Good Morning! Sunday Oct 7, 2007

  1. Hello again - another ER shift and long drive home but not as many deer. Still. . . .:uhoh21:

    I need to get satellite radio or at least a book on cd . . .that drive is boring.

    To answer Roy - no, there is no ER closer except the ER I used to work in and I quit that job, remember? Plus, my school will be in the same town as my new job. Also, we grocery shop there, I get my hair done there, our docs are down there, I run for truck parts down there. It is like a bedroom community 70 miles away.

    I hope you all have a grand Sunday . . I enjoyed reading Saturday's thread.

    I work tomorrow - so I'll be back here on Monday about 2 a.m.

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  3. by   nursemary9

    Hi, Steph, I haven't been on here for a while, but I did know you were starting a new job. Do you like working there? or is it too soon to tell?
    Hope you get some good rest since you're going back later today!!
    Thanks for starting the Good Morning, Thread.

    I haven't been here for a bit, so I have no idea what's going on.

    I'm at work & it's a bit on the quieter side tonite. This is unusual as we have been super busy---which is one reason I haven't been here for awhile.

    Not much going on here in Chicago---work, sleep & so forth.

    Of course, who could miss the Chicago Cubs HORRIBLE POST SEASON SERIES!!! I really wish we could have won at least one of the games!!!
    100 years since the Cubs have won a World Series!!!
    Oh well---as they say, there's always next year!!

    I hope that we will not have another loss for our Bears today---but can we really hope the Bears will win against Green Bay---------it's doubtful!!!

    Well, got to run--work to do
    You all have a wonderful day!!
    I have not forgotten you all!!
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning everyone!

    Need an extension cord. So I can plug in my air conditioner. So I can put it into my window. Because it was almost 90 degrees yesterday and will be the same today (In October no less!) and I want to be able to get some sleep before my midterms.

    But other than that, just church and studying today.
  5. by   sirI

    mornin', steph and thanks for starting the good morning thread. oh, i so remember the loooong drive to work. i totally understand what you mean about booooring and lonely. i would listen, and still do, to books on tape or cd. it really does help. if you have a used book store somewhere, you can get great deals on the books.

    hi, mary ann. haven't talked to you in a while. hope all is going well with you. i was so in hopes the cubbies would come through, too. doesn't look too good for my yanks either. we'll see tonight.....

    hiya, joe. i know what you mean. the temps here yesterday were in the mid 90's and mugggggy!!!!! blech. don't study too hard now, ya hear??

    ya'll have a great day and everyone coming after.

    <===very necessary!!!
  6. by   hlfpnt
    Good morning all...hope ya'll have a very blessed day!
  7. by   Fonenurse
    Good morning family!

    It's actually 2pm here, and I have just finished a lovely piece of salmon cooked with a hollandaise sauce with dill, served with crispy green salad and a lovely glass of red wine for my lunch - mmmmm lovely. DS is practising sauces for college - I love it when we get to eat the results!

    I have been preparing fruit this morning - we have about 25lb of quince I picked from the bushes yesterday and I am making quince jelly from it.

    Later today I am making meat and potato pie for DHs supper - he's been away all weekend on an archeological dig, so I know he will be hungry! It was also his birthday yesterday so it's a celebration meal - his choice of food - his favourite...

    Hope all's well, haven't had a chance ot catch up on all the comings and goings as I have been away with work most of the week - travelled 1000 miles I reckon and am oh so tired - but thse quinces keep calling to be jellied, so I have a full weekend too -

    Speak to you all soon!
  8. by   dianah
    Good morning!

    Glad you made it home safely, Steph.

    Hello to Joe and Siri and all who post or read after!
  9. by   dianah
    Hello halfpt and Fone (one busy person!!! Hope the quince jelly turned out scrumptious!)!!

    Have a good day!
  10. by   DutchgirlRN
    Good Morning Everyone, I haven't posted in a week at least but I have been around peeking and keeping up.

    It's been a busy week. 8 wk old gs, Morgen had his surgery which went very well. He ran a 101.9 temp the next day but surgical incision looked great, CBC was normal. Blood cultures were done. No results yet but expect they'll be normal as well. No one can figure out why he has these fevers off and on? Since he had all that IV Rocephin and Ampicillin he looks great. Still on the fussy side but definately better. I think the next step for him will be changing formula. He's on soy now.

    I had a small run-in with the surgeons medical assistant who was dispensing inaccurate info to my dd. :angryfire

    di, thanks ever so much for the POC analyzer suggestion. Admin is now looking for one. i-stat isn't returning their calls. They loved the idea and it will save me tons of time and aggravation as well as save the patients time. We're still gearing up for the hydration protocol to begin. I've done 2 already and will likely have one tomorrow. I called the patient and asked her to drink alot of water over the weekend and will repeat the BUN/Creat in the am.
  11. by   jnette
    dear Friends!

    Poor Steph.. I do feel for you, Hon. Get some sleep, you need it.

    Nice seeing you again, Fone! Busy day for you eh? Must be nice to be the "taster"...

    Hi there MaryAnn! Hope things slow down for you at work.. we miss you around here yanno!

    Siri.. what are YOU into today? Resting up for the past 2 days?

    Joe.. sure hope you can get your place cooled off. Could you go to the library to study... where they have AC?

    Hi hlfpnt ! Haven't seen you in a while either! Whassup?

    And what does our busy beaver Di have on her agenda today? (I know..besides laundry, groceries..)

    I don't have much going on here either.. yay! Need to box up Adams' shoes and get them ready to ship tomorrow, and just a few minor piddly things around the house, then I'll take the Minnie for a drive to the park or River Trail for a nice long walk. Enjoy my last day off before work again tomorrow.
  12. by   Sabby_NC

    Hello to all my maties on LOL

    I am doing some research at the moment on my AIDS patient. I am on call and expect to head out very soon. I do have some visits to attend too.

    Hope your day is a blessed fun filled one what ever you are up too and the peeps that are working I pray it is an easier day.

    Hubster is downstairs swatting the books and has been there since 6am!! I need to get an appointment book so we can ensure that there are regular times for a smooch or a hug OR both LOL

    Joe eekkks get that air conditioner running mate. 90F is not much fun at the best of times.

    Nice and relatively pleasant Autumn day here in NC.

    Hi Ho it's off to work I go la la lalalala la la la la...
  13. by   DutchgirlRN
    Hi Sabby! Are you ready for the new Oasis coming soon?! Just when ya get it down they change everything. New payment system as well. :uhoh21:
  14. by   agent66
    It is thanksgiving Sunday here at home, I am heavily caffeinating the body in prep for the drive to my dad's place for dinner. Has been a crazy week, I didn't even have time to make a pie, so copped out and bought one, oh well not about the food right but about the people you are with. Enduring a few more house improvements also but at least won't (hopefully)take the 6 months that the kitchen reno did. Have a great day everyone, the sun is finally showing it's face here again so I anticipate it to be a great day!!!