Good Morning Saturday 24th February, 2007

  1. wakey wakey wakey everyone! it's saturday! oh yes it is! :smilecoffeecup:

    time to shake off those bedclothes rise and shine, and greet the weekend!

    wishing all a safe, healthy and happy day today.

    i hope i can catch up with you once you've actually reached your saturday! :d
    meanwhile, i'll sit here with :smiletea: and browse the threads.

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  3. by   Spidey's mom
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    gracie . . . . . i'm going to bed so it is time to shake on those bedclothes . . . . you have a nice day dear!

    wish for no laboring moms for me, ok?

  4. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Grace Oz;2082751[
    Wakey wakey wakey everyone! It's SATURDAY! Oh YES it is!

    LOL - you are so cheerful Amazing Grace Have a great day/nite!

    Quote from stevielynn
    Wish for no laboring moms for me, ok?


    I DEFINITELY pray that for you!

    You don't just do call do you? It seems to me you're on call ALL THE TIME!

    how's Spidey doing?
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    hello all i posted the new baby pics in the gallery. i cant seem to figure out how to get them on here.....hummmm ill work on that...

  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    hello all i posted the new baby pics in the gallery. i cant seem to figure out how to get them on here.....hummmm ill work on that...


    congratulations! is that her beautiful big sister?
  7. by   dianah
    G'day Grace!! Glad you had a good time with your dd and her bf (did they like the car?).

    Hi to Steph, Zoe, Tx (yes I checked out the pictures, she's gorgeous!!) and space!

    Time for me to get ready for bed (it's Fri nite here). Ds is feeling better, taking sips of water, rotating the frozen peas package from one cheek to the other. Wisdom teeth out in the morning, had some nausea this p.m., vomited once, is feeling better. Needs a good sleep, IMO. But then, I'm *just* the mom. Am holding the oral Abx till tomorrow, when he'll have a better chance of keeping it down. No use to rock the boat.

    Y'all have a good night/afternoon/day/morning!!!! --- D
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    yes that is my 5 year old annica.. one of the big sisters...

    Quote from spacenurse

    congratulations! is that her beautiful big sister?
  9. by   compassion1
    Aaaawww Tx. What a wonderful family you have and a beautiful new addition in your sweet lil girl. I'm jealous. Of course I'll swiftly recover from that as I laugh myself silly remembering my age and long term lack of action. If I can remember that far back.

    Grace, thanks for getting Saturday rolling for us. And it's Saturday for us too. Have a good God blessed day.

    Steph- OK. I wished it. No laboring moms allowed tonight. Sleep tight.

    Hi ya Zoe. Gonna get to sleep soon? I can't believe I'm still awake. Got a bunch of early morning errands to do...but I'm still awake!

    Good morning Space. You're up late, too, huh? Well, guess its not as late in your neck of the woods as it is here. Sleep well when you get there.

    Mornin' Di. Hope your Ds is feeling back to normal when he wakes up. No fun, going to the dentist, that's for sure. And no excuse to miss Sabbath School either. :wink2:

    Siri, I was wondering where you were all day Friday. The place is never quite the same without you. We all need our possum momma.

    Beth, you take good care of yourself! Can't have you so shooken' up when vacation is so close. Just glad you weren't hurt. Be easy on yourself this weekend 'cause you'll probably feel it in the morning. (((((((hugs)))))))

    Suzy, I hope you're feeling better by now and are sound asleep.

    Well, maybe I can finally get some shuteye. Hope you all have a wonderful night, evening or day as the case may be.
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  10. by   adrienurse
    [BANANA]Congrats Tx!!![/BANANA]
    on your new arrival.

    I found this beautiful picture online of my beloved neighborhood under snow (not quite that bad now) from our new years 2006 blizzard.

  11. by   sirI

    hope you all have a very special day.:melody:

    and then get ready to travel in this rain storm 2 hours to [font=impact]that city. pals all day.

    txspadequeen, i'll check out your sweet lil girl's piccy when i get home. again, congratulations!!:angel2:

    see all ya'll tonight.......maybe!!

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  12. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning, all! :kiss

    Congrats to Txspadequeen921 for the birth of a beautiful girl! :icon_hug:

    In thirty minutes I'll be at work to complete a 16-hour double shift. I am just stopping in to say hello before starting my day.

    Take care and have a happy Saturday!
  13. by   Tweety
    Everyone have a great weekend!
  14. by   jnette
    good morning! :smilecoffeecup:

    tx............................... congrats !!!
    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! :kiss

    everyone else.. (heh)... i'm off to do my wound care visit then heading up the road to spend the day with dd on her b'day. it's her 30th, so i'm thinking she needs a little emotional support. :d

    di.. hope ds feels better soon. pamper him and allow him to enjoy it for awhile. that's what moms do best.

    ok.. really must run. hope all of you have a marvelous day! today will be in the mid fifities with lots of warm sunshine.. going to be the best day of the week, so i want to take full advantage of it and enjoiy each and every minute!

    see you all later!