Good Morning Monday 11/07

  1. Good Morning, Family,

    I can't believe no one has started the Thread again.
    All Premium members are invited to share with us. Tell us something about your day!!

    I'll be back in a couple of minutes

    Mary Ann
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Hello Again!!Oh Boy, Somehow I managed to post my first note three timesMaybe one of the Mods can take two of them away!!Well, I'm at work and it's so-so. I just did an admit and now another is on the way. Well, at least mine is done. It wasn't too bad.I did not yet get to read all of yesterdays postings since I slept yesterday afternoon & evening. There sure were a lot of pages. I go to see the Ortho Dr. Monday evening. I hope he will be able to solve the mystery of all my new pain, but I doubt it. If, by some miracle he can do something, I would sure be thankful. These new [pains popped up after I was started on a course of levaquin. The same day I started that I also started on lasix. I have read that levaquin can cause these joint pains, but the Primary MD doubted that. Well, I guess we'll see.I will be off monday evening which will be nice.I hope all of you have a lovely day.I'm going to leave y ou all with a bit of a snackFreshly brewed coffee, decaff, tea ( a beer or two for weetzie)Fresh fruit--melons, berries, bananas and mangoFreshly squeezed juiceBran muffinsSo every one have a great day!! Don't work too hard for all that have to work today.see you all laterMary Ann
  4. by   Tweety
    Thanks for the breakfast Mary. I hope you get some answers about the pains your having.

    The dog got me up early, and I started thinking of all I had to do, so knowing I couldn't fall back asleep I'm going to start on the day!
  5. by   nurse4theplanet
    good morning mary! good morning tweety! dog got you up too early? same here...i could have slept another hour and a half but i figured i could get some laundry done before i go to school this morning. it is piled so high i can barely see my bathroom!!!

    i have an appointment with a gi doc today at 1:30. they are going to scope me to see what has been causing me to be so nauseated and crampy lately (no i am not preggo for all those who are wondering haha). they suspect i could have ulcers. keep me in your thoughts.

    afterwards, i am going to my mother's house to help her faux paint! i am so excited b/c i love hgtv and tlc...i am a decorating fiend (sp?), but since we live in an apartment i have to stare at white walls. she is kinda letting me take control too which is neat.

    anyway, hope you all have a great day at work/school/home/wherever! happy posting!

    20 days till hubby is home from iraq and counting!!!!
  6. by   suebird3
    hey, mary. been up for a while. napped on and off all day. finally doing laundry at this ungodly hour. am hungry, but don't know for what. would probably make me ill, anyhow.

    [color=#483d8b]wait until i head out for work later on tonite.
    [color=#483d8b]of course, tweety sneaks in on me. i was answering a pm.

  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Morning everyone,

    I am still offline until the cable is re-installed at my place. Meanwhile school pc works fine.

    Have a wonderful day all
  8. by   Fonenurse
    Well it's afternoon here already! Can't believe that I am posting so late. Just wondering what to have for lunch - had yoghurt for breakfast... think it will be crackers and low fat cheese spread.

    It's a gorgeous autumn day here - the sun is shining and it feels great to be alive and on the mend! :hatparty:
  9. by   suebird3
    just dropped in again, midway between laundry duty and other assorted things that need to be done (and get put off....).

    not looking forward to work.

  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning from work. The alarm woke me up as the dog is outside!

    8 patients again - 2 RN's today and one CNA.

    Two cancer patients -

    Had a protein bar and two cups of coffee.

    Two patients have already had their bed baths and hair washed - they are roommates.

    The weather is nice - not too cold. My room is starting to smell musty though - I left a fan going. Probably gonna have to send the rug out for cleaning. The roofer came yesterday - thinks he can get to the roof this week just to patch it and well replace it next spring - the weather is too iffy this time of year.

    Picked DD up at a frosty last night after she went bowling with some friends. The guys were all acting goofy - french fries up the nose, putting pickles, hamburger, etc., in the drinks and daring each other to drink, acting like an epileptic, plus they left their trash on the table. I asked my daughter when we got in the pickup what she saw in them. She thought they were hilarious. I pointed out that as a waitress, I would not appreciate people leaving their garbage on the table. The gross stuff was immature. The epileptic fit might hurt someone's feelings (remember your own mom has epilepsy hon

    I dunno - I don't remember being attracted to guys who shoved french fries up their nose.

  11. by   suebird3 be young again! :chuckle
    with guys, that may just be a "normal" thing for them. i hung around the kids who had warped senses of humour. sure beats the straight laced ones who don't know how to smile/have fun/end up with ulcers by 35 (if not sooner).

    now, to finish laundry.

    one sorry bird
  12. by   live4today
    Good morning ya'll! The need to go potty and deal with my own cold symptoms has had me up for almost an hour now. SIL left early this morning for military training out of state. He'll be gone six weeks. The eleven yr. old got up to go potty, returned to bed, and when I stopped by his bedroom he sadly said "Dad's gone.". I said Dad had to go to military training school. He'll be back soon. I kissed his forehead before leaving his room. The others will be up shortly. I turned the heat on this morning to knock the chill off the house before the others rise and shine. For now, it's I'm taking advantage of the moment that will soon come to an end. Once the three little ones are up, the quiet will be ohhhhhhhhhh but a memory. God bless 'em.

    Mary...thanks for breakfast. The bran muffin, bananas, and melons sound tasty to me. Think I'll fix myself a hot cup of Chamomille tea once I'm done here. Hope you have a marvelous day yourself.

    Tweety....have a great day. Study hardy...take some time to breathe for yourself today.

    soldierswife.........hope and pray your doc appt. turns out ok, and they find what's causing you so much pain. Gotta get rid of that nuisance before you dh comes home. Have a fun day at your mom's painting.'s Moose this morning? I do hope he doesn't get the flu. That is surely no picnic to deal with. That nasty picture Jnette posted last night is STILL in me head, too. :chuckle Anyhoo....laundry onward, and take some time to enjoy the view.

    Jessica....I am so sorry about your marriage. I surely missed reading about that, and truly apologize for not being here to comfort you. PM me anytime. :kiss

    Fonenurse....isn't Autumn soooooooo pretty? I love the many colors of the Autumn leaves. Enjoy your Autumn day.

    steph....enjoy your day at work. It sounds like you'll be semi busy anyway, especially with the cancer patients. I was such a straight laced funny always smiling making people smile and/or laugh teenager that the type of teens you described would've grossed me out as well. I was too "good" to be "bad" as a teenager. What did I miss out on?

    Well, dd and her six yr. old dd are up now. Time for neb txs and other meds to be passed. Won't be long now before the two toddlers get up. Dora the Explorer and Doodlebops will soon be the conversation of the hour. I'll post again later. Ya'll behave now. To all who come after I post.........have a mah-va-lous day dahlins!
  13. by   suebird3
    hey, cheerful.....moose is better....i think. at least i was told so. i can assure you he did not see that picture. that woulda made it worse.
  14. by   sjb2005
    Hi to all!!!

    Well I am usually upbeat but need to unload today and reset.

    It's been a challenging couple of days. I think burn-out is taking it's toll.

    Probably going to look back into traveling again. Family will not take this well. But survival is what you need to do.

    Very irritable and I do not like it.

    Hey not to worry, I'll get the spirit back for some fun...just need a few days.

    Thanks for listening.