Good Morning Sunday 7-4-04

  1. To the Americans Happy Independence Day!

    I saw Suzy on the boards just now and presumed she'd be starting this thread soon.

    Anyway, good morning all! Not sure what I'm doing today, but might go to a traditional American cookout tonight and perhaps see fireworks over the water. We love to have fireworks over the water, up and down Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast fireworks everywhere. Poor dogs are going to go crazy.

    Went for Thai food last night with friends and the special was "Jumbo Prawns". I was proud to chime in I finally knew what prawns were. I'm glad I passed because they were cooked Thai style with the legs all on and the eyeballs still looking at you and they were huge. Creepy.

    Then we went to see Spiderman 2, which is a delightful movie! If you liked the first, you'll love 2.

    Have a great day folks!
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    morning everyone and happy fourth of july!!!!! this is by far my favorite holiday (discounting christmas and easter because they have sooo much more meaning for me). so, for the qod: what is your favorite holiday and why? mine is the fourth, as i said. i think partly it is because my birthday is near and we always celebrated with fireworks, etc. my family made a huge deal out of my birthday every year. (now these same people don't talk to me, go figure!) christmas and easter are important to me for religious reasons, with easter winning out every time. i do love christmas for the joy it brings my kids, though too. sound like you are in a fine mood today! how do you think spiderman 2 would be for trey if bry took him to the theater? he's 5 and handles things very well. i just don't want him to see mega amounts of sex or hear a lot of bad language. he is bugging, bugging, bugging to go see it!

    netters.....remember your words to me a couple days ago about how i give, give, give and needed to vent my problems to you guys? well, yesterday was your turn dangit and i don't want you worrying about us. it's refreshing to have someone else's troubles to think about for awhile. (diana said it much better than me yesterday!)

    did you have to dissect a fetal pig in a & p? did it bother you? i ask because you like piggies so much. are cracking me up girl!!! i do, unfortunately, see a fight coming up for you guys. $200.00 is a big deal!!!! i would just about shoot bry if i found out he spent that much on anything non-essential. my aunt had a nice chat with bryan about communicating with me better and he has been much, much better since that night. at least in that respect. he even came home to ask me permission to go to connecticut for work before he would give them an answer. i almost passed out in shock. i am glad to hear that shayna is still in good spirits. now, i will send up prayers for your relationship with her.

    fran.....heck, it's easier to "pick up the house" than to head off to the gym!! lol! crack me up. you tell us the whole story of the pig (which, by the way, is very cute) and then you say that you hope we are all planning some sort of special diversion for the fourth. yours, with the piggie?

    why is it that none of the animations on the smilies are working???

    the kids had their party yesterday. bryce seemed groggy and tired the whole time. i don't know if it was the heat or the fact that he didn't take that long of a nap or a combination of the two.

    trey and piper got so many things.....and i guess we'll be putting up the swingset tonight. it's the only time i can think of......before the fireworks.

    i don't have a whole lot to do today so you will see much of me, i'm sure! lol! aren't you glad????? i just have to go through my closet and figure out where exactly i am going to keep the kids' workbooks, leap pad books, etc. i also have to clean off a cabinet in my bedroom that is piled high with stuff right now. i want to wipe down my bathroom real quick and vacuum and that's it! woohooo!

    god bless america!!!!!
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  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    good morning tweety and kimmy

    happy independence day!!!!

    tweety sounds like you had a wonderful time. good for you. only, i don't blame you for not wanting to eat huge shrimps with their eyes and legs still on them. feels too much like eating a bug.

    kimmy it sounds like you had your good time yesterday. i'm glad you all were able to do that. i know it's hard without transportation.

    qod: thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, because that is the time when we not only get a wonderful meal together, but it's also the day we all get together with one another and just enjoy eachother's company and presence. i have very good memories of celebrations on that day. it's also the day when some people focus on the reason for that special holiday, and are thankful for our freedom of all that we have.

  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning Fran!!! You are up early. How are you feeling? What are your plans for today? It looks to be very hot and humid here....with rain possibly this evening (just in time for the fireworks of course!)
  6. by   suzanne4
    Good morning to the airport shortly.............Have a new student arriving from Korea in about one hour...............

    Have a safe holiday and will check in later.....................
  7. by   Tweety
    Kim, there's not a lot of sex or foul language. But plenty of violence. It's probably not quite appropriate for a kid that young. It's not a cartoon. But kids and adults there seemed to love it, but five seems a bit young to understand it. Plus it's a love story too and he may not go for it. It's 2-1/2 hours long which is long for a five year old.
  8. by   MelissaRN
    Good morning friends and Happy July 4th. The weater is absolutely beautiful today. I went for a run this morning and you'll never guess what followed me the last 2 miles of my run. A dog!!!! He's a fairly young looking dog, all black and in good shape to have kept up with me. lol. I have no idea what to do with him now. I think I'll drive around and try to find his owner.

    We're getting ready to head out to the parade and then to my parents' for a bbq and of course fireworks tonight. Can't wait. :hatparty:
  9. by   jnette
    And a lovely 4th of July morning to ALL !!!

    Finally decided to go to bed LATE last night, and all Chelsie wanted to do was play... jumped on my feet every time I moved, watched the shadows on the wall in my bedroom and thought she had to attck them as well... then decided to thoroughly explore everything under the bed... finally fell asleep in spite of her after midnight. And this was after being up since 0300 that morning... :stone

    So yes, I slept in this morning... 'til 8 a.m. . Wow.. that a first !

    Prominsing to be a gorgeous day out there today, but quite warm. Already vacumed and cleaned up. need to do the bathroom yet and make up the beds.

    Going to do my bowflex workout early before it gets too hot. Other than that, not much. Check in with the kids, and relax before my four -in -a -row at work tomorrow.

    Tomrrow....... gee, let's see... anything happening in Kimmy's world tomorrow?

    Glad the kiddos enjoyed their party.

    Favorite Holiday?
    Christmas. Ours was always very special, and more serene... not as commercialized as over here, more focus on the spiritual, and the Christmas music I so enjoy has that tone as well.

    OK.. outta here for now... Tweety, I wish I could join you for fireworks over the water... I know I'd love it !

    Everyone have a SAFE one !
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    Tweets....well, he loved the first does it compare? I'm hesitant, but they could always leave if he got bored. Is it gory violence or did they leave out the blood and guts?

    Suzanne.......good to see you! Have fun with your new student.
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    Melissa.....aaaaawww poor sweet dog was just looking for a friend, huh?

    Netters.....nope, tomorrow outta be a blah day for me! LOL! Glad you are in good spirits this morning girlie. I haven't done a darn thing yet. I always catch up here first! LOL!
  12. by   nakitamoon
    I've been MIA,,,,,, on the boards,,, just getting a chance to check in,,,, Wanted to wish everyone a safe,,,,, happy fourth,,,,,,, Nik~
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    HI Nik! Happy fourth to you too!
  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    WEll, no one is playing AGAIN. I just don't have very good timing, do I? I'm outta here to run through my list so that I can hang out later before Bry gets home to put the swingset together.

    Have a good one, ya'll!!!

    Hugs all around.......