Good Morning Monday 10/29

  1. Good morning to all!
    I stayed up late just so I could start this thread....I think that means I'm an AN addict.:spin:

    And, I did want to show off a lovely image that the lovely sirI sent me this weekend. Thankyouverymuch sirI. Although it's not 'technically' the weekend any more, I work Fri/Sat so it's the weekend for me....hence, this:

    Have a great Monday, all!

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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Have a great happy weekend!
    Are you all shook up?
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    Quote from spacenurse
    Are you all shook up?
    When I see a picture of Elvis, I get that way.
    Mornin' spacenurse!
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    good morning!
  6. by   suzy253
    Morning Arwen & Space and to all who follow.
    12:30 on the east coast. Just got home from work a little while ago and just taking some time to unwind a bit before I attempt sleep!!! Hectic, hectic night.
  7. by   RNDreamer
    morning all, should be asleep since I have a 12hr day of school ahead of me. But exams are coming up soon, which means I'm very stressed up my room now, hoping it will cause me to be tired and I'll go to bed soon...TAKE CARE!
  8. by   dianah
    Good morning! (it's still Sun evening here, though!)

    Have a good day, all!
  9. by   Grace Oz
    g'day from me!
    thanks for starting the thread, arwen.

    it's afternoon here, monday's well underway in the land down under!
    i had an ultrasound guided injection of cortisone this morning. my (r) hip has bursitis. the procedure went without incident, just a bit "ouchy" is all. you really feel it as they push that stuff in and it hits the spot!
    hoping for a good result.

    cold and overcast here today. not spring like at all.

    wishing everyone a good week ahead.
  10. by   Grace Oz
    di! what are you doing up so late???!!!! lol
  11. by   dianah
    It's only 10:30 here, lol!!

    Hope your hip is better now!
  12. by   Grace Oz
    oh, i was thinking it was really late! lol
    hip feeling ok so far. check your email.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Evening . . . still an hour till Monday morning. But I'm feeling good tonight -

    My little guy is better - sound asleep, a little flushed, but no throwing up.

    I have a hair appt in the "big city' tomorrow - I couldn't wait and tried to cover my own gray and it looks very very bad. :trout:

    Hope the cortisone works Grace.

  14. by   dianah
    Quote from grace oz
    oh, i was thinking it was really late! lol
    hip feeling ok so far. check your email.
    nothing yet . . .

    glad spidey's sleeing.
    take care of yourself.