GOOD MORNING Monday 21st November, 2005

  1. greetings all!
    haha ... suebird, you're going to 'love' me for this!! :chuckle but it is monday here in oz, and .. it's now 15:05 here. so in essense it's really; good afternoon from "down under!" :1luvu:

    am feeling even better today. the asthma is well controlled and no reaction to the prednisolone or the kalixocin. sooo, this infection in the lungs should clear up soon and i can resume my life!

    so far today i've managed:
    breakfast: cereal, toast, cup of tea and juice.
    lunch: crackers topped with tuna, tomato and cheese. apple. cup of tea. love my cuppa's!
    damp dusted, vaccumed floor, changed bed linen, in master bedroom.
    wiped benches & swept and washed kitchen floor.
    vaccumed hallways in house.
    spoke on phone with dd.
    wrote emails.
    replied to a pm here on allnurses and i thank the messenger for alerting me to something i did not know. i've taken steps to amend my ignorance.
    apologies for any offence caused.
    and now, here i am ... on this, yet another, beautiful aussie spring day, enjoying participating on allnurses!
    so... to all who follow, i wish you a good morning to those "up/over" in the northern hemisphere! :melody:

    and, to my fellow southern hemisphere mates... g'day! and good afternoon!
    have a good one all!
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  3. by   Spidey's mom

    Glad you are feeling better.

    Here comes Monday for us in another 3 hours or so . . . . .I'm off until Thanksgiving Day and oh so very glad for 4 days off. And I didn't get called in today for OB - thank you very much God.

    I let my 4 year old stay up to watch Shrek - he loves to dance to the song at the end . .. "I thought love was only true in Fairy Tales . . . . Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer . . .I'm in love . . . I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried" . ..

    Ok - I'll quit singing and go dance with him.

  4. by   suebird3
    grace, you better believe i am not happy! it is 11:15 pm right now,a nd i am thinking....."grace, you so & so...." i forgot what time came up on yer post, and just noticed it.....

    we had pizza tonite. i am full. had to take a nap afterward. burp!

    ps...stevie beat me to the punch by 2 minutes. dang!

    until later.....

  5. by   Grace Oz
    just think about it..... i'm in your future!!
    where i am now in real time, you have yet to venture!!
    ah yes! us aussies are a leap ahead of the rest of ya!
    now, as you lot "up/over" area bout to begin this monday, i'm about to go and prepare the evening meal!!! :chuckle :chuckle
    cheers til next time .......
  6. by   bethin
    grace, think ya could shoot some of that spring over here in indiana? pretty please? if not, then you need to quit bragging!!

    good to hear your asthma is under control.

    finally finished my long weekend. weekend option is great when it's monday!
  7. by   weetziebat
    good morning to all,

    had to do a double take, as it is not yet 10pm sunday here!

    grace, soo glad you are feeling better. you certainly have gotten a lot accomplished. don't do too much too soon, ya know.
    my daughter and her boyfriend are having a wonderful time in australia. say it is a fantastic country, and if they could only make themselves understood it would be even better. one of these days i'd love to visit as well.

    steph, enjoy your days off.

    suebird, yum! pizza sounds great.

    bethin, we'd like some spring weather as well. glad to hear your weekend's work is over.

    waaaaahhhh!!!!! i have to go to sleep now!!! at 10 pm - me?!?
    monday is my first day at the new job. ugh! i hate new jobs. that awful dumb feeling like you'll never catch on....and not knowing anybody. oh well, ain't no use in complaining, huh? gotta try to be positive!!

    hope we all have a fantabulous monday!
  8. by   suebird3
    grace? i like to think that you get hit with the crumby days before us, too. heehee! :chuckle :chuckle

    weetzie.....3 pieces left, but i think that is lunch....

    just me...
  9. by   dianah
    Weetzie, GOOD LUCK on your first day!! Get a good sleep, ya hear??? Although if'n it was me, I'd have a hard time sleeping, kinda like the night before the first day of school . . . Hope all goes well and you're pleasantly surprised by something -- friendliness, efficiency, your own quickness at catching onto something (Oh yeah, I know how to do THAT!!) . . . it'll come!! Yew smart young thang, yew!!!

    Hi Bird! Hi Steph! I'll take a veggie pizza, thick or thin crust, doesn't matter -- thanks!

    Hi Grace! You put me to shame, with your accomplishments! So glad you're feeling better every day!

    My two ds's are a little better, youngest is still hacking. They do enjoy sitting home dinking on their 'puters.

    I didn't get nearly as much done today as I wanted to, but hey, tomorrow is another day . . . will tackle more after work. At least I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn (which is 6:00 for me, and yes, I know what time Steph and Jnette get up!!!) and gritch at the kids to get ready and make their lunches and cart them to school!! It's a mini-break, truly!

    Speaking of mini, dh and I spent most of the afternoon about an hour from home, at the BMW dealer. We bought a Mini Cooper. Dh's idea . . . actually, his choice. He didn't want a used car. I would have opted for a lower-end puddle-jumper . . . the Mini IS cute, though. Better gas mileage than our other two vehicles (oldest ds is 16 now, and it would be easier if he had his license and a car to drive. He can have the old '88 Toyota 4Runner). Anyway, we're poor again, by choice, what with TWO car payments. Not complaining, mind you. Just that everything has a price, everything has a trade-off. Maybe I'll get to drive it in a year or so (j/k, I'll take it for my errands, cuz of its gas mileage ).

    I need to finish getting ready for bed. I did get my hair trimmed today, and besides going to the grocery store, I made a Target run-thru and picked up some covered trash cans for the kitchen and the bathrooms. The kittens will just have to amuse themselves some other way; the trash is now officially OFF LIMITS!!

    See you all later! ----------- D
  10. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    Good morning/night everybody! I'm not in bed yet, have a huge meeting and a final today (its 0240 here) then I have to go back to the hospital to have my PPD read and fill out paperwork. I can't believe how slow this hospital is. I applied 10-11 and don't get to start until 11-28, so no check until 12-16. Now I know what broke really means. Not to mention I have to find a way to buy new clothes, since my 5 day orientation requires dress casual. I own scrubs, jeans and t-shirts. ugh! Have a good one y'all!
  11. by   nursemary9

    I can't believe there are so many of you up and about all ready and or still!!!

    I'm at work & not too bad tonite. One blood running!!
    I'm next admission.

    Grace--You sound like you are in such a good mood & you sound like you are feeling SO MUCH Better!!
    I wish I could get that much done in two days!!

    Stevie-- you also sound like you are in a great mood!!
    Have some nice days off

    Sue--The Pizza sounds wonderful--YUM!!

    Beth--You have a wonderful day after your weekend!!

    Weetzie-- I wish you all the BEST on the First day and also in the Future!!
    Good Luck to you!!

    Dinah--Congrats on the new car!! Let us know how you will like that mini Cooper, Please! Sorry about the extra payments!!

    Southernlpn--Good Luck to you also; Good Luck in todays final.and with the meeting!!

    Well, I had some bad news all ready tonite. I had E-Mailed my best friend to see how her & her DH are doing. I recently wrote that both of them had been newly diagnosed with the big CA!!! She with Breat CA & he with Prostate CA. Well, she is doing well--completed radiation & tolerated it well--HOWEVER--he is not so well. The week she completed Rad. he fell. At first refused to to Hosp. Finally did after 4 days--he had 4 broken ribs, compression Fx. of spine & pneumothorax. Was in ICU for 4 days. Also her sister had spinal surgery last week & is in tremendous pain!! My friend & her DH are both 60 yrs old & the sister is 59.

    Gee, I'm feeling so bad about this. Then with me being the Oncology Nurse that I am, I keep thinking about the implications of these fractures at his age. Oh well--I need to think less!!

    I'm taking my Mom to see the audiologist this AM

    Other that I have not much planned & will be off tonite. Tomorrow I have to start getting this house of mine cleaned for Thursday!!

    You all have a great day!!
    To all to come--Good Morning!!

    Mary Ann
  12. by   perfectbluebuildings
    GOOD MORNING everyone!!! you are all bright and cheerful so early... hmmph. (just kidding)

    I am heading to bed soon... back to work tonight after several days off- HOORAY I can't wait (that's what I tell myself)

    I hope everyone's staying warm. It's so cold here (well, to me anyway...) Take care, be safe!!
  13. by   RainDreamer
    Hi everyone!

    Weetzie, good luck to you on Mon., I know you'll do just fine and you'll be feeling comfortable there in no time!

    Last night was my first night shift and it went good! I was orienting with another nurse (very nice lady!) so I could learn the routine for that shift. Overall it went well. I just like the whole atmosphere! Wasn't busy with tons of people in there. We still kept busy with the babies, but we didn't have to deal with all the docs and discharges and stuff. I really think I'll like that shift.

    I'm on my own starting tomorrow night, which I feel good about ..... everyone there is so helpful if I ever need anything, need help or have questions.

    The thing is .... I feel like crap tonight! I've been fighting this cold/cough for a couple weeks now. Went to the doctor last week and got some amoxicillin. That was last Tuesday. I started feeling somewhat better a few days ago .... still a little cough but not too bad, really only had trouble at night. But yesterday my cough started getting worse, and got worse throughout the night while I was working. Wasn't too bad though, I knew I could still work feeling like that. I came home this morning and crashed ..... took some Nyquil to help me sleep (since I had some trouble sleeping the day before). I kept getting cold through the day while I was sleeping, but just figured it was cooler outside. Then a few hours ago tonight I took my temp, because I was FREEZING ...... 101.9. Hmm, ok, not too bad. Watched TV for a while and talked with my sis. Took it a little later and it was 102.9, then 103.2. Last that I took just earlier was 102.6. That just seems so high, what the heck?! I don't feel terribly bad .... I just keep getting warm, then cold. Just been laying around watching TV. I'm about ready to lay down to try and sleep .... I just hope it's gone by the time I wake up. I can't call in sick tomorrow. It's the first day I'm on my own and she specifically put me on the schedule because they were slim on nurses for tomorrow night. This just sucks. I already called in a couple weeks ago when I first started getting sick. I'm still on probation and afraid they'll fire me if I call in sick for tomorrow. Ahhhh. I'm probably not being rational ..... I'm just worried.

    GOnna try to sleep, wish me luck!
  14. by   Tweety
    G'day Grace!

    Today I'm going to run some errands and houseclean. The parents are coming tomorrow, so have to clean the house.

    Have a great day!