Good morning Sunday Dec. 23!

  1. a reminder that "santa's on his way,

    he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh!"

    don't forget to track him christmas eve, with!

    good morning to all!

    it's almost midnight here.
    i just finished watching holiday inn and while it's a good christmas movie, i do prefer white christmas!

    for me, today is a day for finishing wrapping gifts and making a few stocking-stuffer purchases, as well as the usual trip to the grocery store and doing the wash.

    well, after i get my shut-eye, that is!

    y'all have a good one!!
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  3. by   bethin
    Good morning!

    Well, I'm offcially 28 as of 4am.

    Work today and tomorrow but still need to wrap all my gifts. Finished shopping yesterday.

    Hope you have a good one!
  4. by   Sweeper933
    Happy Birthday bethin!

    I just have to say that thunder/lightening, combined w/ extremely high winds on December 23rd in Chicago is enough to wake anybody up at 230 in the morning! Sheesh!
  5. by   kwagner_51
    Good morning everyone!!

    Happy Birthday Bethin!!

    I started my Christmas shopping Friday. I am done. Need to wrap all the gifts after work today. I am working 12 hrs tomorrow.

    I am soooooooo tired!! I have only had 2 days off since the 5th. Christmas isn't going the way I planned. I didn't have the $$$ to buy gifts for my family until Friday. I was scheduled to work 3 12's in a row, Friday, Sat et Sun, but my wonderful boss, changed my schedule. I worked 5 hrs Friday, 8 hrs yesterday 8 hrs today et 12 hrs tomorrow. I am off Christmas and Wednesday then back to the grind.

    I sure hope my kids like what they are getting, since I couldn't be choosy.

    Anyway Have a great day everyone!!
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  6. by   GPatty
    Happy Birthday Bethin!
    Gosh Karen~ that schedule sux worse than mine does! *Sorry*
    Mornin Sweeper! we've got the high winds and rain here in Indiana now too....
    Hi dianah! Have a good day!

    As for me... last night was CNA night from hades. She disappeared for hours on end, I couldn't find her. Actually had to go get her from a patients room at 4:15a, to answer call lights. She had been in this room since 3:30a, at least, that I know of. Now the patient is a talker, but dang! Does the nurse HAVE to do ALL the work? I was answering call lights left and right, trying to get my work done, AND hers... I finally wrote down some times and issues, made a copy for both MY boss and the DON. Hope it does some good.
    Got home this AM and everyone is still asleep. That's nice. A peaceful, quiet morning with me and my allnurses family. (For about another 20 minutes, if I'm lucky! LOL!)
    Well, going in tonight and off at 2a, so it's just an 8 hour tonight, then a 2-10p tomorrow on the "other" side. <*BLECH!*> But I shall prevail! LOL!

    Hope you all have a blessed day today! Talk to ya later!
  7. by   DDRN4me
    Morning all!!:Reindeer:
    a little quiet and entertainment for us on this link
    :Santa3: be back soon ...going to read the thread!
  8. by   jnette
    Good Morning !

    And bethin..

    Hope your birthday is a good one.

    Getting ready to go see my two patients this morning. Get it over and done with so I can enjoy the rest of the day at home. It's pouring the rain, and windy as all get out, so home is where I want to be today.

    I'll see you all here later, after the sleepyheads have stirred.
  9. by   elizabells
    Mornin, y'all

    Happy Bday, Bethin!!!

    I'm here in CA, at my parents' house, for my pre-Xmas vacation. Wouldn't you know it, I seem to have the strep. I'm taking the red-eye back to NY tomorrow night, getting in at 0500 Monday morning, going home/passing out, then working Monday night. How's that for a perfect storm: Dog-sick, six hour flight, and a night when I would CERTAINLY have to get an MD note to call out, on a day when there is NO way to do that without going to the ER. Which I am NOT doing for strep throat. Our lovely ER nurses would hunt me down and beat me with a shoe! I guess I'll be wearing a mask and drinking lots of tea... :uhoh21:
  10. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning eliza jnette DDRN grammy KW sweeper bethin di!


    that sucks that you have to work Christmas with strep throat.

    KW I'm glad you found the money for presents, sounds like it will be a tiring Christmas for you.

    di I like White Christmas better than Holiday Inn too.

    For all of you who missed yesterday's lament, I found out that the bloodwork I had done at the "low cost" clinic will cost me $450! And I'm still waiting on the bill for my regular MD's TB test. Not that I expected it to be cheap, but it's going to be higher than I expected. Maybe I'll talk to the clinic and see if I can pay it off in installments. Or maybe I'll just do it all at once, because it's not like I'm ever going to need to do it again.

    Won't be able to get to church today, gotta work this morning and I didn't get up in time for the early service. Oh well, I needed the extra sleep.
  11. by   Sabby_NC
    To you this fine wet day Bethin, I pray your day is all and more for you my friend.

    and enjoy a relaxing breakfast and cup of coffee or what ever is your fix to start the day with.

    So nice to wake to the rain falling this morning. Looks like it will be a dreary day here but that is ok with me.

    Plenty to keep myself occupied that is for sure.

    Do need to do my schedule for this week. I HAVE resorted to all 17 pts names on a board so I can better visualize the visits I need to allocate to my LPN to do and then remember that I NEED to do the following visit to those patients due to supervisory visits.

    Was hoping to take a potentially new staff member around with me but she got another job so now I am waiting for someone else to take the position so I can train and hand over some of these patients. I am certainly not complaining because I love my job but this little lady is rather stretched right now LOL

    Hubby has already been poking around the tree he cracks me up. I have a beautiful painting for him but have it well hidden with parcels around it and on top of it. WELL hidden I have to say I did a sneaky job there.

    Gotta tell you what he said to me on Friday as I drove his car for work. I had my van service due so he did that for me.

    I got home and he told me I was driving around on my main present all day. IT WAS UNDER THE STEENKIN' SEAT. I guess he got back at me eh?

    Loved the link Dianah, thanks for that.

    Oops hubster wants to go and get the groceries done early so we are heading out before our morning rituals begin.

    Have a super duper day one and all
  12. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from bethin
    Good morning!

    Well, I'm offcially 28 as of 4am.

    Work today and tomorrow but still need to wrap all my gifts. Finished shopping yesterday.

    Hope you have a good one!
    Aww why the grimace?? Not saying 28 is old are ya? (says the 48 year old...)

    Well, saw my beloved boy yesterday FInally! - he came in uniform - cleans up real nice it turns out! His grandmother (father's mom) and cousin came to dinner.

    So now - I will quit crabbin! and I'm sorry I laid all that stuff on you yesterday.

    I didn't lay the "someday you will be looking down at my coffin" line on him but ... he knows how I feel!
  13. by   babynurselsa
    Good Morning all.
    Have been up since 0230 getting some of my wrapping done. Did a few after I got home yesterday morning. Up till then I hadn't wrapped a single thing. I think the kids were getting a little
    Hoping to get a few more things wrapped before the little ones start to waken.

    Then about 4 I went to Walmart. I wanted to get the last of my errands run before all of the crazed last minute shoppers woke up.
    This month, and the year for that matter has just flown by. WOW.
    It is a brisk 20 degrees here this morning with a light layer of ice and snow from yesterday.
    Hope all are having a wonderful day of holiday preparations.
    Happy Birthday Bethin.
    Stay dry Jnette.
    Eliza, hope you feel better quick.
    Sabby, sounds like you and dh are well
    Sleep well Dianah.

    Well I better get back to the wrapping beofre they wake.
    Have a great day all!!
    Jow, isn't that always the way it is?
  14. by   sirI

    good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    little children are getting excited as the time draws near....

    children/grands got here late yesterday after a series of mishaps, but nothing too serious. they are asleep. dh is working on the poems for the scavenger hunt later today.

    one sad note.......our best friend and colleague's father died on friday evening. funeral today and dh will be pallbearer. we had planned a huge family get-together starting at noon today, but that is postponed until tonight. sad situation for our friend .....

    so, all the presents are under the tree. the dicken's village looks absolutely breath-taking. dh worked so hard on that the past week. i wish you all could see it. he is so talented carving out the mountains from styrofoam. i'll try and post pics.

    he also built the stable for the nativity. we've, over the years, collected certain nativity characters. i finished putting that all together just before the first group of kiddos arrived last night.

    i about killed myself yesterday cleaning and preparing the house coupled with the frequent trips to walmart and various other stores. lol!!! got up yesterday morning very early (around 3:30) and didn't get to bed until after m/n last night. even my hair hurt and i don't remember my head hitting the pillow. hahahaha

    i'll start fixin' the brunch/lunch/snacking things in a few minutes; cocktail weenies in sauce, rotel dip and chips, turkey/ham sandwiches on butter croissants, cookies, fruit, variety of drinks including sweet tea (of course!!!!). then cook supper later on. nothing fancy - just a pot roast, butter peas, green beans, creamed corn, mac and cheese (for the grands), deviled eggs, rolls, and lemon pie. dh will have a little egg nog and i'm sure a couple others will indulge as well. yuck!!!!! lol!!!

    i hope you all have a wonderful sunday.

    love ya much and hope to get back here later!!!!
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