Good Morning Monday Dec. 26!

  1. Happy day after Christmas!! (anyone hitting the sales??? No, not me!)

    I posted a long one on yesterday's thread, I won't repeat myself, lol!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day (Mary Ann, get some sleep! Glad you got called off on Christmas Eve, what a nice surprise!!).

    Honestly, I don't know what to serve for breakfast; are we starting post-holiday diets yet, or are we waiting till after the New Year??? I guess some whole-grain cold or hot cereal and fresh fruit can't hurt anyone, lol! Plenty of juices, tea and hot coffee (including de-caf), with any flavor or condiment you desire.

    Taking youngest ds to the movies to meet some friends. Don't know what oldest wants to do. I have to do some cleaning and laundry, will be in and out. Later, gators!! -- D
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  3. by   suebird3
    i just flopped in the house, and am dead forget the food for now. what a goofy past 2 days! i am too tired to post about it right now.

    see ya's all later.....this bird is bushed!

  4. by   nursemary9
    Hi Gang of friends!!:Melody:

    You guys are all the BEST!!:Snowman3: :Ball: :Snowman2:

    I truly don't know what I would do without you all!!

    Dianah--I did get some much needed extra sleep when they called me off Christmas Eve!! It sure was nice. I really enjoyed the extra time with DH & The Dog!! We ended up watching a couple of tapes & then just listening to Christmas Music.

    I'm at work now-- a whole different group got called off tonite.
    Well, half our floor is closed & tonite they closed another unit--the 19 bed short surgical unit--so there's lots of extra staff. I'm hoping I'll get called off again Monday nite.

    In the AM we actually are going straight to BestBuy. Our small TV in t he Kitchen died yesterday & they have a small one on sale.Hopefully it won't be too bad there at 0800. But you never know.

    DH did a wonderful job on Dinner yesterday. He made a roast leg of lamb that was to die for!! He is SUCH a wonderful cook!! Do not even get me started on his good points!!:kiss
    He got me WONDERFUL gifts
    a strand of black pearls with matching earings, a saphire & diamond bracelet;& Jessica McClintok perfume & showergel. I was VERY lucky this year.

    We have 12 pt's tonite & just got an admission--I have 3 nurses, counting myself, 2 CNA's & 1 clerk. I am Charge. Not bad, but some VERY sick pt's.

    Well, other then Best Buy, no plans for Monday Morning--isn't it Boxing Day in the UK??

    Dianah--thanks for breakfast, but I think I'll pass. We have so much food here, it's amazing!!

    So You all have a Wonderful day!! Now, I'll go read the threads from yesterday

    Mary Ann
  5. by   nursemary9
    Bird-- You were posting as I was typing--Good Early Morning to you & Hope you had a wonderful Holiday

    Mary Ann
  6. by   suebird3, the 26th, is my 3rd of 3. we have quite a few out for the holi-daze, and several in the hospital for various problems. one "problem" i had while waiting for the boss to come in was an accucheck of 35......yeesh. 2 glucagon shots later......rezzie started pulling outta it. last i saw, eatting graham crackers and drinking oj.

    hope all is well up yer way...

  7. by   nursemary9

    Aren't some of those Sugars SCARY!! That has happened on our unit & then a few minutes later, they're up and eating & drinking!!

    Actually, one morning, I came home from work & felt "a little funny". I am DM; I checked my sugar & it was 45. Well, I ate a little something & then it was fine.

    Mary Ann
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    good morning all

    Guess I am going to have a read on how the US does BM's as over here in the UK we read 4.8 something like normal sugars less than 5.2

    Had a nice relaxing day with dh playing with stuff I bought him and I am sure I will be playing with stuff he bought me although most was jewellery

    Hope everyone has a good day
  9. by   rn in 3 years
    Good morning everyone! No breakfast for me, just coffee and lots of it please!

    Yesterday was CRAZY! Cooked dinner and appetizers for 22 people. Next few years I am going to cry poor college student and go to other peoples houses for dinner..LOL!

    I will hit a few after Christmas sales but nothing crazy.

    Have a great day everyone!
  10. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    I am indeed starting my diet today. I'm not waiting until Jan. 1. The good thing is that I'll be away from all the sweets at work and can sort of detox myself from all that. I'm off for four days and working next weekend Fri-Sat-Sun.
  11. by   Katnip
    Good morning everyone!

    I don't think I can start my diet today. Still too many sweets around and a couple of more parties to go to.

    Yesterday was lovely. After our family dinner we went to a friend's house for dessert and a gift exchange there. They're trying to talk us into Christmas dinner at their house next year. It's a pretty big group.

    Today we're going shopping. My friend talked me into it. She wants to go "early" at 1000. I would think that's not a great time, but what the heck, I didn't have any major plans for today.

    DH is taking the boys snowboarding today. He's dropping them off there for the day at least. DS and his friends all got new snowboards yesterday so they have to try them out.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  12. by   live4today
    good morning everyone! it's currently 41 degrees in my neck of the woods, but the weather forecast is for a 76 degree climb as the day progresses. the humidity level is at 81%. how's that for a "weathergirl forecast"? :d

    just now getting breakfast for myself. two boiled eggs, one medium sized juicy orange, and my usual all day drink -- bottled water. that's not bad for me considering i never like to eat before ten or eleven most days. i'm working on feeding my body regularly -- something i've been bad at doing since childhood.

    still in me jammies as i've only been awake now a little over three hours. i've already read about 350 job descriptions this morning...none nursing ones since i don't yet have a tx nursing license, and won't get one until i earn myself the money to pay for one. gotta do what i gotta do, right? :angel2:

    part of my early morning lessons were listening to a minister on t.v. who spoke "the truth" as far as i know it...........and prior to that was a guy talking about "mycotoxins" in our body brought about by taking "antibiotics, eating grains" ------- what's up with that? bread is bad for us now? we already know we are overdosed on antibiotics, but bread. anyone care to enlighten me on this...have at it. the doctor talked about how anti-fungal drugs like diflucan are more of what the body needs instead of drugs that attack the body's natural flora, etc. it was didn't write anything down, but i'll be sure to try and catch that show again to better understand where they were coming from with their teachings.

    all of you going shopping in the after christmas rush, be safe and enjoy your day!

    dianah.....thanks for starting the thread today. have a great day yourself!

    tweety....enjoy your four day break from work.

    mary ann, kat, sue, silver, rn___, and all who post during and after this post........may your day be a great one!

    nightshift workers just getting off work......get some sleep. you deserve to rest well today after giving up your sleep for the sick.

  13. by   Fonenurse
    Mary Ann - you are right, we do call today Boxing Day and the main reasons it's called that are here

    As it's been such a quiet Christmas for us, it continues the same today here. It's quite a dark afternoon, and temperatures due to be a warm 37F today but at the lowest 25F. That's warm here for this time of year.

    Today we eat leftovers traditionally - turkey curry, vegetable soup and endless mince pies and Christmas cake, not to mention chocolates, sweets and nibbles of varying sorts. I have put on 2lb which I think is reasonable as I haven't stuck to my diet for 2 weeks. I plan to recommence it next week - just giving my body chance to get well again (lol, who am I kidding - just wanted to 'pig out' like everyone else over the festive season).

    To all of you yesterday who needed prayer, or mentioned those who did, I have added them all to my list - spreading the prayer round the world can't be bad I reckon - especially as today is the anniversary of the tsunami, my heart goes out to all those affected.

    A Peaceful and prosperous New Year to you all!
  14. by   suebird3
    yeah, the bird is up....less than 6 hours sleep, and i can't sleep more.

    thanks, fone.....always wondered about that holiday. hi to the others who posted after me....