GOOD MORNING Sunday, May 17th 2009

  1. good morning all sweet peeps!!!!!!

    here's a cuppa to get you jump-started ....

    i hope you all have a great

    take care each and every one!!

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  3. by   herring_RN

    Getting ready for church.
  4. by   dianah
    Good morning to all!

    Have a wonderful day!!
  5. by   jnette
    Good Morning dear friends.

    Feels good to be here again... been a long and trying week. Have had NO time to come see you all.

    Mutti is still hanging on, but remains bedridden and her poor bottom is showing signs of skin breakdown, also has a 4-5 cm skin tear/shear on her bottom plus anothe fluid filled blister next to that. Can't roll her as both directions rearrange the ribs and cause her pain. PT has been coming in for ROM to upper and lower extremities, this week they will try to get her to sit, and maybe stand... we'll see.

    If it looks like she will have to remain in bed any longer, will get an order for a hospital bed with airmatress to shift some of her weight around to different areas. Applying duderm where needed, and skin protective paste... it's HECK (to be nice about it) changing her chux and depends, and/or bedlinens due to her inability to roll on her sides without causing her pain and trauma.... very, very sad and traumatic to both her and of course, me.

    Her BP remains in the >200/100 range late evenings and during the noc, despite now being on the maximum allowable dose of Toprol and Enalapril, PLUS the recent addition of 25 mg HCTZ.

    Other vitals, however are good, lungs clear, breathing fine, no chills, fever, urine remains clear. Still has the cath.
    If we can get her to sit and stand, even jsut for a few minutes, here and there, the cath can come out and she can use the BSC which would help tremendously.
    She is definately weakening, sleeps a LOT, and is much more confused (hope it's the pain meds).. but a couple nocs I really thought it was over...crawled into bed with her and slept by her side for about three hours one noc.
    When I went in to check on her and give her her midnight pain med, she was staring at the ceiling, and when I told her everything was ok and she could go back to sleep... she opened her eyes real bigand wide and said "SLEEP? Oh no.. not sleep." When I asked her why, she looked real sad, and said "Ya.. if I sleep.. den in da morning I not wake up again".

    My heart has had more sadness this week than it can hold, and my eyes are so puffy I can harly see through them. But yesterday was a decent day for us. I spend as much time with her as I can.. reading to her, singing little songs to her, little German children's songs she taught us when we were little...she likes that. Even bought some handpuppets and I use them to tell her little stories... always bring a smile to her face. She has had some good moments, and I treasure those.

    I know she knows something is "different", and I just hope that in a week or two things might get back more like she knew them before. I'm afraid the longer she lays there, the more confused she will become, and everything we did before will be new to her... she may even forget HOW to walk.. who know... have heard it happen with Alzheimer.

    Anyway.. that was a brief update. Hope all of you are doing well.. any news on Sabby and her procedure?

    Gotta go.. might chek back in later if I can.

    Love and miss all of you.
  6. by   jnette
    Steph.. I looked for your HH thread you mentioned, but I can't find it.......
  7. by   jnette
    Decent day so far with Mutti.. she appears to be stronger, more alert today.. in good spirits... and still LOVES that camera !!!

    Mutti has had constipation issues for the past five yrs., so the round the clock Vicodin has really made things worse. We were luck to get a bm out of her once every 7-8 days BEFORE..... now it's really a major problem. I figured she wasn't eating well the past several days due to her tummy just being too full (although she still had great bowel sounds, and spongy tummy).. and lying on her back just pushed her diaphragm up and gave her that FULL feeling. But after 2 enemas and some good ol' MOM she finally got some relief yesterday. My blessed HHA came right over to assist with changing her.. I had sent dh out to have some free time, and there was NO WAY I could manage all the linen changes etc. by myself.. it's a two person job since she is so difficult to turn without further injuring her.

    Just abrely touching her skin causes wicked skin tears (note the bandaged left forearm).......

    Sent dh to the store this am to get some Senna-S.... no luck.. they've just been pulled off the shelves... said there was a recall on Senna.

    Wow.... guess I'll stick with the MOM. Not sure how to time it all.. can't have her needing a depends/linen change while I'm at work with dh here by himself.. or even with our sweet young assistant....hmmm... if she could get up this week and use the BSC it would sure solve a lot of problems.

    OK.. thought I'd post a couple pics of our dear Mutti while I had some time.......

    And Mary... my dear friend (((((((((((((((((gentlest of hugs))))))))))))))))))))

    I'm so so sorry for what you are currently experiencing... I do know only all too well..... while I am still clinging to hope, I know that realistically, your hope for your dear mother is rapidly fading. Bless your dear, aching heart.

    Know that my thoughts and prayers remain with you and yours.
  8. by   martysmiles
    Prayers are with you. I have a mom 89 years old. She isn't bed ridden. But it is just a matter of time. She is becoming weaker and weaker. Just breaks my heart but we are taking care of her at home. God bless
  9. by   compassion1
    jnette, I feel so very badly for you and Mutti. I wish there was something I could do to help. The best that I can do is to pray for you, your family and Mutti. Take each good day as it comes along. How are Pati and Roo holding up? Will they be able to visit for a bit? God bless your DH and your HHA for their help.
    I think of you and Mutti every day. (((((((hugs)))))))

    Thank you, Leslie, for keeping us updated when jnette isn't able to be here. The updates are really appreciated 'cause we all care and kinda feel like an extended family.
  10. by   compassion1
    Mary, I continue to keep you, your mom and the rest of your family in prayer. You're going through hard and heartbreaking times. If you can, please keep us updated. (((((((gentle hugs))))))) God bless you.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Thanks jnette for that update on Mutti and the photos . . . and you already posted on that other thread, so thanks!

    Are you using an incentive spirometer with her? My thoughts are her lungs and pneumonia from being in bed all the time. I do hope you are able to get her up soon. I'm so sorry she is in pain.

    I've been dealing with a very complicated hospice patient for 24 hours now - but he passed at 0702 this morning. I've missed church but I'm think I'll go out and mow the lawn so I can get some blessed exercise umpiron: and clear my mind.

    The pups are chewing on that old sneaker I gave them - one of them peed on the porch . . . .gotta hose that off.

  12. by   compassion1
    marty, I'll keep your mom in prayer, too. God bless both you and your mom. (((((((hugs)))))))
  13. by   jnette
    Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I knew I could count on you all.

    Marty.. thank you for being there for your mother. I know she appreciates your love and your efforts. I wish her well.
    And I wish you continued strength and wisdom with her care.

    Steph.. haven't used an incentive spirometer.. her lungs are perfectly clear and she is breathing well, no longer winces when asked to take a deep breath. And another reason I ask her to sing with me.. one of the best (sneaky) breathing exercises there is !
  14. by   zuzi
    Hey is Jnette good that she is finally what Dx she has? They are fxs and where? I saw hip fractures repaired and at old stay up!

    Here my dears... well...I did it! I asked my oldie if she will come with me at concert? OH MY! I had the fellings that all the sky will crack and eat, but looking at her how without any power she is, how lonely, and crashed by her Karma is, I told my self, do it now or you will not do it ever, you will help her and pass your limits. Of course that was surprised, a stright gurl like me asking her a so down now lady, to going there? Is creepy I realized that. So I explain her that is a present from, lol, because God love all the people the same and love special her because she is so alone and sick and without anyone around. She was just to cry....she is old... she fell much more older than she not in my powres to help her much more even if I wish, but ...may be for a night she will be happy like in her young times...I am a voyeurist, damn it, I live looking at other hapiness, totally sick me.... But what is much better than it to see people happy around you....

    Yesterday was ugly, with people with words that hurt, with twisted minds from twisted people,I need to have my dear ones with them I fell safe, round, complete, my team......I could not be with bad people around they ...they drain my energy...

    Well all in all, my sweet sweet oldy will give me a response...soon if she will not forgot... helloooooo, memory notes hon! LOL

    I could not ever forgot her eyes when I told her "just for you to be a a little more happy, and not so alone, don't take it in any other way...I am straight". Shocking huh?

    I love my cuddle ones...just love them. Always love is the answer! heartbeat:heartbeat