Good Morning! Sunday, November 12, 2006

  1. Good morning everyone!

    I know, it's too early to be awake. But awake I am!

    Cannot sleep. Slept all day. Called in sick as I can't seem to stop throwing up. Once I do it I feel better and can eat. It's all my fault though - I went off all my meds. I found out that Imuran can decrease fertility. I'm still not sure if I want kids but I like to keep the option open. Not to worry Siri, I do have an appt tomorrow with my GI doctor on Monday.

    I'm cannot wait for my upcoming vacation! It's still 6 months away but I already have it planned out: visit San Diego zoo, SeaWorld, Balboa Park, TRY to get a tour of a retired aircraft carrier (they do them but you have to call the Naval Base, probably background checks), Mexico (not to worry, will be taking a bus down), and spend 5 glorious days on the beach!

    Watched Combat ER on CNN tonight. Anybody else watch it? It was very interesting. One soldier came in with a leg amputation, but seemed to be doing good. Was transferred back to the states where he later died on the OR table. He pleaded to dr's not to let him die, and dr's thought he would be ok. And an Iraqi girl came in after her brother accidentally shot the head. You could plainly see these tough doctors and nurses break down. And another child was shot because insurgents thought her parents were to close to the Americans, so they killed her parents and shot the little girl. Why does this happen? Makes me cry now.

    Well, onto happier news: my one niece is potty trained!! She says "potty" now and has not had any accidents for awhile. She's not yet two so I don't know if it will last or not.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!
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  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Good morning bethin! Dutchy here...I'm usually fast asleep by now but I've been intensely immersed in some very fascinating reading...HH Oasis Regulations...Who ever came up with this crap anyway? Oh well, gotta know it.

    Today we're going to have the grandbaby's one year old portrait done. I'm looking forward to it. My good friend is taking the portrait and she does an awesome job. I'll send you guys a link to see them once they are on her website.

    Today my Mom and I drove about 40 miles to a craft show. Just before we got there we saw a church whose parking lot was absolutely jammed and I said "we'll check there on the way back, there must be something going on", we noticed the sign out front said "Fall Festival". Well we stopped in on the way back. They were having services. It was a Seventh Day Adventist Church, we hadn't noticed that. They celebrate Saturday as their sabbath day. We felt kinda embarrassed, oh well, we got over it. Everyone have a good day. I'm outta bed.
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  4. by   dianah
    Dutch, that might have been our church Sat!

    Bethin, you have a good itinerary mapped out!! Yanno, though, if you spend your time sight-seeing you won't have time to relax on the beach, lol! I'm sure you've thought it all out, and it sounds like a lot of fun! (you do know there's a trolley that will take you most of the places in San Diego???!!!) I wouldn't mind doing something like that by myself, either!

    We enjoyed the symphony tonight! They performed three pieces, by Ravel, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. I enjoyed the Ravel piece the most, dh enjoyed the intensity of the Beethoven, which featured three guest soloists: a pianist, cellist and violinist. We really enjoyed watching the musicians (were four rows from the stage!)! Dh spoke with one of the bass players at halftime . . err, I mean, at intermission. He was very nice, appeared pleased to be asked about his instrument.

    Before the program began, an announcement was made honoring a woman who has contributed to music in the area for years . . . wrote a local college's music for their alma mater . . bowls twice a week, and was disappointed that yesterday she *only* bowled a 169 . . . . and she's 101 years old!!! THAT made me smile, and she got a good round of applause!

    After the performance, dh and I ambled up to the reception area, as we wanted to speak with the concertmaster (dh's brother gave us his seats, and he takes violin lessons from the concertmaster) . . . we saw the Maestro, Carlo Ponti Jr (he's very handsome and very slender), and the three guest soloists, and I just people-watched . . never did spot the concertmaster . . . but I did see a woman at the reception table, near the little bowls of nuts and assorted cracker mixes . . picking out of a bowl what she wanted!!! No, not using the spoon in the bowl, but picking certain pieces out!! I just had to chuckle to myself . . I guess there's one in every crowd (even the well-dressed ones out for the symphony!!), lol! Reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where George, at a party, was caught "double-dipping!" (no, I didn't eat any of the nuts or crackers!!)

    OK, I gots to get to bed. See you all tomorrow sometime!!! Be courageous, be cautious, perform random acts of kindness. --- D
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  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Mornin' everyone!

    Yes, it's a little after 5 AM here on a Sunday! UGGGGGH!

    Oh time! HAHA I feel a nap coming on later, though!

    Notta lotta going on otherwise, but the kiddos and DH may start to bring Christmas stuff out of storage. Yes, it's a little early, but we don't decorate for Thanksgiving.....just stuff our faces. :chuckle

    Y'all have a great day!!!!
  6. by   Tweety
    Good Morning.

    Bethin, sorry you're not feeling well.

    Dutchy, have fun with the grandbaby today.

    Hi rninme, I see you but you haven't posted yet.

    Everyone have a great day!

    It's a workday for me if I can wake up.
  7. by   greatshakes
    I hope you improve Bechim as day goes on. It is 9.32 pm over here at moment or 21.32hrs and I am wondering what time it is there. I just tried to get onto chat but having no luck at all. Have any of you found it difficult? Is it only available at certain times?
  8. by   rninme
    Morning all!!

    Darned RoadRunner must by playing with Wiley this am....keep getting knocked

    Not much going on here....rainy and foggy....not supposed to get any better this week!

    Need to study for my trauma course....and start my next paper. Two papers to go and I am DONE with this class!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
  9. by   tnbutterfly
    good morning!
    bethin....thanks for starting the thread. your trip sounds great! we really enjoyed the zoo on our trip to san diego.
    dutchgirl....sounds like a fun time with the grandbaby.
    di.......glad you had a good time at the concert and the people watching afterwards.
    fun2care and rninme.......have fun studying but be sure to take some time to play too.
    tweety.......hope your day at work is better than yesterday. you don't have to float again, do you?
    hassled....i don't believe we've met. hello!! i see you are studying too.

    i want to be the first to congratulate siri and her razorbacks for playing so well last night and defeating my tn vols. :bowingpur we had good time harrassing each other before the game, and i wish tn had played a better game....but. someone had to lose, and i really hope arkansas goes on to win the sec championship (since tn is out of it now). guess i'll be eating crow today instead of pork. ha ha ha ha
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    gotta get ready for church.'s cold here. 39 degrees. much colder than it was in fl.

    see y'all later. don't have too much fun while i'm gone
  11. by   Justhere
    Bethin sorry to hear you don't feel good. Get you some rest and if you can hold it down get some fluids in you.

    Just waiting for 7:23 so I can clock out and go to bed. I am so tired. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    :zzzzz :zzzzz :zzzzz :zzzzz :zzzzz :zzzzz
  12. by   sirI
    good morning ya'll

    thanks much for starting the good morning thread, bethy. sorry your tummy is not being nice to you. hope your physician can get you on something. glad you have an appointment. ((((hugs))))

    very funny about the double dipping guest, di. i, too, thought of george in that episode as you were describing it. hahaha - glad ya'll had a good time and didn't embarrass yourselves with the lasers!!!!!!!

    looking forward to the piccys, dutchy. a year already??? wow, how time flies.

    hi, fun. yeah, my dh and i need to start bringing down the dickens' villages. gonna add some this year i think.

    don't work too hard, tweets. see ya back later.:wink2:

    hello, hassled. no, the chat room is 24/7. you just have to catch those who go in there. might be too early in the a.m. for us. haven't had enough java yet. hahaha:chuckle

    [color=olive]hey, rninme. don't study too hard today. and, good luck with your trauma course.

    mornin',, thanks, hon. yeah, i really enjoyed all the pregame harrassment. it was a hoot. actually better than the game itself. keep your fingers crossed for us in the sec!!! did you rest well last night? i know you had to be exhausted. and, i know you are enjoying this cold.:melody:

    hi, penny. hope you can get some good sleep today. rest up and come on back if you can.

    hope you all have a very special sunday.

    will bbl - need some java joe right now.....
  13. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Work day...erm, evening for me today.

    Bethin--hope you feel better soon.

    Dutch--looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    Hi Dianah--glad you enjoyed the concert. sounds wonderful.

    Fun & RNinME--don't envy you studying. i should be studying my EKG workbook though.

    Hiya to Hassled. Don't believe we've 'met'. Can't help you with the chat room though---I rarely, if ever use it.

    Hope you have a good day Tweety.

    TN--we'll try to control ourselves. :spin:

    Same kind of weather RNINME is having....foggy, rainy and will be like that for several days at least. Oh well.

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  14. by   suzy253
    Hiya Siri---posting at the same time. well, we'll be having our coffee together anyway. Well timed!!! :spin: