Good Morning!(or whatever)2.8.14

  1. A Good Morning to Some, Evening to Others (Michael, et al), and Well Wishes to Those who are Dealing with the Smittens and Foibles of Life.

    The Very Best to you: steph, Sabby, AKY, Joe, and all the Other Break Room Buddies!

    As some of you are Aware, Belinda and I took a Week of our "Dead of Winter Vacation" to Key Biscayne Florida this Year. The Temps ranged from about 65 to 83 Degrees there in the Tropics. Back here in the Temperate Zone the Temps have been running Slightly in the Negatives to the 20's.

    A Big Difference.

    ON the Second Day of Our Vacation I Jokingly asked Belinda a Question and she Replied Appropriately:


    Warm Thoughts to You!
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Davey and all who pop in,

    LOL Loved your l'il cartoon of you and Belinda, made me giggle for sure. Finally we get to see at least one Florida photo.

    Hi Ted I see you down there hope you are doing well. Did you have to work last night?

    Stephanie so sorry to read about the house fire, praying for this family but so sad to see their little dog did not make it out. Breaks my heart for them all.

    So happy the weekend is here for some down time and relaxation. Was a good girl and got the house work taken care of then kicked back.

    Very busy messy kind of day at work yesterday with many phone calls and texts, I was ready to pitch my work phone out the car window then go OOPS how did that happen but I curtailed myself from that activity. Sorted out some crises and visited one last patient on my way home.

    They are talking about some weather coming in today but so far it is dry and non white out there so it will be business as usual, harness up the dogs and head off for our slog. Shall drop into the grocery store on the way home to pick up more fresh fruits and veggies.

    We should get hubby's truck at around 8am this morning so we will finally have that back after having some work done on it but the mechanic stated it is driving very well and has been thoroughly checked over.

    I am very excited as today I will be heading off to pick up my gorgeous cross stitch that my BFF made for me, I had it framed and cannot wait to see what 'she' looks like. Will be very happy to have her home and up on the wall some where just have not decided on what wall yet!

    Well I am going to get off here and sip on my hot green tea, contemplate my navel and think of something else to do while hubby and dogs saw logs! LOL

    Take care, be safe and warm out there.

    Much love to you all this day.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Love the cartoons, Dave. Been a cartoon and animator fan for decades. It's always good to see such talent shared. How about a collaborate effort of some kind, mixing original cartooning/animation with some original music? Just a thought.

    Steph - much prayers to your family members who survived the fire. Glad to read that they're physically OK. Still, it's a frightening experience, and the loss of property can be devastating.

    Sabby_NC - Seems like it's been an emotional week. Hope that you get some much needed R & R. If you can, how about sharing a pic of the cross-stitch that your "BFF" made for you?

    Yesterday was a busy one. Our teeny-tiny ICU/CCU put on it's yearly "Healthy Heart Night for Women" program that's presented to the community. I was in charge of the audio/visual stuff as well as videotaping the event. We had four speakers talking about heart-stuff and living healthily. After the lectures, we had venders with their heart-healthy food and stuff for all to see and sample. The event was well-attended. I'd say that about 100 or so women came. It's a big deal for our unit and I'm mighty proud of these programs that we've been presenting to the community since 2006.

    I'm copying the video files from my camera to my computer for editing as I type. Hope to start putting it all together later this morning.

    Well. . . . I hear the sound coffee pot telling me that coffee is available to drink. It's time for First Coffee. LOL!

    Dave. . . I would really enjoy doing some kind of collaborative effort sometime in the not-too-distant future. It would be fun to include as many other cartoonists/musicians as well. Thanks for sharing your creative talent! Nice work, Dave!

  5. by   Davey Do
    Quote from efiebke
    How about a collaborate effort of some kind, mixing original cartooning/animation with some original music?
  6. by   Ted
    Damn, Dave. . . You're good! LOL!
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Steph I'm sorry to hear about your niece losing her house (and dog) to a fire. I'm glad they got out OK.

    Morning Davey Sabby Ted

    A better than expected day at work, got everything done and then some. Nice way to end the week.

    The commute was a bit of a nightmare. Trains cancelled and delayed, conflicting information, and crowds growing so large I started to worry I might be crushed. Got home nearly an hour late. Thoroughly miffed, might contact my state rep to complain.

    Perhaps that's why I had a strange dream this morning, one of those where I thought I had woken up but realized I was still dreaming. I said to myself "No, this isn't your apartment and your cat doesn't talk", so I struggled to wake up and finally did.

    Should be a fairly quiet day today. Going to see dad. Might try to get outside but it's going to snow yet again.
  8. by   herring_RN
    Good afternoon!
    Just cleaning house, shopping, walking dogs today.

    Hoot tonight. I'm pretty sure we will sing Pete Seeger songs.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi all - thanks for the nice comments about my niece and her two young boys.

    Drizzly, windy, but oddly warm here today.

    Been doing some cleaning while watching the House Hunters Marathon. So funny to see the differences - someone complaining about paying $168,000 for a home in North Carolina that would cost $600,000 to a million dollars in CA. Some of the couples are hilarious and you can sometimes see in the husband's eyes that he thinks his wife is being silly about some things; although I've seen the opposite too.

    Waiting for the kitchen floor to dry - mopped it with bleach.

    Reading some threads here on AN . . came across one that makes me feel like I'm living in The Twilight Zone. Am I that old-fashioned that I think stripping in order to get your kid into day care so you can finish FNP school while your husband is completely on board with men looking at your naked body and getting "excited" and . . . . . . stop . . . don't go there . . .

    Seems like there is such a fear of being "J U D G M E N T A L" that we simply don't point out where maybe, just maybe, there is some small point to be made that this might not be a good idea.

    I actually really like "What Would You Do?" . . .although it is sad that most folks won't intervene. I love when they interview the ones who do stand up to evil afterwards . . . it seems so simple to them . . do the right thing!

    Ok - vent over. Back to cleaning!
  10. by   Ted
    Steph - I would not think that stripping would be a safe way to earn money. But what do I know? I've never stripped before. However, Amy and I was the "warm-up" musical duo to the Chipendales when we worked as lounge-musicians on the cruise-ship. LOL! It was a dreadful experience and not one of our choosing. But it's freakin' funny when I think back on it. Our main repertoire was swing music, rhumba music, cha-cha music and the occasional pop-rock song. Trust me when I say the the girls did NOT want to hear us play as they were waiting for those hunks of men to take off their clothes! (And those ladies were WILD when they did!) LOL! I never stripped, but I can say that I was the warm-up band for the Chippendales.

    Interestingly, girls watching guys strip seems to be a totally different experience than guys watching girls strip. The girls are having fun. The guys? They seem to do more quiet gawking. (The cruise-ship had female strippers for the guys on another level. I watched it once. Yuck.)
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Well . . . confession time. I went to a Chippendale's show for a friend's birthday way back in my early 20's. Where were my smart's back then?

    The men were mostly gay, extremely good looking and buff, which was pretty funny. How many heterosexual men actually do stuff like that? And yes, the women are simply having fun and yes, they did get wild (not me of course). And the men who watch women strip? Totally different reason.

    Well . . . Spidey's friend went home (he had a friend stay the night) and I'm making chicken chili and sipping some nice wine. I think my son and dh are watching the Olympics and cartoons (channel switching).

    Can't wait for the soup to get done - I'm hungry!
  12. by   FranEMTnurse
    Well, well, well. Good morning to you all. I haven't been around the good morning thread in a while, because I haven't much to say. But I'm here today to wish you all a very good morning. I hope you all are doing well, and Steph, I too am sorry to hear about the loss of your niece's house. There have been a lot of fires around here this winter too as well as deaths from carbon monoxide poisonings. This wintry weather has been rough on a lot of people. As we all know though, spring arrives next month, and February is nearly half over already. We'll soon be seeing and hearing Robins again soon.

    Do have a wonderful day everyone.
  13. by   herring_RN

    I love your posts.

    It's been TOO COLD for you and so many people this winter.
    I wish I could tell that Polar Vortex to stay at the pole where it belongs.