Good Morning-Thurs. 24th

  1. Can't sleep so I thought I'd start us up for the day. Then maybe I can get a couple of hours before the alarm "wakes" me up at 6. Sorry I've not been around much but I've been having a few blue days...and I'm ready to murder my soon-to-be 18 year old. He may not make it till his birthday on Sat. Such disrespect! I gave him birth so I can take him out, right? Actually, he's lucky I love him...I think.
    So for breakfast, how about roasted kid...or if you'd rather, maybe oatmeal with honey and cinnimon, Lots and lots of coffee, OJ or milk.
    TTFN. I'll try to snooze a bit. Have a great day/evening/night. Love ya.
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  3. by   sanctuary
    Nice, thanks. Good luck with the lad. Everybody, enjoy the sunrise and a hot cuppa.
  4. by   suzy253
    Hiya Marilyn. I hope your getting some zzzzz's now; sorry to hear about your son acting up. Hope things work out.

    Good morning Sanctuary.

    Morning to all who follow. Can't believe it's Thursday already. the days and weeks just seem to fly by lately.
  5. by   nursemary9

    I'm at work & it's OK tonite.
    We're full and I'm not Charge so everything is going along!!!
    I have 3 Chemo's tonite; one of them is a young man who is only on day 1 of his chemo and has spiked a high temp all ready. Just finished drawing blood cultures on him. Poor kid; not only that but he's having LOTS of nausea. This is not good.
    I hope I will continue to have him after my nites off.

    I need to energize myself now--have LOTS to do this AM.
    How about a BEARY-NICE Monkey Dance to wake me up!!
    That should wake me up pretty good & mix that with a hefty dose of COFFEE and I'll be just fine!!

    My DH & I will be at his MD immediately after work; he needs a second debriedment today.
    The MD never called us back yesterday regarding the MRI, but maybe he figured he's be seeing us this AM anyway!!

    After that I need to go shopping for some clothes!!!
    I've lost almost 90 lbs now; I would make do, but we're having an out of town guest next week---she's an OLD friend of DH ( he hasn't even seen her in 40 yrs!!) I've never met her & I refuse to meet this woman in my TOO BIG Ultra Fat clothes!!! Now I can just meet her in my Fat clothes!!LOLLOL!!! She'll be with us for 4 days and we're taking her to some really nice places, so I need to look good.

    I'm having toes & nails done Monday; haircut, color and brow waxing on Wed!! Not too insecure, am I??????
    Oh well.

    At least I'm off Thur & Fri nites. That will be VERY good.

    Marilyn, So sorry about DS; These kids really test, don't they!! Hope you got some good sleep!!

    Sanctuary, Hope you have a really good day!!

    Suzy, Hope you're day will be good--are you working today? Didn't you have off yesterday? Hope you had a good day!!

    I'll just leave you all now---have a BUNCH of Central line Blood Draws this AM!!

    Have a great day!!

    Mary Ann
  6. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning Workday for me.
    Compassion good luck with your ds, teenagers can be so frustrating they know everything
    It seems the older I get the faster time goes
    Hope everyone has a good day.
  7. by   jmgrn65
    Maryann that is Great that you lost 90lbs
  8. by   suzy253
    Mary Ann--congrats on your weight loss. Yes, I was off yesterday (I'm always a bit off); back in today--attending telemetry course part 2.

    I'll leave this little fav of mine and Leslie for everyone to try out:

    Dunkin donuts Turbo Ice. hmmmmmmmmm. Make it a turbo turbo for Leslie.
  9. by   RGN1
    Morning all!

    Roast kid sounds good - I've got 3 you can put on the menu!! I HATE the school holidays - I think school should be year round!

    Well done on the weight loss M9!! I'm busy putting it on!! :chuckle I can get so far & then I just can't budge the last few pounds that put the icing on the cake! Studying for that dratted exam didn't help!! Still I keep pretending that once all the stress of trying to emigrate etc etc is over I'll finish off the job!! YEAH on US food - I think not!!!

    To everyone else.have a GREAT day wherever you are xxxx
  10. by   suzy253
    Have to dry my hair, get dressed, find my textbook and my calipers (where'd I leave those darn things anyway?) and hit the road. Have a good day all! Enjoy all the coffee!
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Happy Thursday to everyone out there and good morning to Sanctuary, Suzy, Mary, jmgRN65, and RGN1. And a huge thanks to Marilyn for getting this thread started.

    In a few hours I am going to attempt to register at my local community college with the hopes of taking some prerequisite classes for the RN program. I've only been working as an LVN for 6 months; however, the RN license will open a world of opportunities and flexibility.
  12. by   LauraF, RN
    Good morning all. I have been awake for awhile. Just got my diet Pepsi and turned the dry on. Going to do some cleaning, laundry and hopefully a lot of studying. The alarm just went off, hubby woke up and said "I think I want 15 more minutes." So he is back in bed.
    I went grocery shopping yesterday. I bought my biggest down fall. CRAB LEGS
    They were on sale. Nothing like what you eastcoasters pay. But it was a good price for here. But I forgot to buy so much. Have to go back to the little store today.
    Compassion- I can totally sympathize with you. My husband has a 17 year old. She came here after running away from her Mom's. She ran away from here to go live with a friend. Then went back to her Mom's. Then for 2 months this summer no one knew where she was, now she is living with my Monster INlaw. She has some major mental health issues that she won't address. Totally disrespectful, even to the Police, let alone us. Yes, she has had the police called on her several times. Just a big mess.

    Mary- I am SOOOOO happy for you and your weight loss. I had lost 80lbs, but then gained it all back, when I had kids. I guess I'll have to get the incentive to do it again soon.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning from work!

    We are over our limit for patients and I had to call the ob nurse on call in.

    Hopefully some of these folks can go home - maybe the appy in recovery will go home by noonish.

    Roasted kid huh? I've felt like that too.

    Tweety - you are still greeting newcomers while on vacation - you are a nice guy. :icon_hug:

  14. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Steph, just passing the time with my morning coffee, waiting to go to breakfast. They serve a full course sit down breakfast here. Yesterday it was backed apples, followed by a crab/arthicoke/cheese/egg "puff" which was to die for and I don't like crab, followed by a decadent cinnamin roll. I can hardly wait until this AM's breakfast.

    I hope that everyone has a nice die.

    Congrats on the weight loss Marry!!!!