Good morning! December 7, 2007

  1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

    It's Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day today - (((((((((( Veterans and families )))))))))

    (Anyone seen that movie? Wondered how close to reality...)
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  3. by   sirI

    this is pearl harbor day.

    my father joined the navy shortly after and spent 4 years in the pacific. he received the purple heart during this war.

    just wanted to tell you all that i hope you have an extra-special good friday. i plan on doing absolutely nothing and that will be great for a change.

    hope you all
  4. by   sirI
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    You beat me to the thread, zoey.

    Have a good day. Night.
  5. by   Diary/Dairy
    Good morning all! Working an extra night to cover my night that I missed last week when my sister was here.

    My grandfather enlisted within 5 days of Pearl Harbor and served as a morse code operator on the USS Whittier. I still remember, even though he died 16 years ago....
  6. by   dianah
    Visiting the Memorial in Hawaii is heart-wrenching and still feels "recent."

    Took care of a 90 yo vet recently; he was in WWII.
    When we commented that he'd been thru/seen a lot in that war, he shrugged and said his memory is slowly erasing a lot of that time.
    He did say he remembers sitting on his dad's shoulders, during a ticker-tape parade in NYC for "Lindbergh."
    Nice, nice man.

    Remembering our vets.

    We've just arrived home from our "final," a live jazz performance.
    It went well, and I'm tired now.

    Goodnight, see you all in the morning!
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    My father-in-law served in the Pacific on a Destroyer Escort. All the grandkids have learned about the war and THE NAVY at his knee or on his lap. My youngest and grandpa made a submarine two days ago.

    Well, the darn storm is leaving little wisps of snow and the weather report says more to come . .

    My oldest son called - he and his girlfriend broke up . . .

    Just a blue night . . . .

    See you all in the morning.

  8. by   live4today
    Good morning, afternoon, night...whatever the hour in your neck of the woods!

    I'm on my way to bed. I'm off work tomorrow, but just wasn't tired enough to go to bed before now. Just renewed my allnurses membership! It is sooooooo good to be back here! I am so very blessed to have an income to renew my membership! Thank You, Lord!

    (((((((Steph and son))))))) so sorry about your son and his girlfriend breaking up. Encourage him to take some healing time before jumping into another relationship. There are very good reasons why those seasons of change come into our well you and I know. :flowersfo

    Nighty night all!
  9. by   nursemary9

    Zoe, Thanks for starting the thread.

    Yes, Today is Pearl Harbor Day. My Dad went out & joined the Air Force. He didn't get out until I was about 2 yrs old. I remember the stories my Mom & Dad told.

    I'm at work again. Well, believe it or not, two nites in a row with the correct amount of staff!! That is truly amazing in this place.
    I won't say much more about this nite--don't want to jinx it since it's still early.
    After work, DH & I will grocery shop. After that, we might go Xmas shopping. If we don't Xmas shop this AM, we'll go Sat. AM.

    Well, got to get back to work here!! Duty Calls!!!!!!!!!!

    See you all later
  10. by   Diary/Dairy
    Morning Mary and CheerfulDoer...

    Stevie, sorry about your son and his hurts, time dulls it.

    Working tonight. Not too bad - hope your night is good too Mary.
  11. by   RainDreamer
    Good morning Well good day to those of us at work

    Sitting here with my nice little assignment .... actually a pretty great night. Have a couple twins with an awesome mom, so it was nice chattin' with her for a while.

    It's my last night and I'm happy about that. Should be a nice weekend.

    Remembering our vets and their families today.

    Hope you all have a good one!
  12. by   Grace Oz
    Good evening (Friday) from Down Under!

    I'm back online, again! Go and read my account just now posted on the "Reconnected .... for now" thread. LOL
    I'm feeling like a bit of a dill about now! lol Provided of course, that it IS my fault! lol

    Visiting the memorial in Hawaii last year was a deeply moving experience.
    Remembering all those who served and continue to serve.

    Sorry about your son and his GF, steph. Never easy or nice having your heart broken.

    Great to *see* you posting again, cheer! Wonderful that things have taken a turn for the better. I wish you all the very best now and into the future.

    Enjoy your weekend, Rain! always nice to have weekends off.

    G'day Di, listened to some lovely banjo music on the radio yesterday. Thought of you and DH!

    Hi Mary Ann, sounds like you won the lottery tonight! The staff lottery, that is! lol Hope the rest of your shift is uneventful.

    Cooee there, Siri! Hope you're enjoying your easy day.

    Hello Zoe, thanks for starting the thread. Lovely pics.

    To all who follow, enjoy your friday!

    I went shopping today. Crazy as anything in that centre! People everywhere! The countdown to christmas really is on now!

    Ok, seeing as I'm now reconnected to the net :imbar I'm going to try and catch up on the happenings and news etc!

    BBL, maybe! Providing of course I stay connected! :lol_hitti
  13. by   Alois Wolf
    Good morning. Rough night so far. Had a client display SIB and property destruction. Went to lunch and had a flat tire.

    Besides that, not too bad... could always get worse.
  14. by   Diary/Dairy
    Awww Alois - hope things get better! :icon_hug: