Good Morning Saturday 15th October

  1. Morning All,Well it has been several days since i posted in the morning thread I do hope you all noticed and missed me. I have worked so hard this week I did 4 X 13.5hr shifts and am physically exhausted. But feel great today because I am proud of myself for getting through the week lol. Today I am going to pack my suitcase ready for Monday when i fly to AZ. I know I am going to have busy week week but the following weekend is party time when my friend and I hit Las Vegas, my DH is a little peeved that I am going there without him but I cant see us getting there for a long time because we would have to take our 4 year old dd so it wouldnt be the same kind of fun.Anyway I can no longer post smilies so Have a great day
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  3. by   cariad
    hi kay. nice to hear that you are looking forward to your arizona trip, I am working tonight and then off for the next 2, so hopefully the sea will be calm enough for a trip to the beach. still a few tropical storms out in the waters, but after a couple of weeks with lots of thunderstorms and plenty of rain, we seem to be back to sunny blue skies and up in the high 80's again. a peaceful night so far, hopefully it will stay that way after a crazy shift last night, a gunshot wound arrived on the floor at the busiest time, and we never looked back after that. non-stop until I left the floor at nearly 10am. so looking forward to some time doing nothing.
    have a good time.
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Hi Kay

    To heck with hubby! ENJOY ARIZONA! AND THE REST OF THE US! It truly is a wonderful place

    cariad : GSW are never pretty Hopefully your "time doing nothing" literally means 'time doing nothing'

    Me? Brat that I am... am prep[ing for the test(s) coming the followin' week. Gosh! I H-A-T-E school :angryfire

    Hope y'all have a good day
  5. by   weetziebat
    Good Morning everybody,

    Seem to have two 'Good Morning' threads going on. Perhaps one of the mods can put 'em together?

    Fluffwad, whatever did you do to get 9 days off in a row? The trip to the State Park sounds wonderful. Hope you have a great time.

    MadWife, I noticed you've been missing You should be proud of yourself for working such a stretch. Now go out and party in Arizona and Vegas :hatparty: . Dh will survive, although he may try to guilt-trip you into thinking he won't. Enjoy yourself!

    Cariad, the Virgin Islands. Wa! Sounds wonderful. Enjoy the beach. Oh, and hope its a quiet shift for ya.

    Roy, well aren't you behaving yourself - studying for tests! Ah.......the life of a nursing student.

    Dh's family just called from Pakistan. Said the prices of things like flour, sugar, oil has skyrocketed since the earthquake, and they're hard to find as well.

    Got a million errands to run today. Weatherman is predicting rain and I'm hoping he is wrong. And still didn't clean out the closet. *sigh*

    I guess I should leave y'all something for a snack. Not up to cooking breakfast for y'all, but here's some coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice and some luscious chocolate chip muffins. Maybe somebody else will offer more.

    See y'all later -
  6. by   nursemary9
    [font=lucida sans unicode]good morning, good friends!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]well, 4 hours until the end of shift & then i, too will have 2 days off!! :roll i can barely wait!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]i have worked 4 nites & to me it weels like 6 weeks!! well, maybe not that bad!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]kay--that was wonderful that you could do all of those long shifts!! you deserve that wonderful trip!! dh will just have to live with it i guess!! sometimes we wives deserve some down time!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]cariad-- your plans for the beach also sound great--i hope they work out for you!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]roy--is this the roy i know & love studying this far in advance???no, just kidding!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]weetzie--i'm sorry for dh's relatives!!
    [font=lucida sans unicode]i, too have grand plans for my closet on sunday--who know if it will get done, t ho.
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]i will be off the weekend, & i can't wait!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]oh oh--i think i all ready said this!!
    [font=lucida sans unicode]
    [font=lucida sans unicode]i know, you got the idea that i just want out of here!! well, to make it worse, i'm not real busy!!--good staffing tonite!!
    [font=lucida sans unicode]
    [font=lucida sans unicode]well, i'd better move along, here!!
    [font=lucida sans unicode]i'll check with you all later!!
    [font=lucida sans unicode]
    [font=lucida sans unicode]mary ann
  7. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    It's supposed to be sunny and dry and cool today (i.e. no humidity and in the 80s). Too bad I have to work this weekend.

    Kay enjoy that trip to Arizon. My mom and sister just got back from Vegas and went to see the Grand Canyon while out that way and enjoyed it quite a bit.
  8. by   sjb2005
    Hi to all!!!
    Getting ready for bed. Did enough damage in the chat room for now.LOL
    Had a hot bath and ready to call it a day.
    Love vegas to visit...but wouldn't want to live there...since I already did that. It was much too fun outside of work. I talk more later on today!
  9. by   Fun2, RN, BSN

    Nothing major to do today except go crazy from my take-home chemistry exam, and waiting for my letter! (Which could both possibly last until next week.)

    Anywayyyyy, have a great day everyone!
  10. by   jnette
    Quote from weetziebat
    And still didn't clean out the closet. *sigh*

    hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.................... ..

    Tons of stuff to do here this weekend, too. Better get a move on.. not getting any of it done sitting here.

    It's a brisk 55 degrees, and windy.. need to add "digging out the winter clothes" to my list.

    Kay.. wish you a safe flight, and a marvelous time in Vegas ! Hope you manage to get everything squared away in AZ., and that all your plans fall into place. Have you found a better house rental agency yet? And how long will you be out there? Keep us posted, ok?

    Tweety.. I'm off this weekend.

    AND Monday.

    Go in to cover two hours on Tues., then off again Wed. and Thurs.

    Hope your weekend is peaceful. :icon_hug:

    OK.. I'm outta here ! Gotta get things going. Will check back in this evening.. hey, might even peek into the chat room and have some fun there !
  11. by   Katnip
    Good Morning, everyone.

    Kay, You definitely have earned a rest. Take it easy, and enjoy your trip. Hubby will survive.

    Cariad, sorry you had such a busy night. The last couple of days at work were like that, too. Things were going quietly, when two of our patients started crumping at the same time. One coded. We knew we had him back when his eyes popped open and he said "Hey take it easy there." That was the weirdest save I've seen. He was fully A&O.

    Roy, this too shall pass. I can't wait to read your posts for the first couple of weeks after graduation. I think everyone gets that feeling of "what do I do now?"

    Weetzie, hopefully your family and everyone else in Pakistan will get more help soon. That is such a horrible situation.

    Mary Ann, HIYA. Enjoy your two days off. Four in a row is just awful to me. I can barely get through 3.

    Tweety, it seems to work that way too often. Lousy weather when you're off. Great weather when you're working. Though I have to confess I'm off this weekend and the weather is shaping up beautifully.

    Shelly, Sweet Dreams.

    Fun2Care, Don't wear a hole in the floor while you're pacing and waiting.:wink2:

    Jnette, don't work too hard today.

    I have tons of stuff to do today as well. Had plans with DH to just purge his closet and our dressers, and just declutter everything in the bedroom vicinity. I had a LIST that we were going to go through. And what's he doing now? Getting ready to help with registration for a golf tournament and then golfing.:angryfire In that case, I'm going to get my nails done this afternoon.

    I'll do as much as I can on the bedroom. I already purged my closed though. I feel so saintly for doing it.

    And of course there's the usual pile of laundry to be done.

    I think we'll start decorating for Halloween, too. We didn't last year because I had gotten a late start, and then of course Andrew died so we never got to it. But it's time to act normally again.
  12. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from cyberkat
    Fun2Care, Don't wear a hole in the floor while you're pacing and waiting.:wink2:

    :chuckle :chuckle How'd ya know?:chuckle :chuckle
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  13. by   misschelei
    Morning everyone!

    Kay: Have fun and good luck! I know you have been anticipating this trip.

    Cariad: Enjoy your paradise. Wish I was there!

    Roy: I hope you are getting your obligatory 2.5 hours of sleep so you can function adequately.

    Weetziebat: Hope your errands get done before the rain starts. And thanks for the hot chocolate. I put whipped cream on mine.

    Mary: Enjoy your days off. The weather is going to be nice.

    Jnette and Tweety: Heya! Haven't talked you in a while.

    Shelly: I love the new chat room. See you there.

    Fun2Care: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you as you await your letter.

    CyberKat: Wow! Hope you make a dent in all that you have to get done. It will be nice for you to get those Halloween decorations up. Heck mine have been up since shortly after Labor Day but I am a Halloween lover to the core.

    I don't know what to do with today. DH is off and we rarely have a weekend off together but it has been happening more often this month. We are getting spoiled taking our life back now that dd is almost 2. We have started trusting sitters and following our favorite cover bands around again. There is one playing near our house tonight but I think we may just stay home and have a family night with the Sox game in the backyard by the fire.
    Have a great day everyone, whatever you do.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD LUCK fun2care!! DO LET US KNOW!

    morning everyone else---have a wonderful weekend. I get to work, yay.