Good Morning December 31st!

  1. Good morning everyone. It's the end of 2004, lets start with some hot coffee, hot chocolate or good chamomile tea!

    I'm taking a brief break from studies. It's an assignment about APA style of writing papers and it's going soooo slowly. Especially since I haven't heard of it before. But I have a program that lets me cheat when I actually get to writing those papers.

    Went to a nice Chinese Buffet and pigged out last night. That was my date with spouse.

    Hi Weetzie, I see you on. Are you just lurking these days?

    Everyone have a safe and happy new years eve. As I'm sure I said, I'm working tonight and will ring in the new year with co-workers. Woot!
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  3. by   Tweety
    O.K. finished that assignment. One more to go. But off to the gym first. The gym is stopping their night shift hours, but is a bummer, but they open at 5:00AM and I'll be there. I have until Monday to do the last quiz, and then it's on to the real work.

    Then it's breakfast, I think for me that will be leftover turkey.
  4. by   karenG
    good morning Tweety!!

    well.. I'm at work.. busy seeing patients as always! one thing about this job.. you dont have time to get bored!

    tonight I am planning on lighting the coal fire and curling up with a bottle of wine and a good film... will see the new year in quietly!!

    out with the old and in with new... so my resolutions this year are to finally lose the extra wgt I am carrying (about 25lbs) rejoin the gym and get fit- I'm walking the west highland way and great glen way with Chrisrob this year and she'll leave me behind otheriwise!!!!!!!! oh and to count my blessings and learn to be content with what I have.. and to be happy on my own!!

    I'd also like some christmas wishes... for the situation in the far east to ease and the disease caused by the tsumani to be less than we fear, the children to find their families...
    for fran to get well, WW to get well too and deb to get her wishes come true.

    thats all!!


    oh.. and I'll have a hot chocolate please!!
  5. by   Mkue
    Good Morning and a Happy New Year to All :hatparty:

    Hi Tweety
  6. by   weetziebat
    good morning,

    lurking no more, tweety! thanks for the hot chocolate - tastes so good on a cold night. so obviously you've started your classes. hang in there - it will give me the push i need to get going on my classes (that i have been putting off for far too long). how's it going with spouse working days and you on nightshift?

    good to see you here, karen - your plans for new year's eve sound lovely. trying to shave my resolutions down to manageable proportions, so guess i'll go with losing ~15 lbs., actually meditating instead of just planning to do it, and start my studies in earnest. that's quite enough for one year, no?

    i'm on call this weekend and already its starting to look not so good. just got a call. told them to keep an eye on it and call me if it gets worse. dare i hope that it will all straighten itself out?

    was just looking at a site about the tsunami. they were showing pictures of the unidentified bodies in phuket, thailand. how fragile life is. definately shows you the need to be grateful for whatever we have. hope there are more people who manage to find friends and relatives alive, and that more help gets to all that need it.

    hugs to all.
  7. by   akcarmean
    good morning all,

    hope everyone has a happy new year's eve. :hatparty: in whatever you might be doing at home , with friends:kiss , at work . wish everyone a safe, peaceful, and enjoyable evening.

    the whole family is going to a friends house to eat, play cards, games, chat and bring in the new year. have to work new years day for about 4 hrs. not bad.

    well i have started my homework for one class. i have done about 32 pages last night have to go to 146 pages, take a test, do a group project, grade 39 other students input on the project, do an individual project, and participate in 3 online discussions. all due jan. 8th. all this is in one class the other class is just about the same. having my doubts about being able to do it just need to get into a routine i guess. baby will start the sitters on the 3rd when the kids go back to school so that should help tremendously.

    tweety what kind of program do you have to help you with your papers. sounds like your papers are the same as mine. i would be interest in knowing i might be able to benefit from the purchase of that program. let me know.

    for all those to come here is some breakfast to get you going; eggs, cereal, biscuits and gravy, french toast, bagels, cream cheese, jelly, toast, jam, sausage, ham, bacon, fruit, juice, coffee , tea, diet or regular pepsi or coke products, hot chocolate, ok i'm done for this am. i will take a diet pepsi and the fruit. need to change eating habit. (1 of my new years revolutions).enjoy

    for those to follow have a good day/afternoon/evening. will try and check back in later.

    fran hope you are feeling better,
    leslie hope sis is getting stronger by the day and you to dear.

    i have to go and try to get the baby back to sleep. going to try and get him into the dr. today.

    see ya later :kiss
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    good morning/afternoon/night where ever you are

    Karen you should come and work up here only seen 3 patients this morning and finishing about 1pm Even doctors have not seen many

    Your plan for tonight sounds good, we've no plans to go out and sounds like dh is coming down with either a cold or chest infection will have to wait and see.

    may I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may the new year bring you everything you wish for
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning - here at work again. So, now I remember why I hated full-time. 4 days this week so far. On call tomorrow. Boo hoo.

    Same heavy patients - call bells been ringing.

    My best friend emailed me an article in yesterday Sacramento Bee called "Honeymoon In Hell" about one of the teachers at her school who was caught up in the mess in Thailand with her husband. Both hurt pretty badly. Very good description of what it was like to be swept away by the water. Scarier than heck.

    Oops, another call bell . . .oh wait, it is the other nurse's post-partum patient.

  10. by   Tweety
    Good Morning everyone!

    Hi Tigerlilly Marie! Strange not to have anything to debate with you on this forum.

    Weetzie. It's not working out well with me being on the opposite shift. Days go by without me seeing spouse except for a brief time when either he's asleep, or I'm asleep. When he's sleeping for work, I'm out tiptoeing trying to be quiet. The dogs are coming and going in between the bedroom and wherever I'm at, and the opposite during spouse's off days while I'm asleep. But spouse doesn't complain and it's "doable". I'm transferring to day shift in a couple of months so hopefully things will be better then.

    Angelina, the course sounds dreadful. I can't believe you'll be doing two of them that are like that. Good luck to you! The program I use for the APA format is this one. DH used it during when he was getting his masters and swears by it that it was worth every penny. It's worth it to me just to organize the reference page without a lot of drama. I haven't used it yet. I've been learning to do the APA format on my own, just so I know what to do. But this program organizes it, puts the parenthesis and periods and comma's where they belong. It even does the cover page, but that's so easy I probably will use it just for the reference page.
  11. by   lil' girl
    Good Morning All I was good this am and got up at a reasonable hour. I'll have the coffee thanks Tweety.

    Weetz so Good to see YOU here.
    Karen your plan sounds delightful.
    Good morning Anna
    Angie sounds like your plate is full!
    Steph don't work too hard okay?
    Tigerlily good morning and happy new year to you too.

    Can you believe that the year is over? I know they say when you get older it flies by but sheesh!

    I have no resolutions planned thus far, except to study, study, study. Only one more week and it is back to school for me. I can't wait. I am ready to be done with this, much as I love it.

    Well I'll check back later and see what is going on. Everyone have a SAFE and happy new year.

  12. by   presC.
    hi to all! happy new year!:hatparty: it's going to be a great year for all of us! good health to each one of us, .. safety be upon us all and have a wonderful loving family all year round! (((((((((((((hugs)))))))) to each one of you! and lots of :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss

    tweety, thanks for the breakfast, i'll add that to our "media noche" our midnight feasting :d (lots of food are already set) hot coffee will be great! oh, and thanks once again for the !

    hi lil'girl! happy new year! ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) you're so dear to me. take care!:kiss
    stevielynn, anna, angie,karen g, tigerlily ~have a wonderful new year!
    weetziee, hope you enjoy your new year's eve! i appreciate your sweetness and your friendship :kiss

    i'll check my husband now,(hearing lots of fire crackers already) bye! have a wonderful '05 everyone! ~love you all. such a blessing to be part of this "morning thread" though i'm not regular here.. :imbar
  13. by   lil' girl
    Pres you have such a kind heart, hope you have a happy new year too friend

  14. by   nursemary9
    good morning to all and
    :hatparty: :hatparty: happy new year!!:hatparty:
    so many of you up and about so early!!
    i was off last nite, so i slept a bit!
    dh just went out to get newspapers.

    tweety, i did a paper a few months ago & had to use that apa format; now i had not even written a paper in nearly 35 yrs. much less even heard about apa format; to say the least, i found it difficult! glad you found a program to help.

    thanks for the warm drinks, tweety & thanks for the breakfast, angie. i've enjoyed!

    to all of you students--good luck with the new semester!

    well, ive said that for the new year i'm going to try
    for a healthier life style which includes eating healthier leading to weight loss & exercising regularly--also leading to weight loss. this is something i seriouly have to do or i'll end up disabled or dying. it's going to be hard and probably slow, but i have to do it.

    good morning to each of you--i won't name you all---and everyone have a great day & evening.

    i'll be at work tonite & all the way until tuesday nite!

    see you all later or during the nite

    mary ann