Good Morning October 15, 2006!

  1. Good Morning!

    This here is the Good Morning thread!
    It's a Sunday Come on in and spend some time talking about your day!

    Here's your song for the day!
    I love the funny antics they do whilst singing this timeless, classic song! :chuckle

    I'm off to Chicago today! There's a big event at Catigny Park and the 1st Infantry Division museum and I'll be in attendence
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  3. by   donsterRN
    Thanks for starting the good morning thread this morning, Roy. Enjoy your events... are you happy you missed Buffalo's 2 feet of snow? We didn't see any of it here in the southern tier, but it certainly got cold here quickly! We don't have the parkas out yet, but we do have to dress in layers just to go down the road to get the mail...

    Hope everyone that follows has a wonderful day. Good wishes and prayers sent to those who need them! I have no plans today, maybe some church, but I think I'm gonna just hang around the house and read a bit. Yesterday at B&N I bought James Ellroy's fictionalized account of the Black Dahlia. Scary stuff, but excellent book!

    You all be well, and be blessed.

    Peace and love,

  4. by   dianah
    A quick HI before I head off to bed. Am TIRED, TIRED, TIRED! (but not too tired to post on here before bed, lol!) Just got back from the mts near Idyllwild, helping w/music for a retreat. It was beautiful up there (it rained this afternoon and evening, and we had an edge-of-your-seat drive home in soupy fog until we got below 2K elevation [the lodge was situated around 4500 ft])! Had a good time, music went well, they fed us well, nice group . . only drawback was, dh's back is VERY sore today after sleeping in a strange bed. Poor guy!

    See you all in the morning. Oh yeah, it's 1:10 a.m. here . . I mean, I'll see you in the REAL morning!! -- D
  5. by   Tweety
    Good Morning! Day shift worker here! Off to work now!

    I hope everyone has a good day.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning! I'm off to work in less than half an hour. I might add that it is a 16 hour double shift.

    My parents are currently making the 1,400 mile drive from California to Texas to come see me. I hope they won't camplain about my messy home.

    Good morning to Roy, Dianah, Don3218, Tweety and others to come. :kiss
  7. by   jnette
    Good Morning Roy, Don Tweety, Dianah, Commuter !

    Slept like a log once again. Did NOT want to get up this morning. But... I want to enjoy my last day off for two weeks. I'm on call next weekend, so I'll be working 2 weeks straight through. Oy.

    Just gonna piddle around today. Hope everyone has a good one!
  8. by   Spidey's mom

    I was on call for OB today but the nursing supervisor/er nurse (they are combined) was ill so here I am. Please God, no laboring moms as NOW there is no ob nurse on call.

    Roy - went to youtube last night to listen to some 80's music . . . Fine Young Cannibals singing "She Drives Me Crazy" . . love the song, hate the video. :wink2:

    Better get to work.

    Have a good Sunday y'all.

  9. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning to all
    My In-laws are in town this week so we get to visit with them today
    They stay at my bil home they have a bigger nicer house than we do, which is fine with me.
    I hope everyone has a good day.
  10. by   jnette
    Quote from jmgrn65
    Good Morning to all
    My In-laws are in town this week so we get to visit with them today
    They stay at my bil home they have a bigger nicer house than we do, which is fine with me.
    I hope everyone has a good day.
    Hope you all have a pleasant time together, jm.

    Guess I'll yump in the shower and then zip up to WMart... want to pick up a few items to send off to Adam. I'm sure he's about out of his favorite foods by now. With his tiny shoebox sized locker, there wasn't too much he could stash at one time. His laptop and games took up most of that space.
    Outta here for now.... greetings to all who are yet to pop in !
  11. by   babynurselsa
    Good Morning.
    have fun Roy.
    I am with you Don, I think we are going to lay low today.
    I WAS going to finish puttout up my outdoor decorations today but woke up to rain this morning. I'm not sure if it is going to last all day or not.
    Hope you have a good day Tweety. I have to work tonight, but it will only be an 8 so shouldn't be too bad.
    Sweet dreams Dianah. SOunds like such fun. Poor hubby.
    Commuter I am sure they will be so glad to see you they won't notice anything else....Unless your mom is like my dh or my mom....
    Jnette, I love the hat.....IT looks like your family has a flair for hats. ( just was looking at you dear mom's bathing cap.
    Hope you have a good day stevie.
    jmg, I hope they have a nice visit.
    Well the small people are rustling about now. Guess I better go and wrangle up some breakfast.
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  12. by   sirI
    allnurses fam and

    thanks for starting the good morning sunday thread, roy. you have fun today. btw - looooovvvveeee the avatar. it's so you!!

    hi, don. the book sounds good. love that kind of reading. enjoy your day!! :melody:

    mornin', di. sounds like a scary trip back. hope dh back is better when ya'll get up today. tell us all about the music!!

    hello, tweety. hope you have a stress-less day!!!

    good morning, the commuter. i doubt your parents will care about that house. they will be so happy to see you after all this time. ya'll have a wonderful time together.:wink2:

    [color=olive]hello, piddling jnette. you enjoy your day, too, and be sure to send adam lots of food!!!!

    hi, steph. hope things go well at work. fingers crossed for you.

    howdy, jmgrn. hope you have a nice day visiting. love the avatar!

    [color=olive]hi, lisa. i hope your day gets better (weather-wise). have a good one.:spin:

    it's red in the morning, sailor take warning 'round these parts... ... looks like it's gonna be a wet one today.

    need ... see all ya'll later!!

    all around!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   RGN1
    hi everyone - real quick hello from work! Don't usually get the chance but hey it's Sunday afternoon!!

    Hope you're all having a good day xxxx
  14. by   rninme
    Morning all !

    Slept in this't drag my carcass outta bed for some reason!

    Beautiful here in Maine this am....sun is shining, chilly, leaves are stunning. Tried to get DH to take some pics but I guess camera is acting up again. He needs a new one! B-day coming up in I am looking, looking for a new digital for him.

    Just sitting here on the couch...drinking my coffee...and getting my 'cultural fix' this am....the STOOGES are on.....yuck, yuck, yuck !

    Back to the paper grind....I'll check back later!