Good Morning Saturday Dec. 22, 2007

  1. Well hello - too late to post on the Friday thread so here I am.

    My dear "somebody" did not arrive as scheduled - called ds's dad's house and was told that ds was sound asleep. Dad was too - trashed - lazy - stupid ("can you please go up and give him the phone?" [longggg pause] ... [I mean REALLY long ...] "Uh, what?" [repeats]. "Uh, he's asleep" [No kidding ... ] ... Took dad about 5 minutes to figure out why I was calling. DUH.

    I kept telling ds, before we made plans, he did NOT have to run right up and see me if he had stuff to do or even if he wanted to go to NY to pick up his GF first. But no, he insisted, he would be up, and yes, it would be good to see Grampy since Grampy will be in FL for the rest of ds's vacation - and it will be ds's only chance - since May - to see his grandfather - who is having major surgery to remove his cancerous bladder mid-January. Can you tell I am PEEVED to say the least???

    But - bottom line, and I'm sure you know this, it hurts. Just plain hurts. I understand he hasn't slept in a real bed in ages but - I was going to give him mine - and I wouldn't have minded him sleeping 18 hrs in MY bed!!

    I did spend the eve w/ my dad, God bless him, he fed me - he was packing his golf clubs, swimsuit, shorts - LOL - the guy will not quit He is coming back just 5 d before his surgery. That's my dad

    Forgive me for whining ... I just can't help it = well, I can, but I just feel so disrespected - Daddy taught him well (yes, meow.)
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    (((((((ZOE))))))) I can tangibly feel your hurt and pain. I'm so saddened that this has happened. I wish we lived close by, I'd be there in a heartbeat to support and comfort you and spend time over a cuppa. I KNOW this hurts. I wish I could say something to make you feel better, please know I'm thinking of you. I hope he does make it for that visit.
  4. by   Grace Oz
    greetings everyone.

    we've received more rain today! we badly need it.

    enjoyed my evening with the girls last night. and, despite what that evil sabby suggests.... we did not watch a steamy movie!!! in fact, this old duck here nodded off!!! lol

    we're headed out soon to dinner for my 57th. :d we have a table booked at a lovely thai restaurant overlooking the beach. i'm looking forward to it. i think growing older deserves celebrating. i wouldn't be a teenager again for quids! (money!) lol

    need to go and read the threads a little before getting tissied up to go out!

    enjoy your saturday, stay safe and well!

  5. by   dianah
    Oooooooooooo, I'm sure you clean up real good, Grace!!
    (that means, I'm sure you look VERY NICE after getting all "tissied up!" lol!)

    Zoe! Bless you, YES IT HURTS!!
    I'm soooooooooooooooooo, so sorry he didn't make seeing you a priority.
    I hurt for you.
    (((((((((((((((((((( Zoe ))))))))))))))))))))

    Got to get to bed, see you all in my morning.
  6. by   Alois Wolf

    Good morning everyone. Not much happening in my neck of the woods.
    At work... on the desk. Finaly got internet on my phone so I'm talking to some people online.
    Things have been pretty boring lately. Nothing new, nothing old lol.
    I was supposed to go tot he movies today with friends, but she got sick so that was cancelled. Hung out with a friend earlier yesterday that was fun, but since I had just got off work I went home shortly after and went to sleep. Didn't wake up till 10 lol. I feel so lazy lately. I've been raking in 10hrs plus a night in sleep. I sleep TOO much, this I know... but when you live in a small town with nothing to do and all your friends are not around for various reasons it gets easy to make excuses to stay in bed. :P
    My mom said I should have been born a sloth. I'm having to agree with her lately lol.:trout:
  7. by   DutchgirlRN
  8. by   nursemary9

    Well, I'm at work; requested low-census, but didn't get it--even tho our census is low. What they did was take one of our nurses & floated her to another unit.:angryfire Oh well. I'm off the weekend.

    Thank you for starting the thread.
    I'm so sorry that you have been so hurt.
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((ZOE)))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))):icon_hug:
    I could feel the hurt you're in. Wish we could do more then long-distance support!!

    Have fun!! I LOVE Thai food!!

    Hope you're getting some nice sleep!!

    What a BEAUTIDUL kitty!!!
    He looks just like the first cat I ever had--Cosmo!!

    Well, as I said, I'm off the weekend.
    Sat. nite we've got the monthly poker party--which will also have a grab-bag.

    Sunday, we're having my mom over for our Xmas dinner;
    I'm working Mon & Tues, so she'll be going with my Bro to my Sis-in-law's family.

    Well, need to get back to work---got an admit.

    See you all later
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning (middle of the night) Zoe:icon_hug:, Mary Ann, Alois, Dutch and Grace.

    Just got home from the big city - picked up ds at 9:40. Went to Best Buy and bought a laptop for dh. Then hit Winco for groceries at 11:15 p.m. On the way out of town we got "In and Out" Burgers and Fries. I was starving - hadn't eaten since noon.

    I just took some decongestant and ibuprofen.

    Ds is on the couch, covered in a comforter, watching tv.

    I'm headed to bed myself. See you in the morning.

  10. by   nursemary9
    Hi Again,

    I missed DutchGirl----Hope you have a great day; Sorry to have missed you!! Didn't mean to!!
  11. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning zoe Grace Alois steph Mary di!

    sorry to hear that your son didn't show up, I hope you do get to see him later and the rest of his visit is more pleasant.

    Alois love the picture! Watch for excessive sleep, it can be a sign of other problems....

    Had insomnia last night, which is weird because normally I have no trouble getting to sleep. Maybe it was all the coffee I had, but it usually doesn't affect me that much....

    Anyway, I have to get ready to go to work today....


    Sorry, should have added:
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  12. by   sirI

    good morning sweet peeps and peepettes!!!

    that's right. won't be long!!!! he's coming to town. are you all ready? have you been naughty..... .. or......nice.... ????? have you sent him your letters of christmas want??

    i have soooooo much to do today. kiddos/grandkiddos will be here later today and yesterday was a complete bust for me to do anything. had a last minute client luncheon, but it went well. it did carve a huge part out of my day and i just couldn't bounce back quickly enough to salvage doing anything productive at the end of the day. so, playing catchup today.

    but, right now..........i'm enjoying me morning java joe and chillin' here.

    hope you all have a great weekend and are in the holiday spirit

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  13. by   agent66
    Morning everyone, early for me to be posting but shipped son out with his dad for early am game and going to head out to do last minute groceries before it gets too busy, who am i kidding it will probably be packed at 8am. Everything here seems to be open 24 hr this week, the walmart, and two other big dept stores too plus a few grocery stores. Sorry to hear about your son's lack of consideration Zoe, I have a brother who although married has done many similar things over the years, and it does hurt , alot actually. Happy Birthday Grace, fellow December baby, it is an elite group welcome to it!! Well off I go to brave the crowds and traffic, wish me luck. Hope you all have a super saturday.

  14. by   GPatty
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hullo... hullo....
    grammyj here....previously known as Julielpn. Wanted a change of pace and a chance to go incognito... LOL!
    Thanks Karen!

    Just got off work and paid the insurance. Hubby has been riding my arse already cause I ate the "wrong" things at work (ie: diabetes), and is peeved cause I didn't get the insurance paid in a split second, and that I am angry that my daughters father in law spends more money on her for her birthday than I have earned in a year....and yes, I'm jealous! And hubby just don't know when to quit... so now he's off sulking and licking his wounds. A tired cranky old lady got him and got him good!

    CNA at work wasn't doing her job tonight, and I had to constantly be on her. Hopefully tonight will be a differnet story.

    Zoey~ I'm so sorry 'bout your son and the visit. Hopefully things will straighten out and SOON! God bless you, my dear!

    Morning sirI!

    Hiya Joe, mary and Steph!

    Good morning to Dutchgirl, Alois and dinah and Grace!

    I'm headed to bed.... see ya'll later....