Good Morning, Saturday Nov 17, 2007

  1. Well, slow night here on allnurses -y'all must be at the movies and eating popcorn. :spin:

    I was asleep until my daughter came home from her first night shift at the restaurant and woke me up crying. They were packed, she was very busy. Got yelled at by the "chef". 6 tables did not leave tips. And she said she "busted her butt" trying to keep them happy. This restaurant is in an historic hotel here and is notoriously slow but not due to the waitresses.

    Now I can't sleep - I want to :trout: the "chef" and the people who didn't leave tips.

    I ate a banana, drank some milk, read a book . .. still no sleep. So, here I am.

    I hope everyone has a great Saturday

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  3. by   Grace Oz
    G'day Steph! That's a shame about your DD. Lousy chef and lousy diners! :trout: Poor kid. Hope the next shift is better for her. We feel it strongly when our kids are hurting.

    It's now saturday night here in Oz. We went to the beach this morning with our DD. Took the two "boys" AKA: dogs! THey had a ball! I took lots of pics and will post some once the film is developed. I still have a film camera. I get them to put the pics on CD as well. Works for me!
    The beach was just wonderful today. Weather perfect and the sand soft and fine and almost white. We bought "SubWay" for lunch, and took it back to DD's house and enjoyed time with her before heading home with two very exhausted pooches! lol

    I've spent the rest of the day pottering in the house and trying to read emails which arrived while I was away last week. Need to write replies. Then cooked tea; Italian chicken with pasta. Easy!
    Going to watch some tV tonight with DH.
    That's my saturday! lol
    Hope everyone enjoys their saturday and please stay safe, healthy and happy!
    Catch you when I can!
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    I'll bet if I was on the beach in the nice sunshine with my sunglasses, I'd fall right to sleep.

    Maybe I should go imagine I'm on the beach . . . .

  5. by   Alois Wolf
    [MOUSE]Good Morning!!![/MOUSE]

    :angryfireDar: ":chuckle Got me there!!!

    Alois, hope work is better than it has been.... "

    I hate you right now... :trout:

    K, don't hate you any more :icon_hug:, but still this night has been 10x worse than the previous complaints. I'm not even go into detail because it's just that disturbing.

    I hope everyone else is having a beautiful morning and beautiful dreams for those of you who are dreaming your lives away.

    I'll be okay, especially since I'm off tonight and going to my monthly poker tournament. (I want none of you to wish me luck... hear me?!)

  6. by   Alois Wolf
    Steph: I think waiters/waitresses are probably some of the most underapprciate workers in the world. If I was there I would have given her at least a 25% tip, I'm sure she is a great server.

    Oz: I didn't get to go down to the shore (Seaside Heights) at all this year! I'm so mad at myself. I make myself go on this pilgremige at least once a year... but no! So busy... so busy.
    Glad you had a good time though. Looking forward to piccys.
  7. by   Diary/Dairy
    Morning all -

    Better night tonight (meaning that tonight, no one arrested on me, unlike last night...)

    Looking forward to having 2 nights off....
  8. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning ALL
    That is one job I said I would never do is a waitress, very hard and underappreciated. My mom was a waitress when we were growing up.
    well need coffee
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Happy Saturday!

    Need . . . . .. .caffeine . . . . . . .. . I'm off to work at this ungodly hour. Blech! Oh,well. I'll survive. We wound up at dh's parents later than I wanted to be so we wouldn't get stuck on a bridge during fireworks. The city had light-up night last night. Heading to dh's brother's after work. Dear niece is turning two and having a party. We got her a baby doll and doll bed from Ikea. Dh and ds will go over early and I'll meet them there.

    Steph-Your dtr will be okay. I hope she gave the "chef" some grief back. Sometimes bullies will become your best friend when you stand up to them. As for the non-tipping customers. . . . . . it all balances out.

    Grace-Hope you're in dreamland now. Enjoy your Sunday.

    Alois-Enjoy your night off.

    diary-You too! Think of me while you're asleep.

    jmg-I have to concur with the caffeine. I have tea, but no coffee.

    Have a good one everybody!
  10. by   nyapa

    Good evening ppl. Today is my last day off. *sniff* At least I'm enjoying where I'm working, and I haven't been able to say that in a long time.

    steph your poor daughter. Does she feel up to returning or has he so traumatised her that she feels she can't?

    Grace glad the day was nicer than you thought it was going to be but Steph remember that if you fall asleep on the beach with your sunglasses on that you'll wake up with crispy skin and white circles around your eyes. The photo that is my avatar is at our local beach at sunset. We are so lucky, it is just down the road, and very quiet in comparison to other beaches in Australia.

    Alois what did I say? what did I say? I promise never to say those words again.

    diarygirl glad everyone decided to behave themselves on shift. Enjoy your days off.

    Well, I'll keep checking in...have a great morning. We are having a perfect evening here, it rained all afternoon, there is no humidity, and it is a clear Saturday night at 26.5C, with a beautiful breeze blowing through the window. Ask the cat, she's in front of the window next to the computer monitor. Smart girl...
  11. by   Diary/Dairy
    TY Dar!! What a beautiful picture....

    Stevie - bummer about your daughter.... Being a waitress must be pretty thankless.

    Nursey - I will be dreaming about wonderful things sooooo not work related!! Hope your day at work goes well.
  12. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning DG dar NB jmg Alois Grace steph!

    Steph, I know the restaurant is tough. I hope things get better for her.

    Alois, sorry to hear it was a bad night. And I won't wish you luck.

    I'm up early as usual, going to study and visit my dad later today (so I can complain about my parking problems ). Getting real tired of studying, considering that I started over a week ago. Is it enough? I don't know....but I'll do what I can and see what happens. That's my new motto, as opposed to my old one which was "Worry about every possible problem", which I realized was ridiculous considering how it wasn't the expected problems which struck but the unexpected ones.

    Hope everyone has a good morning.
  13. by   Alois Wolf
    Wow... I never realized it before but I think my brain has some kind of defense mechanism in times of great stress/annoyance. I'm so hyper right now and I'm delightfully in a better mood than I was 4 hours ago.
    Has that ever happened to any of you, where you just get so stressed out that you just step back from the situation and shrug it off like nothing ever happened in the first place? That's where I'm at right now and I'm thankful for it. I think the fact that I know I don't have to go back tonight helps out a little too! I'm probably reading way too much into the situation haha.

    Hope everyone has a goooood day. I'm probably going to go to sleep soon... hopefully... but first to the bank and then to the store to pick up a sixer for my dad.

  14. by   zuzi
    Good morning! 5 a.m here like always, loool. Impossible to sleep after this hour even is my day off! So girls, we will have a day ONLY at my schedule: breakfest out (DD love pancakes...sooo...out for pancakes), a ride on stores (may be I will find a good camera), a close to my heart friend meeting and chating...looooool, a lot to discuss (coffe , sun, chat and friends, children play around....I am in heaven....loool). After that will be the lunch...I don't know where yet, we will see, love movies in the evening and popcorn, and probably in the afternoon couple of domestic issue, laundry, car cleaning, house vacuming,bla, bla, bla....if I will have time may be I will start the article for AN and make some research for couple of my friends.
    So relax all and enjoy your weekend happy! Muaaaaaaaaaah!
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