Good Morning Everyone!!! 1/5/5

  1. I see you all did pretty well with the Spanish yesterday! See, learning a second language isn't so difficult....well, it was a start. But, don't let me fool you...I speak it "poco". So, don't feel bad. It was just something to either perk ya up or make ya say..."What??" Anyway, have a great day folks. Been up for awhile. Very tired and going to bed. Got to get up soon and hit the floors. Drive safe.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Come one, come all Premium Members to the good morning thread!

    How is everyone today? I'm at work drinnking my green tea. Got put in charge yet again tonight, this time for the whole 12 hours. Not a bad night. The ER is bursting at the seams with patients that are hard to admit, like nursing home isolations and critical care patients. Most of the medical floors are full, so I'm still expecting to get slammed. The super on tonight is very good, but notoriously saves admissions until the end when she has her ducks in a row.

    Anyway, just having tea right now. You're on your own for breakfast.
  4. by   Tweety
    I just felt it you were posting the same time I was! Literally, the exact time to the minute! I should have waited.

    Good morning! I'll ask the mods to merge the threads. Good night to you!
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    3rdshiftguy and I posted the good morning at the exact same time. Hey, go to his thread to post. Tweety has seniority. Hey, I'm a team player.

  6. by   gwenith
    Sorry guys but when merging you have no control over who gets "first" the board does it on strict timing so I guess Thunderwolf must have been a fraction faster - sorry Tweety Mate!!!

    To make up I promise that if you and your spouse ever get to Australia I promise I will show you what the koala did in the tree!!!
  7. by   Thunderwolf
    Tweety, I love your signature.
    The Lakota express it very well>
    They have a saying...Mitakuye Oyasin.
    It means...We are all related and/or All things are related.
    As such, we are all brothers and sisters to each other and to everything the Creator made.
    Just wanted to share this.

    NOW, I'm going to bed.

    Have a good one.
  8. by   akcarmean
    tweety -- hope the night goes good like it has so far and you aren't slammed to hard. are you going to the gym after work?? i would love to have your dedication and energy.

    well talked to the dr. today and they put me on a different sleeping medication restoril 15mg (generic temazepam) i went to bed @ 10 and then i was back up @ 1:30. anyone familiar with this med. is this a pretty low dose? does it work well? i was hoping to get more sleep than what i did. paper said to watch out for daytime drowsiness and i can't even make it through the night to sleep. at least the baby is sleeping tonight. i think the antibiotic has finally kicked it. as long as i keep pain medicine in him he seems almost back to normal. no medicine and he is cranky and unbareable so i 'm guessing his throat is still sore.

    well don't have a lot of plans donald's going to the sitters and i am going to make some phone calls about getting some help to pay for babysitting. then need to finish assignment which was due last night. (teacher prefered) but as long as it's done by sat. i'm ok.

    i will be late checking in tomorrow unless i am unable to sleep again. i have my dr. appt. and i have to leave the house @ 6:30 am so i can be there for my 7:45 appt.

    well enough of my book. have a good day/afternoon/evening. take care and my prayers go out to all those who are in need. good luck with studies, classes, exercise, wt. loss or any other goals. take care and will check in later.

  9. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Good morning, you two! Can I crash this party?

    Couldn't sleep, woke up with a little heartburn and decided as long as I was going to sit up and sip water to dilute it, I might as well be online.

    Not a lot going on. Spending my last week of freedom wondering if I am going to remember enough from school. I counted it up and it's been about 8-1/2 months since I really felt like I knew anything scholarly about nursing. Studying for boards isn't the same thing at all. At least it wasn't for me.

    I tutored a friend for her CPNE yesterday--enjoyed it immensely. Gets me outta the house and the time just flies. Before we know it, we have been at it for three hours.

    The dogs have been behaving, no fights lately, and they've been pretty good about coming in when called, maybe because they are associating my announcement that "good dogs get cookies" (said with a tone like a nursery school teacher reading a story) means there will be cookies! Several of the dogs were out in our field day before yesterday, it was pouring rain and I really wanted them inside. I started to call, DH says, they can't hear you, they can't even hear you when it's not raining. But, amazingly, apparently some syllables (like "cookie") can be heard over long distances through the rain. LOL

    Monday it looked like somebody had peed on the kitchen floor and it looked like coffee or cola (I checked, nobody human spilled anything), so 12 pairs of eyes were checked for jaundice (8 dogs, 4 cats). No guilty parties, so maybe it was something else. In this house, it is anybody's guess.

    No recent visitors from the paranormal sphere so I guess the spirits have settled down too. (Went through a little phase of the kitchen timer starting and stopping, clock radio on and off, nobody there. Ooooookaaaaaaay.....)

    Well, best wishes for a wonderful day for all who have and will come here.
  10. by   weetziebat
    good morning to everyone

    gotta make this quick since i have to clean my kitchen. dh cooks, i clean. only fair, just should do it before i sit down at the computer, cause y'all know what happens once you sit down.

    tweets, sorry - i forgot what it is like to work nights. of course, you go home and have dinner. so its o.k. - you can enjoy your salmon and beans. (i approve )

    angie, i know a woman who falls asleep all night after taking a tylenol. just a plain ole tylenol. wouldn't that be great? hope your appt. goes well tomorrow. glad to hear baby is sleeping - he must be starting to feel better.

    alright, i said short, so goodnight to all and hope we all have a wonderful wednesday hugs -

  11. by   presC.
    i went to the bookstore today and bought 3 books! its all about relationship and achieving your goals. i need to "feed my mind" with good books aside ofcourse with our text books/referrences. been staying home for several months now while waiting for the development of my immigrant visa (hopefully i'll be able to hear good news from my agent tonight/tom.).

    hi chris, ((((((((((hugs))))))))) and :kiss, enjoy this day!
    weetziee, how sweet. doing chores together
    angie, take your time.. just keep us posted. god bless you!
    'morning tweety, thunderwolf & gwenith~ have a safe day.

    mary ann, lil'girl- i'm excited to see you guys! where are you? at work/school?

    got to go. i'll start to read now.
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  12. by   jnette
    Good Morning !

    Kinda rainy/drizzly out there this morning.. good enough reason to stay in my jammies all day.

    Tweety, hope the rest of your night goes admission free.
    Angelia.. hope the meds kick in and do what you want them to.
    PresC.. HI THERE !!! Enjoy the read.
    Weetz.. I do the same with dh... he cooks, I clean it up. And yes, I ALWAYS do that before I ever sit down. Mostly 'cuz I can't stand seeing all that mess in the kitchen, and the sooner it's cleaned up, the better I feel. Sure, I could always come in here and not SEE it, but I know the next time I walk back out there the mess will only still be there, gloating and sticking out its nasty tongue at me. So I fix its little red wagon before it gets the chance. Heh.

    Schoenen guten Morgen, Donnerwolf !!! Lass es Dir heute gut gehen.

    Chris.. you got pookies? :uhoh21:
    So when do you start work? Fill us in again.. it's been awhile. Hope your friend does well at CPNE.

    Gwenith.. what are you into this morning (evening) ?
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  13. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    It's raining again and flooding alot!! The 22" of snow, then the several inches of rain on top of that isn't helping. Our pasture looks like a lake right now. I'm glad we live on a hill!!!

    I'm at work now, took my son in for a school meeting. I'm working a half day and just have a couple of pts to see. Tomorrow, we have our immunization clinic-should be a busy day!

    Angie, I know Restoril also comes in 30 mg, but I would give the 15 mg another try!! Good Luck with your Dr's appt. It's the pits when you can't sleep!!

    Need to get busy, hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
  14. by   Tweety
    Quote from gwenith
    Sorry guys but when merging you have no control over who gets "first" the board does it on strict timing so I guess Thunderwolf must have been a fraction faster - sorry Tweety Mate!!!

    To make up I promise that if you and your spouse ever get to Australia I promise I will show you what the koala did in the tree!!!

    Never mind about all that. I love your fabulous avatar!