Good morning, good morning! 8-17-2006

  1. I've got nothing to say but it's O.K.
    Good morning, good morning...
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Good night Good night!!!! lol
    My thursday's almost over!
    Enjoy your day everyone!
  4. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning My Dear Peeps!!

    I'm at work!! I am a NERVOUS WRECK!! It is also a BUSY night!! VERY BUSY, I might add!!

    I'm nervous because --my DH fell coming out of our garage this afternoon; He may have a broken shoulder & finger; he has a HUGE abrasion on left arm from wrist to elbow--tore several layers of skin off.

    I wanted him to go to ER right then, but he refused!!! Honestly--you men!!!
    He refused cause I had to worki tonite and he didn't want me to lose sleep!!
    I called his MD & spoke to him myself---He definitely wanted him seen in ER. SO, I told DH this & he agreed to go----but only at 2300 when I was coming to work; Well, that was better then nothing, I guess.
    So I took him there on the way to work tonite at 2230; Well he didn't get into an exam room until 0200. They give him a tetanous shot & he was going for X-Rays--have not heard anything since then.

    I had cleansed the wound well & put a NS wet-dry dressing on arm & cleansed finger. We iced the arm & shoulder thru the evening.

    I just wish he would have gone right away.
    I had called my Manager because we had an extra nurse on tonite--so I thought maybe I could get off. Well, she said she absolutely need all 4 of us RN's tonite b/c we were so busy!!! OK trhat's why I didn't call in; well, I get here & they pulled one of the RN's to another floor!! I was kind of angry--since she said she needed me here!!
    Oh well--that's life in a hospital;
    Just worried abt hubby!!

    Space and Grace----Goodmorning to each of you!!

    I am going to leave a BIG pot of Coffee for all of us who need it!!!

    Good morning to all & hope you all have a Wonderful day!!
    Will let you all know abt. DH

    Mary Ann
  5. by   RGN1
    Morning all! Was supposed to be my day off but through the kindness of my own heart I have agreed to work a late shift on the bank to help out my dear colleagues!

    Am busy filling in my CGFNS visascreen & job application forms - my are THEY TEDIOUS!

    Hope your hubby is okay N9.

    Love to all xxx
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from nursemary9
    I wanted him to go to ER right then, but he refused!!! Honestly--you men!!!
    Don't look at me! I don't know about myself sometimes either...

    Hope it isn't too serious

    I'm off to bed!
  7. by   nursemary9

    I;m back!!
    I'm still NERVOUS!! haven't heard anymore about DH.

    I was just going back and reading yesterdays thread and I have been getting SO angry!!! :angryfire :angryfire Not at any of us here but at some of the Insensitive and Uncaring Nurses & Precepters out there!!:angryfire It makes me so MAD when these people berate new nurses like our Suzy & Rain and other newbies on this thread, simply for asking questions or admitting that they are not comfortable doing a procedure!!
    I have been an RN for over 40 yrs & I have precepted and worked with hundreds of new people & never once said anything negative about questions!! I might get upset when they DON"T do these things but NEVER when they do!!

    This is just one of my pet peeves!! How do we expext our new people to learn if we can't be patient?
    Sorry for the rant, but as I say, it's just one of the things that GET's to me!!

    Hope you're meltdown was brief!! We're all Monkey-Dancing with you to help bring you back down!!


    hello to all

    mary Ann
  8. by   luvltc
    Good morning all.

    Mary Ann, hope everything turns out well with your hubby.

    I should still be at work for the next 3.5 hours, but I am now home. I got sent home because I got injured at work tonight. Stupid me slipped on a wet floor (which I did not know was wet because housekeeping did not put up a sign). So I ended up spraining my wrist and knee.

    Just waiting for hubby to get up so I can surprise him. What a day to end my precepting with my graduate nurse. Guess you could say I sent him off with a bang! He is supposed to be heading to Afghanastain next week.

    Everyone have a wonderful day. As soon as hubby gets up, I'm taking some good pain pills and going to bed.
  9. by   nursemary9
    Hello Yet Again

    well, heard from DH. He has a broken finger and a rotator cuff tear; just to use antibiotic cream on the large abrasion. They splinted his finger.

    despite his promise to stay here in o ur lounge, he "changed his mind" and is going top go home!! Oh well!! He could have just stayed!! Now he is going to have to have t o pick me up in 3 hrs!! If my clerk was going home this AM she could take me----but Her Mom is having Surgery here in the AM for a broken hip!!! She also had a fall!!

    So that's the story!!

    See you all again!!
    Mary Ann
  10. by   nursemary9

    Hope you will be better!!
    Get some rest & take those pain pills!

    Lots of falls, lately!!

    Mary Ann
  11. by   Tweety
    Good Morning.

    Mary Ann I'm sorry about your husband. I hope he's o.k.

    I too feel bad when preceptors aren't sensitive enough in their criticism (sorry new grads you do need it) and have to berate instead. There's a proper way to do it and if you can't understand someone elses feelings you shouldn't be a preceptor. Just because one is a good nurse on the floor doesn't mean they can precept. End of rant.

    I'm off today. I have to be home from 8-5 waiting on the refrig repairperson so I'm going to the gym before then. Although I did have an attack of insomnia a 4am and got up waaaaaaaaaaaay to early. There is indeed a nap sometime today in my future.

    I also have a final exam today.
  12. by   suzy253
    Morning everyone! Hope everyone with the sprains and tears heal quickly!

    I'm not letting this preceptor from **** get to me. She is well known for not being ..... erm....stable shall we say? Not that I didn't want to do a procedure...I certainly did and love learning and getting was just her reaction to me saying I didn't feel comfortable doing it alone. Oh well.....all water under the bridge now.

    Today I'm taking an inservice dysrhythmia class starting at 8 a.m. why am I up at this hour???? :spin:
  13. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning All
    Nursemary9 I am glad that your husband is ok.
    Tweety it is frustrated to have to wait for repairmen all day. I am not a patient person, it drives me crazy to have to wait on someone.
    cardiacnurse take care of yourself.
    Roy and Graze have a good sleep.
  14. by   Tweety
    Mary Ann, I must have missed the update above mine when I posted. Glad to hear the husband is not as bad off as it could have been. I don't blame him for going home, I wouldn't want to sit in a lounge for three hours when I could sit and hope for 3 hours. Hope he's not in too much pain.