Good Morning. Friday 5/25

    Hi There,

    Don't know if someone else is starting the thread even as I type!!

    This is the place for all Premium members to come and sit a spell; tell us about your day and what's going on!!

    I'm at work again & Charge.
    So, I'm not going to be able to spend more then a couple of minutes here!!

    I'll see you all after work & after I have my nail appt.!!

    Hope you all have a great Friday!!

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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Hello - It is still Thursday night . . .paying bills online. Then off to bed.

    See you in the morning for coffee. Hope your night is calm Mary.

  4. by   dianah
    Mary Ann, I hope your night as Charge goes smoothly. I'm sure you're a capable and competent Charge Nurse (even though I know it's not your position of choice!).

    I'm just getting ready for bed, see you all later! ---------- D
  5. by   Cherish
    Gmornin everyone...
    Just finishing up watching the movie Apocalypto. It's actually a good movie. I had watched Queen before that and that it was good too.

    Hope everyone's day is more interesting than mine (won't be doing much).
  6. by   bethin
    Good morning! Thanks for starting the thread Mary Ann.

    Not much planned for today. Need to go to the post office, work to pick up some papers and my paycheck stub (they don't mail them to you anymore), wash my car and that's it I think. Pay some bills probably.

    Upset at my parents right now and feel like crying. My mom said "we're disappointed that you're not going into nursing." And "we are no longer willing to help you if you're not doing nursing." They had been buying my books before I rec'd financial aide. That's ok. We (my mom, dad, my db and my 2 youngest nieces and I) were sitting outside the other day. Mom made the comment that she was going to buy a stroller but thought that it wouldn't be worth the money since there won't be any more grandkids. I replied that I could have kids. For some reason they thought this was funny and everyone started laughing ......loudly. I asked them if they thought I would make a good mother. More laughing then me crying and walking away. Parents don't want me to study political science as it would take 4 years to get a degree. They want me to return to the cc and study paralegal. I would be done in about 1 year. They're concerned about money BUT they aren't paying for the loans! I will be. If I do paralegal I'll be stuck in paralegal. But if I do political science I can get a job just about anywhere. I checked. I could work with the state dept, CIA, FBI and other government affliations or work as a lobbyist or continue to law school. I know deep down my parents and db think I'm flaky and I will never finish anything. I guess you gotta love 'em because they're your family but that doesn't mean I have to like them. Their words deeply hurt my feelings.

    I applied for a second job as a monitor tech and unit coordinator for ICU. Don't know if I'll get it as I have zero experience in that area. I do know the QRS wave and what bigeminy is and v tach and that's it. Need something to supplement my income. We have been very slow at work and I get called off every other weekend. Things are tight.

    Alright, I've whined enough. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! :spin:
  7. by   sirI
    good morning

    guess i'm the first one up for the day.

    having my

    breakfast for clients and meeting all morning.:spin:

    hope you all have a wonderful friday.
  8. by   jnette
    woooooot !!!

    well.. gonna be an easy day here, off to see three patients this am, then our nurses meeting, and then home !!!

    better get going.. hope to catch you all later!


    parents will be parents, just as kids will be kids. :kiss
  9. by   clemmm78
    good morning!
    Hot day coming here, and, what's even better is that tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous. Since tomorrow is my 46th birthday, that pleases me to no end.
  10. by   Jessy_RN
    Good morning lovely folks :spin:

    I will be going to work soon.........been having chest pain and been extremely anxious. School and my big move to AZ plus starting my first nursing stressing me out

    I don't know, I guess it's the HESI and NCLEX that I need to take that are worrying me sick. I can't help's a physiological thing in me

    Anyhow, have a wonderful day. My allergies are killing me and unfortunately can't enjoy the weather as much....Grrrrrrr it's time to move to the desert

  11. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning
    We have a neighbor that has a bunch of cats and they stay outside. well one of them was pregnant. We have a pool table on our patio, which dh uses to store stuff on top. anyway dogs were going crazy like something was on the table. so we go looking and in one of the boxes there are 2 kittens. so i take the kittens and the box and put them on the side of the house (our dogs aren't there) so Mom takes the kittens later. the following sunday my husband finds kittens in the boat, so move the kittens again. She has put them in there 4 times! He even booby trapped with mouse traps to deter her. Hopefully this time he has secured it enough so she cant' put them in there again. We have figured they are about 3 weeks old.
  12. by   DDRN4me
    :smilecoffeecup: Morning friends!!

    what a week!!!! havent been on much as life has taken a major turn for the crazy:spin:

    as I think i wrote earlier in the week, dd hurt her knee (not the same side as new hip, thank goodness) last sat. MD thinks its torn meniscus; having MRI tonoc.
    Monday noc we received a call from a hospital in FL; my mil is in ICU on a vent after being found at home with difficulty breathing. talked to her nurse and her (off vent ) on Tues; think its another MI or an arrythmia.

    I was supposed to go take care of my nonna this weekend but with dd immobile i couldnt so my mom went ... just as she was getting ready to go we got a phone call from my aunt that nonna rolled off of the couch while napping! used her emergency call bracelet and was ok when emts got there; they helped her up and she seemed ok. If i had been there i would have insisted on the er but my aunt cant be bothered.

    I am off today as i had previously scheduled it; want to get my planting and my moms done for her; its supposed to be hot and sunny this weekend!!

    hopefully this will be a better weekend and start of the new week!
    hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
  13. by   compassion1
    Good morning all. Taking ds for an EEG and bloodwork this AM f/b taking dd to her MD. Methotrexate isn't helping her pain at all. It's only making her sick for a full day each week. Medrol wasn't any help either. Gotta get the car checked out too. Squealing when I brake and/or turn. If I get the chance I've got to go to the library and return some books and grab some more. I love reading.

    Jnette, I'm so happy for you, having ds back on home soil again. Hurrah!

    (((((((Bethin))))))), I'm sorry your family said the things they did. Family can hurt the heart worse 'cause they mean more to you. It will all work out in time because you love each other. I'll keep you in prayer.
    Clemmm, Happy Birthday in advance! I hope it's a great one!

    To all others, I'm sorry I can't address you all but I've got to get moving or ds won't get to his appt. on time. I hope you all have a wonderful God blessed day.
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  14. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Happy Friday Everybody!

    Baby and I are meeting my dear sis in the Strip District this morning to shop for dsil's baby shower on Monday. It's not what you think it is, I swear. It sonds more like where you would shop for a bachelorette party, but it's the city's open air marketplace. That means I have to get to the bank first. A lot of merchants only take cash.

    Off to hurry up and get ds ready. (And me.) Sis is leaving her house around 09:00 and will be there between 09:15 and 09:30. I'm only 5 minutes away but parking is a pain in the you know where.

    beth-Have you thought about putting school on hold for a semester or year to really decide what you want to do? That way you may not feel so pressured into something you don't want. It will give you time to research all of your options and srengths/weaknesses. If you're not ready to be there or wanting to study what you will be studying, it will make things 10 times harder. With your tempermental gut, that's the last thing you need. I hope I don't sound preachy, I just want someone to learn from my mistakes. I learned those lessons at the expense of my health, a lot of money and a lot of stress on a strained marriage.