Good morning saturday 06-20-09!!!

  1. good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    got to get ready to finish making food for a volunteer thing today.

    i hope that you have a most perfect

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi sirI!

    Spent most of yesterday in bed...when I began vomiting I realized that I wasn't suffering from a lack of sleep. So I just took it easy, and kept myself NPO except for a little water. Felt better last night and this morning, we'll see how it goes.

    If I stay well I'll go to my double shift this PM. Tomorrow going to see my dad. Not much else planned.
  4. by   sirI
    Hi, Joe.

    That's bad. Sorry that you got ill. I feel for ya. Hope as the day goes by, you feel much better.
  5. by   jnette
    Good Morning !

    Siri, I hope your efforts pay off better than better !!! Enjoy your day.

    Joe.. sorry to hear you're feeling puny. Hope it passes soon.

    It' suppose to be HOT and sunny tiday, but so far, it's breezy and overcast. Sure hope that sun comes out and warms things up around here. I'm ready for a hammock day !

    Been a rough past couple days here.. Mutti is deteriorating quickly. PT has reluctanlty given up on any hope of her walking or even transferring again. She is entirely too weak and too frightened. May have to get a hoyer lift in here soon, as I simply cannot lift her dead weight. The pivot board is of no use either, if she can't even out any weight on her legs to stand.

    She is not eating much anymore, either, and that is one thing she has ALWAYS enjoyed. I'm having to feed her often, she seems too weak to even lift her spoon anymore. And after she's eaten, she just goes right off to sleep again.. it wears her out just to eat.

    It's been emotionally horrible for me this week, watching her go downhill like this. She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Her little shoulder bones are sticking out now, too... it's awful. She has no ability to move her left foot anymore.. has sensation, but cannot move it. And her left leg causes her great pain anymore.. you can barely touch it and she cries out in pain. Need to get another UA, there's gritty grey material in her tubing, looks like fine grey/black sand.

    From here on out I'm not going to ask her to do anything she can't do.. will feed her if neccessary, and let her eat anything she wants except for sodium.. hard enough to keep her pressures down as it is. So it will be comfort measures only... pamper her and love on her, and keep her as happy and comfortable as possible. I don't know what else to do. So sad, so so sad. I have actually considered hospice , but I just don't know..... she could linger another 6 mos or a year or two.. then again, she could be gone in a week. I just don't know anymore what to think or do for her............

    Well, I'll check back in again later. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  6. by   Sabby_NC
    [color=sandybrown]good morning friends
    [color=#f4a460]netters you broke my heart with your post.
    [color=#f4a460]you are doing a fabulous job looking after your mum in the only way you know.
    [color=#f4a460]her body and disease process is telling her something now with the lack of nutritional intake. you are so right in allowing her to eat what she wants, when she wants it.
    [color=#f4a460]as you are aware of the changes mean a decline in her disease process which is so hard to watch.
    [color=#f4a460]babe if i can do anything for you phone me, i am around most of the time.
    [color=#f4a460]unfortuntely with any life limiting condition they do not stay the same for long.
    [color=#f4a460]i send my love and many many hugs to you my friend.
    [color=#f4a460]mutti is in the best place in the whole wide world and where she is safe.
    [color=#f4a460]what is minnie doing about this, have you noticed her behavior change with mutti's decline? animals tell us more if we watch them closely.
    [color=#f4a460]i pray everyone has a sunny day.
  7. by   sirI
    Hi, Sabby. Hope you have a good day.

    I agree with Sabby, netters. It breaks my heart, too. I don't have the words to comfort you. I do know that you are a very dutiful and loving daughter. I only pray for strength for you and comfort for you mom. God Bless you, hon.
  8. by   sirI
    Well, I showed up with all the food (got up at 4:30 a.m. to finish it all). Decided to stop by a store and pick up 6 cases of drinks, too (cold).

    Got to the place only to be met with locked doors. They saw me, opened the doors, and told me that the thing had been canceled. So, I unloaded the stuff. Told them to use the food however they saw fit and left.

    I'm not feeling all too spiffy past couple days and this just hit me the wrong way. I drove off in tears. Don't know why. Just did.

    So, gonna shake it off and spend a weekend with my dh. First day he's had off in 12 straight days.

    He's gonna cook me potato pancakes later.

    We will watch some baseball.

    Enjoy our time.

    I do love that old man. LOL!!!

    Later, ya'll!!
  9. by   nrsang97
    Morning everyone.

    Jnette, Sorry to hear about how Mutti is declining. You have taken such great care of her for so long. She is blessed to have you as her daughter.

    Joe, hope you feel better.

    Well BIL was allowed to sign himself out of the hospital. He is home and taking his meds so far. Dx'd as schizophrenic. He is on zyprexa and zoloft. He is not working and his insurance that he pays out of pocket for only covers so much and zyprexa is expensive (I really had no idea how much it costs) he has to pay $300/month after his insurance. I am wondering after all this if he would qualify for medicaid and SSDI. I hope my mil can find some feeling of acceptance and maybe a support group for famlies would help her some and help her get ideas on how to get him some help. She is not really dealing with this well at all, as far as fil I am not sure how he is handling things. Dh dosen't say too much except that he wants his brother to get the help he needs, but at this time dosen't want to cause too many waves in the family due to his Aunt being sick as well with cancer.

    I have been trying to take it easy but so much needs to be done. I still need to work on the baby's room some more, so I'll probably do a little of that today. I went shopping with my mom yesterday and got some giveaways for the shower. Bath and Body works was having a awesome sale. I also got a few new tops from Khol's too. I told dh for father's day I would get him and his dad tickets to a baseball game since dh has wanted to go all season and wanted to go last month and didn't get to go. When he gets next month's schedule we will get tickets. I have no clue what to get my dad at all he is so hard to buy for.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
  10. by   jnette
    awww... Siri ! (((hugs))) What a shame.. had they no way of notifying you? After all that work and time and effort.. and $$, to boot. That's really too bad... I'm sure it made all you did feel so diminished and unappreciated.
    Yes.. go spend the day with your dh and enjoy each other and the weekend. :kiss

    I thank you and dear Sabby for your words of comfort. I'm sitting guard at her bedside... afraid to leave her. I want her to know I'm right there with her. She takes these long, deep sighs every so often. Her pulse seems weaker than normal, but her 02 sats are good, and her HR is good as well. She has her head way back with that mouth dropped open the way you see it all the time when one has passed. I took her lower partial out as it was slipping back in her mouth and I was afraid she might swallow it. :uhoh21:

    I fed her her faovorite oatmeal and she ate a half a banana, but would'nt have eaten hardly anything had I not fed it to her.. she's just too weak to even concentrate on eating. As soon as she had all she wanted, she was out like a light again.

    I've never watched anyone die.................. I've been there shortly thereafter, but not during. So I don't know what to expect, what is part of the process.. is she just weak and sleepy or is she actively dying... I jsut don't know. She makes long soft groans every so often. She opens her eyes and weakly smiles when I ask her if she needs anything, or if she's comfortable.. she offers no complaints.

    I feel it in my gut, though, that this is more than just sleepy.. I've felt it since yesterday. And the tears haven't stopped.

    I know it's to be expected.. I never expected her or any of us to last forever... I guess I just never thought I'd sit by her bed and watch her pass, either. I thought she'd go of a major stroke and it would be done. I didn't expect to watch her weaken and deteriorate and get bony and lack the strength to pick up her spoon...... or to quit eating.... her favorite passtime.

    And again, I'm grateful I AM by her side.. here with her....... so bittersweet.

    Thank you for listening... for allowing me to pour my sorrow out.. for being there for and with me during this most difficult and heartwrenching time.......
  11. by   sirI
    Hi, nrsang97

    I hope your BIL can be safely managed and his finanacial burden can be lessened.

    Yeah, netters. They could have contacted me. You are right - made me feel a little unimportant. And, I don't need to feel that way. In fact, I feel guilty now feeling that way. This wasn't about me. My personal reaction just got in the way.

    jnette, has your mom possibly had another event occur? Something that has happened to cause such a drastic change in her condition?

    I'm so sorry, hon.
  12. by   Kolohe99
    (((((Jnette)))) I know you don't know me, but I felt you needed a hug and your friends aren't around. I hope it helps. I wish you well.
  13. by   sirI
    Hello, Kolohe99!!
  14. by   jnette
    Quote from Kolohe99
    (((((Jnette)))) I know you don't know me, but I felt you needed a hug and your friends aren't around. I hope it helps. I wish you well.
    Thank you, Kolohe, thank you, I do appreciate it.

    Nrsang, thank you, too.

    Siri... nothing that I can pinpoint... she may be having more ministrokes that aren't visible to the naked eye.. then again, she has been bedridden for over a month now and I think it has sapped all her strength.. ALL of it. But the past few days have been particularly disconcerting...the constant sleeping, along with her lack of appetite. *sigh*