I can open up the whole house to fresh air Tweety . . right now I need to stoke up the fire.

  10. by   jnette
    "Low Class" my A** !!! Nothing like good clean air and a spring breeze. Ppl are plumb crazy anymore, yanno?

    Glad your day has a fresh start.. sounds lovely there.

    Danny.. what an imagination.

    By the way, Steph.. what was it you said you cleaned/flushed dh's ears with? I've tried all the different drops, still nothing. Feel deaf in this right ear.. grrrr !
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Jnette . . . what we use in the doctor's office is half hydrogen peroxide and half warm water. As warm as you can stand it. Not hot. And flush hard. It took a darn long time to flush my husband's ears. Not something a spouse should do for another spouse. Like clipping toenails. Or cleaning their teeth . ... all the people who work in this dentist's office are friends of mine. Weird to have them so deeply in your face -

    Now I must get up off my tush and get some housework done.

  12. by   leslie :-D
    good afternoon fam.....

    God, i woke up with this bangin headache that just won't quit. i've taken motrin and tylenol......still throbbing away.

    but it's beautiful out today.
    i too love hanging laundry.
    i used to hang it in the winter; it just took alot longer to dry but couldn't resist the smell.

    one apt. dh and i lived in yrs ago, i had a few of the kids' clothes (they were babies) hanging on the outside porch and the landlord stormed up the steps, took the clothes hanging from the railing and threw them on the floor!! :angryfire

    when i flew outside (? to punch her lights out) i asked her what the hell she was doing?!!!! she retorted that we don't live in the slums and we got evicted shortly turned into a huge war; i later found out this landlord had been in and out of psyche facilities and was also a drug addict.
    so does that excuse her behavior? no......but it does explain it.
    her dh even came over to the apt later that noc and asked what happened that his wife wanted us evicted. when i told him, that's when he shared about the psyche part of it. it was another tenant that had lived there for yrs that told dh that he was always selling her coke and weed. and to look at this apt, it looked like a beautiful mansion in a nice area of town.

    we just ended up leaving on our own; the landlord's dh had revoked the eviction but we wanted to leave anyway after learning all this stuff.

    jnette, i'll see what i can do about the resistance bands set.

    i'll be baaaaack. gotta do something about this headache.

  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Leslie - I'd like to think the folks who think up the regulations in planned communites are nuts . . but no, they really restrict hanging clothes on clotheslines due to the lower class image.

    San Francisco was in the news a few years ago about this - PEOPLE ACTUALLY HANG THEIR CLOTHES ON A CLOTHESLINE!?! :uhoh21: Bigwigs in big towns sometimes can't see how silly they look.

    My grandmother had an old ringer style washing machine and I loved washing clothes at her house. We'd haul the clean clothes out to the line and she taught me the right way to hang them up.

    Nothing beats the smell of fresh air dryed towels and sheets.

    Sorry about your headache - mine was caused by getting my teeth cleaned on only one cup of coffee. Just poured my second cup and took some ASA.

  14. by   akcarmean
    Hi All,

    Quick up date, all of the edema is gone and I have another Rx. waiting for Lasix if I need them. My psychiastrist increased my WEllbutrin to 100 mg BID and see if that helps some. Still strugling with some issues. I go back to Pt again tomorrow.

    I have reports written, just need to be typed & submit them, then answer the other students submitted documents.

    I will finish them tomorrow am. Going to take a break, skip classes tonight, spend with the baby he has been crying when I leave him at the sitters house everyday this week. Not like him. Dh has school tonight so baby and I are going to snuggle in bed.

    I have had a migraine all week, Just been trying to get through these reports and get finished.

    I have break the last week of April I am going to take him to the sitters for 2 days and then 3 of them are just for him and me. I think I miss him as much as he misses me.

    Take care all,
    be careful,
    have good noc/day @ work or play.

    you all are in my thoughts,