Good Morning..Sunday Nov.13th

  1. Good Morning to all!

    Ok will try to start the day in a single entry instead of

    Been busy with the new computer. It is awesome...XPS 400 by Dell. Unbelievable how technology has come along.

    We entertained our techie neighbor and his wife. Now I'm a rolling. What a scarey thought! We had a very nice dinner: Ribs (again), sweet potatoes, scalloped corn, rolls and for friends brought a finnish almond coffee cake...yum!

    Just working on uploading all of my CDs...what an awesome stereo on this thing. Sampson inherited the dinosaur computer. Now we have 3 computers...and quite the electric

    Have a great Sunday. It started snowing about half an hour ago. Expecting 4-6 inches. Now I have to figure out that photo thing.

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  3. by   sjb2005
    Is everyone but me sleeping????
  4. by   Ted
    I'm awake, Shelly! LOL! :chuckle

    Just moved this thread from the "Premium Members" forum to the "Break Room" forum. Most people tend to post here for some reason.

    Happy Sunday, November 13th, folks!!!

  5. by   sjb2005
    Thanks for moving the thread to the right place. I'm still learning the ropes or stringing myself up by one...LOL...just a joke. Have a good night at work, it's almost over!!!! Yeah!
  6. by   GPatty
    Hi! I'm here!
    Almost ready to go to work again! But the good thing is, I get off at 12noon today so I can spend the rest of the day studying..really need to. Have an exam tomorrow that I need to study for, so I have to get that done.

    My parrot has a grooming appt today too. So it'll be nice to be able to have time with him and not have to rush during my lunch hour....

    Hey! Congrats on your new computer! How awesome! My hubby bought mine for me last year for Christmas, and I still love it! I do need to take the tower apart and blow the dust out though before it gets too bad.

    I may do that over Thanksgiving break....I did want to go see my Mom, and I may still. I love her so!

    Well everyone...I still need to down a cuppa coffee and do my hair and face before I head out. I'll try to pop back on in a little bit to say hello and see how everyone is doing!
  7. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    Off to work today, and then have to take a test tonight in Western Civ. that I'm not really ready for but hope to pass. It's due at midnight, so I'll study a bit when I get home from work.

    Hope everyone has a nice day.
  8. by   weetziebat
    To you folks it may be morning, but its still night to me.

    Hey, Shelly, congrats on the new computer. Have fun.

    Hiya, Ted - happy Sunday to ya too!

    Julie, sorry to sound so dumb, but I never knew parrots got groomed. Just what gets done? I'm sitting here laughing, with this picture in my mind of a parrot being soaped up and scrubbed. Doesn't take much to amuse me, I guess.
    Have a good 1/2 day at work.

    Tweety, hope you have a good day at work also. Then study, study, study!

    I got lots of errands done yesterday so not much on the agenda for today 'cept would like to find some upholstery cleanser to clean my couch and loveseat. The dang 'puppy' - all 100 lbs. of him - just won't quit jumping up on them, wiping his drool all over and in general making a mess out of the furniture. Anyone have any idea where to get that stuff? The cleanser, not the drool!

    Hope we all have a great Sunday. BTW, I'm hungry. Anyone got something to send this way. Our fridge is empty.
  9. by   jnette
    Morning ! :Melody:

    I see there are a few sleeping in this morning... why not. Enjoy.
    Thanx for starting the thread with your new puter, Shelly !
    Enjoy it ! I love playing with new toys, don't you? So how does one "take the tower apart" to blow out the dust? I have vacumed the back panels at the air vents, but is there a better way to do this? Mine probably needs it really BAD then!

    Enjoy the snow.. or at least watching it from you window. No fair.

    Weetz.. don't know what to tell you about the furniture.. I'm sure there's something on the market, though. If nothing else a little woolite on a clean, damp washcloth might work.

    Tweety, hope you do well on your exam tonight... I'm sure you will, though.

    Have a good day, Julie ! Hope you get everything accomplished.

    Guess it's time to brush my teeth and jump in the shower.

    Need to run to town later and pick up a few greeting cards, hten maybe do some light cleaning around here. Better get started.

    Catch you all later !
  10. by   live4today
    Happy Day everyone! I've got perhaps a nanno second to post before the grandkids and dd "SMELL" me awake and on the computer. Geesh! Can't a granny have a moment to herself to be with her allnurses buds!

    Shelly.....enjoy the snowfall! I love a fresh snowfall. Have fun with your new "toy" (the computer). Don't go all wacky on us now.

    Hi Ted....long time no hear! Enjoy life today! :wink2:

    Hey there Tweety and Julie....may your day at work go smoothly, and your studying be smooth sailing. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the view today.:wink2:

    weetziebat....can't recall any particular furniture cleaner to use. I'm sure some other experts on that will come along and share their tips with you. Meanwhile, put a drool cup on that hundred pound pup! As for you being's this for a breakfast feast:

's that for starters? Enjoy everyone! Happy day to all that post while I'm posting and after I post. Be blessed, stay encouraged, and enjoy the view in your own back/front/side/ yard today with family and friends. Laughter is the BEST medicine, so do a lot of it and stay healthy!
  11. by   live4today
    Quote from jnette
    Morning !...........................Need to run to town later and pick up a few greeting cards, hten maybe do some light cleaning around here. Better get started.

    Catch you all later !
    Hi nettie....... You posted while I was busy fixing ya'll that big breakfast! Didn't mean to miss ya luvvy! :kiss Speaking of buying cards...I need to get a BELATED B-DAY card and book on sharks for my nine year old grandson in TX who is into sharks for some reason. :uhoh21: He just turned nine last weekend, and of all gifts a child would ask for, he wants a book on SHARKS!!! I talked to him on his birthday, sang the birthday song to him which he got a big kick out of, so I didn't totally miss his big day. Money's nil for me these days, so he had to wait awhile longer for his prez. Oh well..."patience is a virtue" that's a great lesson for kids to learn...adults too. :wink2:

    Well, my moment of fame on the puter is probably over..........the grands are rising from their slumber. Soon the house will sound like a zoo on a chaotic day. Be here when I can. Oldest grandson has a football game this a.m. That coach of his must not believe in a "Sabbath rest" because he loves to schedule these kids games on a SUNDAY MORNING! I'm not going though. I'm staying home ---- ALONE I hope. This "LOG" needs some seriuos downtime today. HA! Bet that won't happen!
  12. by   sirI
    good morning everbody!!

    how are ya today? rainy and nasty looking here. no snow, nope. just muggy as usual. no plans. we have a contemporary service today, but, not gonna go to that. i like the traditional one and will attend that one. dh wants to see the first. i'm sure he won't like it. he's waaaaay to old world.

    hello, shellyjellybelly.:melody: so, trying to confuse us this morning with the gm thread, huh? won't take much. enjoy the new puter. so, tell me about that new dell. mine is the insp 6000.

    hi, tweety. so, last day working. hope all goes well.

    hello, jnette.:wink2: lift that barge and tote that bale this morn? not for me today...

    mornin', ted. fancy seeing you here. thanks for moving the thread. so, did ya grab some grub?

    howdy, cheer. thanks ever so much for that wonderful breakfast. yummy! hope you all have a nice day.

    good morning, julielpn. parrot gooming? i'm like weetzie......what's to groom? how far does your mom live from you?

    mornin', weetziebat. i go to our local electrolux place and get their cleaning stuff. works nicely. dog slobber, the pits, huh? have a good day.

    later possums!
  13. by   weetziebat
    Eek! Julie takes the tower apart and blows the dust out.
    Jnette vacuums the dust out from the back.
    And Weetzie just ignores it totally. OMG! the dust bunnies must love me.

    Cheerfuldoer, I am now sooooo stuffed after that breakfast don't think I'm gonna want to eat for the rest of the day. Thank you so much!
    And hope ya manage to get at least some quiet 'me' time today. I'm worn out just reading all you do with the kiddies.

    Siri, Electrolux, huh? O.K. gonna go check out the phone book. Thanks, sweetie.

    Be back later -
  14. by   suebird3
    the bird is back, and still running on whatever reserves i have. sing a few verses of elton john's "i'm still standing", and i will be happy. :melody:

    at tonite, monday and tuesday. i am so happppeeee! :chuckle

    yes wetzie....birds do get groomed. we have friends who do that. 4 of our fiends get it done; amy and gloria haven't met sunny yet....the family moved to indiana 1 1/2 years ago, and we need to catch up on things soon.

    anyhow....accucheck is running 99....after 4 cans of pop....sugar, caffeine....wait till i crash! yike!

    to don....i wanna know how tall that chunk of furniture is compared to you!

    till later....

    one psyched sb