Good Morning Sat. Feb. 3

  1. Hello Allnurses family. I hope everyone has a good day. It is a work day for me, and in charge. :smilecoffeeIlovecof
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi. It's a workday for me too. Hopefully I won't be in charge. Rumor has it I'm in charge one day next week though. I hate it.
  4. by   sirI
    good morning!!!

    a workday for me, too.:d have acls (last day).

    but, first need my ever lovin' cuppa

  5. by   nursemary9
    good morning, peeps!!

    hi family!!

    well a little less then 1 1/2 before i leave here & then off for 2 whole nites!!!! yes!!!
    i haven't been here much this past week, so don't know what's going on here--will try to read back threads later.

    jmg--thanks for starting the thread!! hope your day goes well.

    tweety-- hope you also have a good day!! hope you are not charge since i know you hate it almost as much as i do!!!

    my nite has been pretty busy---all week kind od on the busy side.

    dh & i have been busy almost every day---lots of things to do with the party only two weeks away.
    i am still involved doing that dvd photo slide show. it's going well--hope to finish it sunday or monday. i have about 150 pics on there so far, with more left to do---then some editing to do. we previewed what we have done & i need to improve a couple of things. dh put music to the photo's & he used a couple of enya's songs. looks & sounds pretty good, if i do sat so myself!!

    tonite, we have our monthly poker party----hope i can win us some cash!!!! lol!!!!
    sunday, of course, we have the super bowl!!!
    i don't know what bath has been telling you all this past week but
    i'm sure we know that my bears are going to win!!!

    oh well---let the best team win!!!

    maybe i should have made a wager with her as the mayor's are doing!!! lol!!!

    well, maybe i'll see you later.........

    hope everyone has a really good weekend

    mary ann
  6. by   nursemary9
    Hi Siri

    Didn't see you there!!
    Hope you have a good ACLS day!!

    Hope you've been well

    Mary Ann
  7. by   Tweety
    Good Morning again. Rude awakening.........I'm in charge.
  8. by   muffie
    hi all [tweety, siri, julie, mary ann]
    hope you have a great day

    cleaning house today
  9. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Another work evening for me.

    Sorry you got stuck being charge Tweety.
    Mixed bag of weather the last couple of days, snow, mix, snow left, blue skies but cold.

    Another cuppa is in order! :smilecoffeeIlovecof
  10. by   Liddle Noodnik
    everybody is off cleaning their houses i bet - after all, it's saturday morning, isn't that what we all do? lol

    from "friday morning"

    Quote from dianah
    i've got bread going in the breadmaker (smells so good!) . . i'm chillin'!
    what kind of bread?

    Quote from tnbutterfly
    good evening. just got back a little while ago. my dh and i went to the movies.......saw dream girls. it was very good. still quite cold here and spitting snow, but no accumulation.
    we got about 3 inches but it's very sunny, and windy (i am wondering if we're talking tornado, here!) i don't think it will last ...

    how are ya tn?

    Quote from stevielynn
    dinner was good . . .i ate most of the mushrooms. :d reminded me of moving into my 1st apt . . . it was nice being in control of my own life. i would come home for lunch and saute mushrooms for lunch . . . just mushrooms.

    zoe - i mentioned dh because i try to cook healthy for his diabetes.


    i still do that sometimes, sauté a whole package of shrooms and just mow (rhymes with "ow")... yumm! it is an advantage of living alone! (well, except for lexie the cat - but she doesn't like mushrooms anyway...)

    what a good dw you are, cooking trees for your hubby
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  11. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from nursemary9
    . We previewed what we have done & I need to improve a couple of things. DH put music to the Photo's & he used a couple of Enya's songs. Looks & Sounds pretty good, if I do sat so myself!!
    Then you will have to learn how to put it online - you can have it available for family to see again and again (I bet it is just perfect!)... maybe you can make it a side career! There are big bucks in that kind of thing I bet...
  12. by   clemmm78
    good morning all.

    We had a busy night at work, three of the nine patients needed a lot of care, one was a new admit and the first night is always tough. Our potential bleeder is still there but he's getting weaker and weaker. One of our regular evening nurses is very good friends with the wife and many of us have pitched in to help cover her shifts so that she doesn't have to work and can concentrate on being a friend. As a result, I'm doing a 12 hour night tomorrow night. Ick. That will be my third night in my stretch of four. I *never* agree to come in four hours early since I usually sleep from about noon or 1 until 7 or so, but this particular nurse is a real doll and will do just about anything for anyone. She was so supportive of me when I was being bullied badly and also when my brother took his life two years ago. So, I will do just about anything for her.

    I'm not quite ready for bed yet, I'm actually sitting here taking notes and outlining my article on HPV and the new vaccine. Very interesting stuff. Did you know that cervical cancer is the number 2 cancer among young women aged 18 to 44, second only to breast cancer? And it's number 3 among all women, following breast and colon cancers. I didn't realize that. In Canada, on average, one woman a day dies from cervical cancer.

    That's one reason why I like the writing part of my life. I learn so much. I have to write this article for two different audiences but saying much the same. One is for young women aged 15 to 26 and the other is for mothers of girls from 9 to 18. Since I have a daughter who is just about 18, then I can really identify with the mother group, and I'll have my dd give me some input for the young women's group.

    Ok, back to work. I'm starting to get sleepy and don't want to go to bed just yet.

    Have a good day all.
  13. by   dianah
    I admire your writing skills, Clemm and yes, I imagine one would learn so much by doing the research and interviews and then pulling it all together! I look forward to reading some of your material one of these days.

    Zoe, I just made a simple whole wheat bread (but on a whim, I put in about a half cup of cooked oatmeal. It made the bread VERY moist, and dh and the kids love it!).

    I think I already told about my weekend (on the Friday thread). Gotta go get ready. Y'all have a good day!! ---- D
  14. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from clemmm78
    ... and also when my brother took his life two years ago.