Good Morning October 11, 2006!

  1. Good Morning everyone!

    I'm off to bed real soon - have to wake up in six hours and get ready for work

    Today is my best friend's birthday (the one I spoke to for hours on international call last week) I already wished her a "Happy Birthday" ... I had to stay up late so that the time zones would match

    Here's your song for the day! I doubt many of you have heard of them - they're an icelandic band called Sigur Ros. Everyone from teen pop lovers to hardcore thrash metal freaks seem to love them. They make what I like to call "life changing music" I highly recommend their second album for "starters" - Agaetis Byrjun.

    By the way - if you're wondering about the fact that the lyrics don't seem to make sense (or "How on earth am I supposed to understand Icelandic?") ... don't be. Because really, once you hear their songs - the words won't seem to matter. Infact, you'll understand and feel all different because the music just seems to transport you to outworldly realms

    I really urge you to give them a try (the Agaetis Byrjun link I provided should take you to where you can download two sample songs for free). If nothing else, I promise that you'll atleast come away with the feeling "That was nice. And they really are different!" :spin:

    Whoops! Gotta go now!

    Hope y'all have a great day!
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  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    Good morning Roy!

    Good morning all....

    I have been online ALL day........last day of fall break. Off to bed soon and back to school in the morning

    I also have my one yr evaluation at work, so wish me luck. I think they are going to discuss the contract that I will have to sign once I graduate as well.
  4. by   adrienurse
    I'm on night shift number 2 and am in zombie mode. Silly nurses left all the paperwork for me to do and whatever was done is illegible or unfindable. Keep finding lab reqs tucked all over the place. But I am definately NOT in a crabby mood

    What would be nice right now would be a Grande nonfat cap but alas I have to settle for the artificial stuff that comes out of the vending machine.

    It snowed yesterday while I was sleeping and I just about wiped out taking the garbage outside cause the steps were all icy.

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  5. by   nursemary9

    Well, another nite at work!!:angryfire :angryfire I wasn't here 3 min. when the nite all ready began to go DOWNHILL!!
    First thing is we have no CNA for tonite--she called in & they can't find anyone to replace her--so it's just the 3 of us nurses.
    That was all the time that was needed to put me in a REALLY BAD MOOD!!

    We had 2 empties and they filled them almost immediately!! Then, the one new admit that was in a semi-private room--has a diagnosis of MRSA-- so he needs a pvt. room which we don't have.
    Then the floor we needed to trasfer him to gives us grief---------geez--the RN did the entire admit--what's there problem!!

    Oh well; Now we have another empty -- that will be my admit this time; so all my patients, Charge and a probable admission!!
    You can see why I'm getting down, down, down by the minute.

    I'm beginning to dislike the place more & more.
    It seems like most all of our patients are from nursing homes and all have HUGE pressure sores.
    A couple of the day RN's are probably going to be leaving all because of the type of patient's we are getting. This is supposed to be Hem/Onc Renal unit and most of the time we don't see these pt's .
    As one nurse said, if she wanted to work in long-term care, that's where she'd be.
    Why does all the staff have to be Chemo-Certified and I'm OCN Certified if we are not even getting those pt's????

    Well, enough of the rant!!
    Thanks for giving me a place to vent all of these negative & hostile feelings!!

    Roy, can't wait to get home and check out the song of the day.
    How's the orientation going????
    Hope your friend has a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Soldier's wife--Hope your day at school goes well!! Good luck on the eval!!

    adrien-- A Latte would really go well right now!! SNOW!!! Here in Chicago, they are talking about some snow flurries on Thursday--that would be awfully early for us.
    That's one of the reasons why DH & I want to go south--we want to be away from snow & ice!!!

    Well, lots of stuff again when I leave here--DH has his PT then off to Cosco and then to Office Max. Got lots of stuff to buy.

    I need to get supplies for all the card making in the next couple of months---Sweetest day. Halloween, Thanksgiving & of course, Xmas. I don't know if I want to make my Xmas cards out of Postcards or Note Cards.
    I got a few last year on postcards & they were kind of cute.

    We had a wonderful visit with SIL & BIL yesterday!! They will be leaving for Phoenix for the entire Winter & Spring---lucky guys!!

    Well, got to get back to the pt's---have LOTS of blood draws in the AM

    Mary Ann
  6. by   CseMgr1
    Morning, All:
    I will be heading out in a couple of hours to the first of two scheduled job interviews today....and not a moment too soon, I might add. The temporary job I started last Friday is an unqualified disaster, and it's easy to see why, when there has been 100% turnover in the office's clerical staff since July, and the owner of this company is micromanaging her employees to death. I've been told to do my job at least three different ways since I started, and regardless of how I do it, I can't get anything done for being called by the owner every five minutes and being asked if I have done this-and-that, etc., etc. What is even worse is the fact that she confessed to me yesterday that her company is in serious financial trouble, mainly due to "mismanagement". NO kidding! What is so ironic is that one of my interviews today is with the same State agency who, after recently auditing her books, made her pay back over $100,000 to them after it was discovered one of her service programs was seriously out of compliance. As a result, she wound up having to use her life savings just to meet payroll, and is having to borrow money, to pay her taxes.....

    I'm just taking comfort in the fact that this job is slated to end next week, and that I have two other job prospects lined up in the interim (thank the Lord!!) Will let ya'll know how my interviews today went tonight.
  7. by   adrienurse

    This was the weather in Winterpeg yesterday.
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Mornin' y'all!

    It rained something awful yesterday morning. It was dark, no street lights...couldn't see a dang thing at 6:45 to take my dd to school.....hated every second of it!

    Test 2 today! Still not ready for it. 29 chapters is toooooo much to read when there's skills check-offs as well. :uhoh21:

    OK....gotta go! Y'all have a good one!
  9. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    I'm renewing ACLS today, it's a lot of material that expect you to know prior to arrival and I haven't looked at it in two years.

    Roy, I've heard Sugar Ros before and have a few of their songs somewhere on a CD I burned during my napster frenzy.

    Fun, good luck on your test.

    MaryAnn, you're unit could be our unit, very similar. I love hearing you vent because I understand completely what you're going through there on a daily basis.
  10. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning Everyone I am off today, and it is payday so it means grocery shoping and errands.
    NurseMary I know what you mean about patients, I work on a cardo thoracic step down unit, so we are supposed to get open hearts, thorocotomys etc. We get those but than any thing ED wants to send us 95 y/o fx hip needs telemetry, 90 y/o with c-diff that needs a pvt room, 50 y/o acute renal failure and so on... well you get the picture. So I feel and live your frustartion. But the funny thing is they fill us up with all those patients then they want us to move them the next day to get the pts we are suposed to have in... makes sense??

    Cse hold you don't have much longer for this temp. job when are the interviews? I will keep you in my thoughts.
    Fun good luck on your test, I am sure you will do fine.
    Adreinurse Snow is a four letter word in my book is it unusual for canadia to get snow this early?
    Asoldierwife good luck with your contract/evaluation
    Roy I plan to listen to the song later, looking forward to it.
  11. by   jmgrn65
    Tweety you were typing when I was Good Morning have fun in acls.
  12. by   rninme
    Morning all!

    Snow for our northern neighbors?? STOP IT! Ya'll know MY feelings about the white stuff. It's not good thing, the wood is stacked in the woodshed...I'd monkey dance....but I'm too tired.

    Stayed up late trying to get this paper completed...didn't happen and doubt I will get it done

    Going live with new monitors tonight...I'm sure it's going to be a cluster and a half.

    bbl...need coffee
  13. by   rninme
    Tweety....repeat after me....amiodarone!! LOL....
  14. by   nursemary9

    Thanks to all for understanding how I feel about my floor & I guess working in general.
    I spoke to a friend last nite from the Surgical Floor--& they usually get all the day surgery pt's, & gyne surgery & so forth---She complains that all they are getting is overflow medical patients the last few months. She says, if she wanted medical floor, that's where she would work!!!

    I guess we're all in the same boat!!

    I'm so glad I have all of you!!


    Mary Ann