GOOD MORNING Saturday, May 16, 2009!!!!

  1. good morning, sunshines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rise and shine.............the days a'breakin'!!

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi sirI!

    I'm off to class, or will be in a little while. Then I go straight to clinicals from there. Then pretty much straight to bed...I have AM clinicals the next two days.
  4. by   sirI
    I hope you have a good day, Joe. Be careful and do good!!!
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning sirI and Joe! And all the rest of you slackers who finally find your back way to us!

    Sunshine and warm temps here in California - down the mountain it should get over 100.

    I'm helping at our annual health fair this morning so have to get up and out of here. Then Danny has a game at 10:00.

    My hospice and/or home health friends - there is a thread on the Hospice forum from me about a situation with the social worker on our team. Any advice would be helpful - I may start a poll thread regarding the 2nd issue. The 1st (and in my mind silly) issue is what is frosting her hide.

    I'm also on call for hospice all weekend - we have one complicated new patient and so I'll probably get called out. That is fine with me though because I can use the time and a half!

    I hope to hear from you jnette - you and mutti and your dh are all on my mind. And in my prayers.

    Ok - gotta go . . . .everyone have a lovely Saturday . . . and someday I will get around to downloading photos of pups and kids . . (oh, my husband told me last night that when he got up for work yesterday, Danny had already gotten into bed with us and I was asleep on the very edge of the bed with Danny snuggled up next to me and his arm around my back . . he wanted to take a photo but couldn't find the camera. Duh - it is right here by the compter. :icon_roll This morning I got up first and there was the cat - the cat my dh hates - asleep between my dh and Danny and they were all cuddled up . . .I did go get the camera!!! Danny usually ends up in bed with us every morning. That is fine with me - he is growing up too fast anyway).


  6. by   dianah
    Good morning all!

    Looks to be a beautiful day out today, and it was nice and cool last night.
    I do NOT look forward to summers when it's still 94 degrees at 9pm at night!!!
    (but it's a DRY heat!!! )

    Doing music at our church this morning, then
    going to El Torito for lunch (they're fast and I can get a South Beach-friendly omelette ), then
    we have a shoot starting at 1:30 then
    I have some packing to do before leaving tomorrow morning for New Orleans and NTI!!

    Y'all have a good day!
  7. by   zuzi
    i need to rewrite my message i am sick to write a new one...was bad day, with bad people...need my goodies back...just sick even to talk... and YES my private life is private......and own just to me....
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  8. by   Grace Oz
    Saturday is well and truly behind me now, but ..... G'day anyway!