Good Morning Friday May 18, 2007

  1. good morning sweet peeps!!!

    all premium members to the good morning thread! come one. come all!

    start your day with a cuppa java joe in your super cool

    <----it's friday!!
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning Wow where is everyone? Resting working? I wish I was still sleeping. But it is Friday. I have an MRI today, xrays were normal. I am still sore but nothing like it was.
    I hope everyone has a good day. ttyl
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Good morning! G'day! Good night!

    It's friday evening here in the land Down Under. Almost settled back after our two week holiday. The house is halfway clean. The washing done. Pantry re-stocked. Yep, things returning to routine!

    Wishing everyone a happy friday!

    Cheers .........
  5. by   jnette
    Good Morning, dear Friends !

    And Friday it IS INDEED !!!

    Boy, do I ever need a weekend! I am tee totally wore out.

    It's been a rough two weeks.. had Mutti by myself most of the week before while dh was in Tenn., plus working..then worked all weekend on call.. the all this week. I am so ready for a break.

    Hoping to get through today and then I'm kicking back for the weekend.. 'posed to be a purrrrrrrrrrrty one, too. Might take Mutti for a nice drive on the Parkway and stop at one of the overlooks/picnic areas for a picnic lunch.

    Other than that, not much going on here.. work, Mutti, cooking, laundry, Mutti, work, laundry, cooking....

    DH began setting out his flowers, and this week he'll finish them up.. flowers, flowers everywhere!
    It will be beautiful around here again before long.

    Adam is well on his way home across that vast ocean.. 5 more days and he will have his feet on solid ground once again.

    Flies directly to Denver for a week with his soulmate out there, she has really kept him going while he was out on this long deployment.

    Then on June first he flies in to Charlotte airport in NC, where I'll be waiting for him with bells on !!!

    Well... better head out the door to work.. hope I can get back here to play a bit this weekend. Sure do miss everyone.

    ((((HUGZ))) all around !
  6. by   Grace Oz
    Jnette, I'm SO happy for you that Adam is headed homeward! Can imagine just how you feel! That's wonderful news. I share in your excitement and joy.

    Hope you get rested and refreshed. ((((hugs))))
  7. by   TCRNCOB61
    Good Morning Everyone!! I am going to pick blueberries today and make blueberry jam. (I ran out cause I gave all the nurses I work with a jar of either strawberry or blueberry jam for nurses week)

    The kittens are going to their new homes tommorrow!!! They are almost 7 weeks old and tearing up my house!!!!! Here is a picture of how 2 of them "help" me......

    I have 4 of these running the house right now! My son is still in a wheelchair and they love playing in the wheels of it and sleeping on the foot rests. They make me tired just watching them play.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  8. by   Jessy_RN

    I am do darn tired today and I still have to work today, Saturday and Kaplan review all day sunday :uhoh21:

    Did I mention that I feel behind and that there really aren't enough hours in a day

    I've been in la-la land. I got another job offer and I think this one is it.........I am officially out of here and off to Arizona I go
  9. by   Rizpah
    Good morning all - happy happy Friday! Work today for me then off for the weekend. Have to help the newlyweds move. So guess it's really not a "weekend off" ... Check out my avatar for a wedding picture of the family - it was a sweet, sweet time.

    Siri - I have to laugh every time I see your party cats - thanks for the smile.

    jm - good luck on your MRI today - prayers for you

    grace - welcome back from your holiday - hope you had a wonderful time! If you work too hard on clean up, you'll need a vacation from your vacation!

    jnette - get some well deserved rest and enjoy your w/end. Hope your visit with Mutti goes well.

    TC - cute kitties! We have them around all the time, but ours are outside cats.

    FutureJess - I hope you are able to get some rest. Good luck on the job prospect! Big move! I'd be scared to death!
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning from work . . .

    Just called my ds in Scotland . . . . I love that I'm able to call on the cell phone.

    Happy Friday!

  11. by   muffie
    good morning all

    poor muffie is beat from a shift on 4 hrs sleep [wawawawawawawa]

    so i'm off to the coffee pot

    birthday dinner surprise for co worker today

    wth am i going to wear ?????? yikes

    what is big D going to wear ? , i told him 2 days ago to pick out some options and i would prepare the clothes [bad old man :trout: ]

    must pet some kittens here...

    tammy was at it again this am...meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow etc ...OMG

  12. by   dianah
    Good morning! It's good to hear from you all, love the kitten pictures!! Jnette, do you have someone come in to help with Mutti while you're at work? Steph, cell phones are amazing. muffie, pet Tammy STAT!!!

    We had another busy week at work . . jam last night, and heard a lot from 90-yo guitar player Herb! Lots of riffs and hammers and pinches: he really knows his stuff!! With his white hair (still there and still wavy!) and trim white moustache, he looked to be in his late 60s, really! I'll bet he was quite the entertainer in his day, as he STILL can make the guitar sing! Bless his heart! He and his dd are on their way to "home," in Missouri, in a few days. We hope to see him back at the jam, sometime.

    Y'all have a good day! ---- D
  13. by   donsterRN
    Good morning, everyone! I finally have some time all to myself. Spring semester is done (got a B in A&PII--- I'm REALLY OK with it!). I have a week or so before summer session begins. I'm using that time to brush up on Sociology for a CLEP exam in a couple of weeks. We're finishing up the drywalling in the kitchen; the cabinets and countertop are being installed next week. The workers will be here for about a week. Then we'll do the finish work. Ran errands yesterday and finished the laundry. I hate doing laundry. That and emptying the dishwasher are my two least favorite chores! And I finally got a library card! Let's see... what else? I'm up to and maintaining 45 minutes of aerobic cardio exercise. It's amazing what that does for my evergy level and my belly! I sweat, the heart pounds and it all feels really good!

    I hope you all are well! Have a wonderful day whether at work, play or school. Oh, Twister cat just jumped up on my desk and onto the keyboard. I suppose that's my cue to pay him some attention!

    Peace and love. Be well, and be blessed!

  14. by   tnbutterfly
    i am soooooo glad it is friday!! it was a very short work week for me, but i am so tired. i am still trying to find those 3 hours i lost.
    [color=#a0522d]i just talked to my far away she's fine...but i'm not sure about her mom. she is having a great experience and hasn't gotten lost that is good.
    [color=#a0522d]i think my dh and i will go see a movie tonight. not sure which one, but i'm sure we will eat popcorn. popcorn always makes the movie better imho.
    [color=#a0522d]here is a picture of my furry grandpup that i am taking care of and trying to train. not sure who is training who. he is a handful.
    [color=#a0522d]y'all have a great friday and