Good Morning Sunday October 29!

  1. Good morning to you, step into the Break Room, put your feet up, grab your favorite beverage and commence to visit. All Premium Members welcome, tell us about your day, your hopes, your disappointments, your past --- whatever. What happens in the Break Room, stays in the Break Room.

    Me, I'm getting ready for bed. I watched Pride and Prejudice (the new version, with Keira Knightley) . . AGAIN. I do love that book, and the movies made of it (in varying degrees).

    Plans for Sunday are the usual domestic chores, nothing special. Hope you all have a good day, and that something nice and special happens, or you receive some good news.
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  3. by   rninme
    Morning all!

    Yes, I am early this am!! Storm is finally over. Power came back on about 30 minutes ago....went out at 3pm yesterday.

    Drinking my first cup of hot coffee....yummy!!

    Have a splendiferous day all!!
  4. by   Justhere
    Good morning it is now the new 0200, I know I saw 0200 an hour ago, but now it is 0200 again. Wish it was 0723 so I could clock out, jump in my minivan and head home to bed. Son had sleep over Friday night, because birthday was Saturday. They stayed up until 0240 and then were up again at 0640 told them to go back to bed. Did not sleep well then had to drive nephew home an hour away got back home at 1700 and took 1 hour nap before going into work. Only have 2 babies (4 total in nursery) mommies wanting to keep them, so I am browsing all the forums. My hopes is to get a good days rest while my hubby paints the outside of the house. Also hope that my poor daughter is feeling better she has had a cold all week. She sounds like she is getting hourse now after coughing all week. Wish the meds would kick in on her. So everyone have a good day while I :zzzzz hopefully once I get home about 0745 not before.
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Gooooooooood Morning folks!

    How is everyone? Here's your song for the day! I personally love this song and think that it is waaaaaaaaaay better than the "single" they released from the same album!

    I've been posting so sporadically of late - I don't really know whats going on! :imbar I sign on and check out my forums and the Staff forums and see if anything warrants attention on my behalf as "Staff" but that's about it.

    I know some of you have been asking me how I am and how my new job has been going. I think I really ought to answer y'all!

    I'm doing ok given the circumstances. I'm orienting on the floor now and will be doing so for the next five weeks atleast. And I've already had episodes to remember by - from disrespectful internists to supportive docs. I have a wonderful preceptor and awesome co-workers. We are fairly busy - but I have yet to have any peer not welcome me. I realise that as an "orientee" I am more of a burden than a help but they never let me feel that way ... especially my preceptor (she is just awesome).

    I'm still trying to learn the ropes at the new job - paperwork is a part of it. But most importantly is dealing with the individual quirkiness of the docs who round the floor!

    Still, I find my workplace environment to be largely bereft of negetivity. Yes, sometimes I may be 'unsupervised' and expected to be able to hold my own - but I can understand that. If nothing else - I don't see anyone whining, moaning, complaining at the drop of a hat etc. We are largely supportive of each other.

    About the one "unique" thing is that I am probably the ONLY "male" RN for about three floors (my own and the two below me) now

    The only thing that 'intimidates' me is the 'experience' I am up against. Frankly, I am in AWE of my co-workers... the "average" is about 20 years of experience! My preceptor has been doing this job on this floor for the past 30 years.... 23 of whom she has also been a "preceptor"!

    So in short ~ it's a wonderful job. My Director and I get along fabulously (and he is a wonderful gentleman), my charge nurses are terse but accomodating, my preceptors are awesome, and the aincillary staff are great.
    Quote from dianah
    I do love that book, and the movies made of it (in varying degrees).
    Have you seen "Bride and Prejudice" ?
  6. by   Tweety
    Good Morning! It's a work day for me. I forgot to set my clock back and I'm up early. Oh well, at least I didn't show up for work.

    Roy, glad to hear that with all that experience that nurses don't eat their young where you are.
  7. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning
    If you are working today I hope you have a good day.
    Night shifters I hope you have a restful sleep.
    I don't have much planned, just feeding the dogs,they didn't set thier clocks back So they want fed and very persistent.
  8. by   sirI
    good morning my allnurses fam!!!!!!

    how are my sweet peeps and peepettes doing this fine morning?? starting to get daylight here and that is very strange considering yesterday at this time, it would be an hour before the sun peeked out. wonder what's up with that??

    have a won-derful day sweetie pies.

    i'll leave you now (gotta have a refill of java josephy, ya know ) with the thought for the day....

  9. by   jnette
    Good Morning dear friends

    Siri.. I so love that verse above in your picture... just LOVE it !!! Thank you for that.

    Roy.. sounds like you're satisfied. Doing well and being TREATED well.. a definite plus.
    Enjoying yourself and learning, to boot.. always a nice combination. You neglescted to say what floor you are assigned to.. are you doing medsurge, or where? Haven't gone to your song yet, but will do so shortly.

    Hi there Tweety, Dianah, rninme, jmg, and Penny !

    Slept in real good. Still quite windy out there, but sunny and clear. Must have had winds up to 55 mph last noc.. felt good to hear it while snuggled in bed.

    Guess I better pitter-patter out to the kitchen and fetch my first cuppa. It's ready, and so am I !
  10. by   sirI
    hey there, jnette. on my second cuppa now. cold outside. love it, too. no rain. no clouds. sun's up. i always feel strange the first moring when the sun comes up so very early 'round here. makes me think i'm late for something. lol

    so, what's up your sleeve today??
  11. by   adrienurse
    BF and I actually have the weekend off together -- which is truly a rare thing.

    Speaking of rare things, went out last night for his sister's bd with a bunch of her silly drunken friends. :icon_roll Almost got us kicked out of the restaurant except they probably enjoyed the $$ that was being spent on booze. So we were driving home (I'm the permanent non-drinker) and the air was just that perfect kind of cold and crispy. So we saw northern lights across the sky, aurora borialis. Cool. It's probably been years since I saw a good show like that.
  12. by   jenn_rn_nj
    Good morning, everyone.

    'Nother day off work here and I'm heading down to visit my parents. We are taking a Halloween train ride of some type with my sister and niece so that should be fun (my dad is a train buff).

    Other than that I'm just studying and reading. Clinicals start this week and I'm nervous/excited for that. It will mean long days on Fridays from now on (clinical 7-3; work 3-11 UGH) but at least it's progress.

    Roy, I'm glad your job and orientation are going well.

    Have fun and work, play or whatever.

  13. by   sirI
    that train ride sounds interesting, rn2be. what all do ya'll see/do?
  14. by   ParrotHeadRN
    Good morning all!

    I'm working on my first cuppa java, sitting here with my best kitty all warm and purry in my lap and overseeing "the boys" (our two great dane puppies) playtime. I have to say they love to eat paper of any kind. I just caught one pulling a tissue from the tissue box! Everyone else in my house is asleep, both animal and human.

    Roy, I totally understand what you are saying about working with experienced nurses. I'm in a new position right now and while I am too old for the nurses to have been nursing before I was born, most of the staff has been nursing well over 20 years. I too am in awe of their knowledge.

    Sundays on my weekend off are always difficult in the end because I have to take my son back to his father, and he doesn't want to go. That's a very long story and I won't bore you but I trust you all can understand the agony that is. However, there is a custody hearing on Friday and I'm hoping (but not HOPEFUL) that things will go well.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy whatever is you decide to do today!