Good Morning, Sunday 3/25/07


    Hi All!!

    Will start the thread & then leave---busy at work;

    I'll be back later

    Mary Ann
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Hi Again

    We're having a So-So nite here. We have 4 empty beds--I'm up for admit; They haven't called yet--& that's just wierd for a Sat. Nite-Sunday Morning. Well, we'll wait & see; I suppose we'll get someone at about 0600--usual time!! Then, it's Rush--Rush--Rush till shift change.
    Oh well; nothing can be done about it---it's that way everywhere, I notice!!
    I'll just be as finished with everything as possible, so I will have time.

    I need to get off on time today as i am going to that Baby Shower later this AM.
    It's a Brunch deal, so it's at 1130. I need to prepare---shower, hair, etc & my hair takes a bit of time to dry.
    My hair is really pretty short, still, but it is the LONGEST it's been in years!!
    In fact, DH had been teasing me for years that HIS hair was longer then mine!! LOL
    Well, no more. Altho not long by most standards, it is long in comparison;
    I don't usually use a hair dryer. but I do have one if I need it.

    I'm sort of looking forward to seeing some of my relatives---we see each other so seldom, these days.

    Ordinarily, if I'm scheduled to work, I don't go to these kinds of things, but when I was planning my Mom's Surprise Party, this girl was going to attend, even tho she hardly knows mom. So, I felt like I should go; I kind of went a bit Overboard with gifts, tho-----DH was rather annoyed!!! You know, it's hard NOT to by baby gifts!! They look so small & puny---of course, there prices are not small or puny!!! Oh well; She was registered at Target & Babies Are Us.

    It's being held at a Country Club---the same one where she had her Wedding Reception. FANCY PLACE!! It's a nice place, but I kind of prefer when we used to have showers in our homes--more intimate & cozy. Oh well, us oldsters always long for the good old days.

    I haven't read the last couple of days morning threads--I could get on to Allnurses yesterday morning or Friday evening, so forgive me if I don't kknow whats been happening!! I'll have to play catch up some time.

    Well, I'll leave you all with a bit to eat & drink!!

    So there you go;
    Everyone have a WONDERFUL Sunday!!

    See you all later

    Mary Ann
  4. by   jnette
    Morning Mary !

    Thanx for starting us off today. Go home now, primp, and get ready for that baby shower. Hope you have a nice time.

    And where are the REST of the sleepyheads this a.m. ???

    WAKEY WAKEY everybody... rise and SHINE !!!

    It's another lovely day in the neighborhood, so up and at 'em ! Get out and enjoy.

    Here's some pretties to brighten up your kitchen table while you sip your morning coffee.

  5. by   nursemary9
    Hello Again, Everyone

    Well, a little over 1 hr. to go until I get out of here.
    They called to say they are sending an admission, but it's not here yet.
    If not here by 0630, then the day shift must do it!! That's OK, since I really need to be out on time.

    I'm obsessing now!!

    Jnette agree ---where are all the day-time folfs??????????????

    SLEEPYHEADS--NO DOUBT!!!:roll :roll :roll

    Come on guys---WAKEY!!WAKEY!!WAKEY!!!:smilecoffeecup: :smilecoffeeIlovecof :smiletea:
  6. by   jnette
    Quote from nursemary9
    Hello Again, Everyone

    Well, a little over 1 hr. to go until I get out of here.
    They called to say they are sending an admission, but it's not here yet.
    If not here by 0630, then the day shift must do it!! That's OK, since I really need to be out on time.

    Hope you didn't get that admission, Mary !!! Get home and get going! Have a great day ! And thanx for the lovely breakfast goodies! Yum, Yum !
  7. by   clemmm78
    good morning all. I was going to read yesterday's thread but it's a bit long.

    Did your admission come Mary?

    I spent 8 hours in emerg yesterday, not working - I had to take my 18 yr old dd in. She called me at 7 am from her friend's house. She was in severe pain from cramping, the runs, vomiting, the whole bit. No fever though. She's like me and can dehydrate before your very eyes so it's scary when she gets ill like that.
    I went in to town to get her, brought her to emerg where they whisked her in right away. They questioned if it was her gall bladder but they determined it was "just" a bad gastro. After 2 hours of bolus n/s, a healthy dose morphine and gravol IV, and then 6 more hours of IV fluid, I got to take her home. They weren't sure about letting her go, but I made her get up and walk around the bed to show them she wasn't going to pass out. This was her first time in an adult hospital ER and there wasn't any room for me to sit or anything. WE've done this many times before at the Children's so it's not like I don't know the routine.

    Anyway, the care was great, no complaints and she's upstairs tucked in her own bed. I told her, you can stay here at the hospital and feel miserable, or you can be at home in your own bed and feel miserable. Hopefully, she'll start feeling better soon, but I haven't heard her get up to vomit or use the BR all night, so that's good.

    So, today is catch up day. I definitely had not planned on staying all day in the hospital yesterday! Work to be done now that my hand is functioning properly again.

    DH has to take youngest DS to a church on the other side of the city. He's serving mass so DH is the one who gets to go. Hey, seems fair to me.

    Have a great day everyone.
  8. by   Tweety
    Clemm, I hope the dd will be o.k. We've been having some severe cases of gastroenteritis/intractable vomiting around here lately. Wonder whats up with that.

    I hope everyone has a great day.
  9. by   jnette
    Wow, Clemm... so sorry to hear about dd... and so glad she's on the mend now. Horrible stuff. Hate that your day was spent like that. And glad your thumb is behaving! Hope today is a better day for all of you !

    Hi Tweeters!

    OK.. just finished my visit notes from Fri., so I have those off my mind now.
    Time to head OUTDOORS in this beautiful SUNSHINE today !
    Need to vacum out the car, then piddle around some in the backyard.. not much else on this day's agenda. Tomorrow is a different story, however. Gonna be a full one tomorrow. :uhoh21:
    My last day before the grand arrival!
  10. by   sirI


    <------ the cure

    <----- my wish for you all!!
  11. by   Bluehair
    Morning everyone!
    Siri - love the slippers!

    Time for
  12. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Good morning everybody! Wonderful to see the familiar faces. Clemm, hope your dd is feeling much better! Hi, Tweety, Siri, maryann, jnette--hello bluehair! Love the icon!

    Not a lot of news here--all the animals are doing well. I put the three arthritic geezerpups on mobic yesterday and the creaking and slow achy moves have turned into relative ease and, I hope, more freedom from pain. We'll see. My elderly lady shepard Jenny (may she rest in peace) did very well on the doggie formula of the same stuff. WalMart carries it on their $4 generic list. Jenny's cost about $48 a month. I can get a month's worth for $2. That's my kinda med!

    Sister is living with us and it is working out very well. I lke the company, she and dh get along fine. For some reason we just do better with a third person in the house. Fewer arguments, more pleasantries, lower tension levels. Unfortunately all this happiness has resulted in improved appetites, not that there was much to worry about for any of us in the past, and now I have to figure out how to drop some pounds--I hate giving up food!!!

    Still waiting on that new hospice to open. I extracted a "drop dead date" of April 1st. I guess if it doesn't open by then, I have to think about looking elsewhere. Out of work since 12/29. Getting a little bored, and tired of watching the bank balanace drift downward.

    DM had a very tiny cancer removed from a breast. They also took out the sentinal node and found a tinier cancer there. Typical Mom, she told her oncologist what she would be doing. No chemo, only radiatio and Tamoxifen x 5 years. She's 77, in terrific health otherwise. Frankly I think this is not going to be what does her in. LOL--she got mad when someone (the onco I think) said something about her age. I guess she thought if she was thin and exercised a lot she would be invincible! Oh, did I mention she is a retired RN? Oh, yeah. What they say is true: we make awful patients.

    I have had a nice development, changing the subject here. I had foster daughters (maybe 10 of them) about 10 years ago. I recently reconnected with the one I felt closest too (we have a mutual acquaintance) and it has been wonderful--talking on the phone, IMing, she sent pictures of the family. You wonder if you made a difference--apparently I did. It was worth the sleepless nights.

    OK, that's about it. Off to get dressed and then to McKinney (20 miles or so south) to pick up pineapple cores (they actually throw them away at the grocery and they are absolutely delicious! And full of fiber! And vitamin A! so the grocery saves them for me if I call and remind them), and a few other goodies.

    I hope everyone's coffee was as good as mine--one blessing of having my sister in the house: a fresh cup of Peet's espresso in the a.m. Gets me awake!

    Love you guys!
  13. by   compassion1
    Good morning everyone.

    Mary Ann, Hope you have a fine time at the shower. I agree with you that it was more fun and personal when we had them in the homes. Ah well, good memories.

    Hiya Netters. You most certainly deserve a day of rest today. I get tired just hearing of all the work you do. I guess I'm just lazy. Anyhow, enjoy your day off.

    Clemmm- It's no fun spending time in the ER. I'm glad dd is feeling better. She's fortunate she has such a good mom/nurse to care for her.

    Hi Tweety. Don't you get that bug. Have a wonderful day.

    Siri, you really have to do something about your hair. And I think pink or purple might look nice on you. Maybe purple with pink highlights? Green is so last year. <----Siri in purple.
    Does DH come home today? Give him some comfort food today. :icon_hug:

    Hey, Blue. Now you've got it right. Blue's my favorite color. Have a nice day.

    To everyone else, have a wonderful God blessed Sunday.
  14. by   compassion1
    Hi Chris. Missed you. You're a wonderful mom and daughter. I hope dm is right and the ca has all been eradicated. (((((((hugs)))))))