Good Morning Nov. 19th

  1. Can't sleep...........

    It's been one of those full moon weeks at the nursing home! Waiting for annual State survey any day and they just fired the DON.

    Can't wait to see who we get next.
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  3. by   suebird3
    geez....i can't even catch upwith yesterday's thread,and another is started!
    where you at, fluff? i feelfor ya. my boss ain't going nowhere...thankfully!

    will see ya later....

  4. by   dianah
    You said a mouthful in those two sentences, fluffwad!!

    Good morning to everyone (even though it's only 1000 Pacific time)! Once again, I'm VERY glad it's Friday!! Except next week promises to be VERY, VERY, VERY busy!!! Ugh, it'll come soon enough!

    Youngest ds stayed home with a relapse of a heavy cold today (he stayed home all the week before, too). Oldest is now losing HIS voice as well, and is sniffly. At least they have all next week off, they can recover.

    Dh and I have pretty much convinced ourselves to go to Disneyland on Thanksgiving Day. MIL prefers we all come down for Christmas, so we have no obligations . . . it may be crowded, but we haven't been in awhile, and we want to see the Christmas decorations (they always do GREAT decorations, and I love the "snow" at night!). Think I'll give the kids money to go see a movie in Downtown Disney, as they're a little jaded on going to the Mouseland these days (Kids!! rolls eyes, shrugs). Anyone need/want anything?? Tinkerbell pixie dust, a figurine, a 50th anniversary Disneyland mouse ears hat, a goofy hat, a T-shirt, ? ? ? ? PM me and we'll talk. Seriously, I'd be happy to pick something up and mail it to you, if you wanted.

    While dh was at singing bands at the hospital tonite, I got a call from an old friend . . haven't seen him in about 10 yr! We dated when I was 16 (only 34 short years ago!). We had a small group of friends who attended the same schools (off and on), but remained close through college (through death of a dear friend and various escapades -- a group of us used to go for moonlight hikes --- I mean, real walks by moonlight [not spooning hikes], accompanied by 1-2 adults. It was so cool!!) and beyond. He and his wife live in Northern CA. His whole family (parents and sibs and sibs' spouses) will be in our area next weekend for a wedding, and I'll get to see them all!! I'm so excited!!

    Dh and I are going to the musical this Sat nite (Quilters), the one I went to last weekend with my friend (when he didn't want to go ). Since the jazz professor is one of four musicians helping with the production (he plays string bass), now dh wants to go (good for him, it's good he gets out of the house and exposed to difft environments, lol!).

    Then Sunday is the last day I can take the kids to the little theater nearby to see a play (we have season tickets, and Sunday's matinee is their last performance of that particular play). In between the musical and the play, comes the usual: grocery store, laundry . . .

    Oh, and today my idiot lights came on in my old (1988) 4Runner. So after I dropped oldest off at school, I took it to the mechanic. Later on he called: it's the alternator, $400. So Roy, I may have you beat for most expensive recent car repairs (can I send the bill to your father??? just kidding, ya know! ). It'll be done tomorrow. I had to swing by the Credit Union tonight (after dropping oldest ds and his friend off at church) to withdraw some $$ to pay for it. Ah, it never ends, does it????

    Y'all have a nice day, don't get TOO crazy, now (you'll scare the young'uns off!)!! Ah have a hankerin' for chicken-fried possum burgers w/fries . . . ... mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
  5. by   fluffwad
    I be in Ohio.....getting snowed on.

    Disneyland for Thanksgiving? Now that's an idea that never occurred to me.
  6. by   HappyJaxRN
    Hi everybody. Sitting here at work. I'm just passing time....waiting for the new posts to come through on this forum and reading the interesting things people have to say.

    It's cold here in Florida now. Well, NE Florida. In the 50's. We don't like it when it's below 70...:chuckle then we have to pull our sweaters from out closets...boxes...

    Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great weekend.:hatparty:
  7. by   dianah
    Yah, I wonder just how many ppl will be at home w/friends and family, eating and watching football . . . we hope LOTS will stand on tradition!!
  8. by   suebird3
    dianah.....all looking like beached whales.... and they will be sitting down!


  9. by   mercyteapot
    One year we went to Disneyland on New Year's Day, thinking it would be a nice, quiet time to go. We were sadly mistaken. The place was packed. Of course, I didn't generalize that experience when a few years ago, my brother came to call for Christmas, and we went to the zoo on Christmas Eve day, thinking everyone else would be at home preparing for the next day. Wrong! When I was little, we'd go sled riding on Thanksgiving morning. I'd love to go someplace and ski for Thanksgiving.
  10. by   dianah
    Oooooooo, yes to skiing!! Or just to playing or walking in the snow!! We don't have snow here yet, unfortunately. Too far to go for Tahoe for the day, too. Or Mammoth Lakes. When we do have snow, it's usually 45 min - 1hr away, which is nice.

    We went to D'land one Christmas Eve, thinking how magical it would be, -- to be in the Magic Kingdom on one of the most magical nights of the year!! NOT!! LOL! It was packed with similarly-minded ppl!

    But I've gotten used to being there in the crowds. . . I adjust what I want to accomplish, based on what can be done. This time it'll be just decorations-viewing. If we're able to slip on a few rides, fine (and we usually can, if we go single-rider ). Most of the time the place is eye candy for me, just an escape. Every now and then, that is (I grow weary of music played EVERYWHERE!!! Even in the bathrooms!!! Give me a quiet place somewhere!! ). (shrugs shoulders) I play it by ear. I decide I'll enjoy it no matter what; all the other ppl are there to enjoy it as well, may as well join in.
  11. by   jnette
    :Melody: Hi Ho, Ho Ho, it's off to work we go ... :Melody: :stone

    Heh. Well, just had to crawl out of those snuggly flannels... time to get ready. boohoo.

    Dianah.. hope your boys get better before Thanxgiving ! Sounds like a plan to me! And that is super about your friend !

    Fluffwad.. wow. Having fun yet?

    Happyjax ! WELCOME ! We have fun here.. hang out with us and see !

    OK.. better start getting ready.. and get my COFFEE !!!

    Catch you all alter this afternoon ! Stay out of trouble (yeh right!)
  12. by   nursemary9
    Hi Family!!

    I'm at work!! AGAIN!!I'm Charge tonite. :angryfire CRAZY NITE it is!! It's 0300 here in Chicago; VERY COLD!! Even for Chicago it's very cold--unseasonably! We had a super warm October & now it's turned un seasonably COLD!!! Oh well!!

    We've had 2 admits all ready; 2 pt's on the floor & a third working her way there!!
    See what I mean about CRAZY!! This pt of mine keeps asking where she is & how she got here!!

    I work the whole weekend now, but will be off again Monday nite.

    Can't come too soon for me!!
    I'm cooking for Thanksgiving--it was my idea, but now I'm dreading it!!
    My Mom is coming, but it will just be the 3 of us. She will stay with us for a couple of days.

    Well, you all have a good weekend & don't work too hard.

    See you all later

    Mary Ann
  13. by   weetziebat
    Good Morning everybody,

    Fluffwad, Sheesh, no wonder ya can't sleep with the State coming and your DON fired. Think I'd volunteer to work nights for a week or so!

    Suebird, I'm with you - have given up trying to keep up with the daily thread when there are something like 13 pages. Have to cut corners somewhere in order to get something done around this house.

    Dianah, woo hoo! You are gonna be busy. Hope the kiddo's cold go away right quick. Disneyland at Thanksgiving sounds lovely to me. Since my dd and her bf are in Australia and won't be home till the end of this month, dh and I decided not to go out for dinner (my choice) but will go with his idea of cooking something untraditional. Maybe seafood. Haven't decided yet.

    MTP, I have too often gone places at times when I would have sworn no one else would be there, only to find it looking like they were giving million dollar bills away. Great minds think alike, I guess..........

    BTW, Dianah, I like this sentiment:

    Quote from dianah
    I decide I'll enjoy it no matter what; all the other ppl are there to enjoy it as well, may as well join in.
    Good for ya!

    Netters, Hi Ho indeed. Hope your day is quiet. See ya later.

    I'm trying to hold back the hands of the clock cause I start work on Monday and I don't wanna go. Noooooooooo........

    My daughter and her boyfriend are attending their friend's wedding today in Australia. Then the reception will be at the Sydney Opera House. They're having a ball in Australia. Makes me wanta go one of these days as well.

    O.K. gonna go read a new book I just bought. Hope we all have a fantabuluscious Saturday.

    Had to edit to say Good Morning to Mary Ann. You just kind of snuck up on me there. Keep warm, wear your long-johns!
  14. by   GPatty
    Mornin everyone!
    I'm up and ready to head to work for a long greuling 12 hours in the world of dementia.......
    Went shopping yesterday and put 1/2 of Christmas on layaway...people get more depressing every year to have to be around, don't they?
    Can I go to disneyland too? The Land of Permanent Smiles......

    Gotta go do my hair..Lord knows I don't want anyone to see me like this! LOL!