Good Morning Presidents Day-Monday Feb. 19, 2007

  1. An interesting site:

    No need to look in the mailbox today!

    I hope you all have a great day!
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  3. by   clemmm78
    good morning. No holiday here. Quiet night at work though. Two passed away on days and eves so we're down to a census of 5. I'm sure tomorrow night will be busy though. When we get low like this, we end up getting some emergency admits from a hospital ER or two.

    I don't know what's going on but I'm sleeping really well during the day lately. A good 6 to 8 hours, in one shot, without getting up! That's not to say I dont' wake up a few times, but I fall back to sleep. I think I Like This!
  4. by   dianah
    Good morning, I'm off to bed soon! Am finishing watching the A&E production of Pride and Prejudice. Will finish it tomorrow. See you all in the morning, have a good day!
  5. by   Katnip
    Good morning, everyone.

    What a day. DD's regional swim event was this morning. The event is being held 1 and 1/2 hours away. My friend left early because there is a very limited number of tickets 20 per team. It was my job to get the girls on the bus on time, and my friend was going to pick up a ticket for me because I'd never have gotten there in time to get one. So halfway there I get a call, there are no tickets, only hand stamps so the friend couldn't get one for me and they were sold out. So I'm missing my DD's big event. DD knows, says it's ok with her but I'm so disappointed.

    Anyway, I'm going to mope a while.

    Have a great day everyone.
  6. by   sirI
    good morning all

    hope this day is a good one for ya'll. jnette, thinking of you today. txspadequeen, i know wednesday is your big day. prayers for you both.

    need another cuppa and see ya'll later.
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  7. by   jenn_rn_nj
    ugh - so sorry to hear that, cyber

    hi all and good morning

    busy, busy, busy - this is my first time on the boards in almost 2 weeks.

    i hope you all have a great day - it's a study and workday for me. busy week ahead - we have the njns conference which we must attend for school - it should be interesting. i hope i can get into the lectures that i want to attend.

    have a great day, all.

  8. by   clemmm78
    aw cyber, that doesn't seem fair. If your kid's in it, you should be able to watch!

    I got home after a very quiet night at work. Going to do some of my freelance work and then head off to bed around noon. Stuck a pork roast in the crock pot for hubby and whichever kids may be around at supper time. I think oldest son is working and dd and youngest ds will be home.

    Have a good day everyone.
  9. by   suzy253
    Morning all!

    Day 3 of 3 work evening for me. My feet hurt. :stone
    Just relaxing, enjoying my coffee before I take a shower and get moving here. It's been very hectic at work the last couple of days. 7 very intense patients. whew. So I'll get a few days off in between which I'm looking forward to.

    Cold and windy. Can't stand this wind!!!

  10. by   Tweety
    Good morning!!! I hope everyone has a great day!
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    good morning all....hope everyone has a great day!!!!!
  12. by   donsterRN
    Good morning, everyone! Not a thing happening here today, although it is beautiful outside. There's a bright blue sky, and brilliant sunshine... the temp is going to be in the 20's, and there is no reason for me to be out in it! The weather guru on TV says by Thursday we'll have temps in the 40's, so bye bye snow!

    We have a break from school this week.. what to do... what to do...
    I could clean, I could study or I could sit on my butt in front of the computer. OK, sitting on my butt wins!

    Kat, I'm sorry you're missing your daughter's swim event. Hugs...

    Hi to all. Be well and be blessed. Denise, be patient! Jnette, thinking of you. When you're done, have dessert for me!


  13. by   walkingrock
    here's a beautiful thought for your day:

    hope you all have a good day. i'm enjoying my morning with my little puppy, maya, on my lap and some :smilecoffeecup: while i enjoy "computing". it's quiet around here today! i'll be off to work this afternoon, but with extra pay for the holiday, so it's good! enjoyed my wknd off with bf. the weather was really beautiful. seems like spring already, but we just kinda skipped winter....but it is only feb....
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  14. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning! :kiss

    I have two important tests scheduled for tomorrow. One is for Speech class and the other is in A&P II. Therefore, I will be spending a whole lotta time with my head buried in the books today.

    I am actually beginning to enjoy school more than the workplace. I don't know if that is a normal feeling or some weird phenomenon.

    Take care and have a magnificent day!