Good Morning Christmas Eve 2004

  1. Good Morning, and to borrow Tweety's word WOOT it is Christmas eve here on the east coast!! Check in later with everyone.

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  3. by   lil' girl
    :icon_lol: :Santa5: :Present1: :Singing:
  4. by   cwazycwissyRN
    merry christmas eve to all!

    guess christmas is going to happen whether my shopping and preparations are ready or not :chuckle hope everyone has a lovely day. my grandchildren will be spending the night sooooo ole saint nic will have to pull on his boots and head right over to my house. (hope he can still fit down the chimney. it is really snowing alot here in colorado, really beginning to look alot like christmas :snow:
  5. by   abundantjoy07

    well...i guess it is christmas eve. (it will be here in texas in about 15 more minutes). it's funny because i thought we had at least 3 more days until christmas. what a scrooge i am this year! but it is soon to be christmas so i guess i have to turn my frown upside down! i hope everyone is having a great holiday no matter what you celebrate.

    p.s.- don't forget the cookies!
    p.p.s.- gingerbread is the best!
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  6. by   leslie :-D
    merry christmas eve/day to all...
    much last minute shopping to do today.

    i know 2 of my children are all set but i think my middle one got short changed somewhere and i have no idea as to what i got each one...didn't keep tally this year.

    plus my stepdad will be staying with us through the 28th which means i have to go out and buy him something tomorrow so he has something to open on Christmas morning.
    the present i got for mom and dh will just not be appropriate for him alone.
    since he loves tools, i'll probably get him a home depot gift certificate unless i can think of something more brilliant.

    i also still have to cook as every year i have an open house...don't know if anyone or who will be coming this year but need to be prepared.
    i'll just keep it simple.
    but i never did get my annual christmas pajamas...
    i usually shower at 5am and wear my new pj's for the entire day.
    somethings were just not meant to be this year....

    my stepdad's dtr has also been staying with us but she's going home tomorrow am so i have to drive her to the airport.,
    everything will get done, i'm sure.

    may this christmas eve be a peek into 2005 where prayers are heard, people feel loved and peace is attained.

    love you guys.

    leslie xo

    hope everyone has a stress free holiday and one they can actually embrace if they don't have all these last minute preparations.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    We love you too, Leslie, and you remain in our thoughts and prayers. :kiss :Holly3:
  8. by   lil' girl
    Leslie so good to see you back. (((((((((((((((Leslie)))))))))))))))
  9. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from lil' girl
    Leslie so good to see you back. (((((((((((((((Leslie)))))))))))))))
    thanks lil' girl and mj....

    here today gone tomorrow keep coming to mind.
    so i'm taking advantage of the here and now.

  10. by   RainDreamer
    Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Just hitting Christmas Eve here in AZ, as I hear the clock chiming as I type this. Finally got all my shopping done, just have to wrap it all, I hate wrapping!

    Me and my sisters bought my parents a fire pit for the backyard patio, we've known they've wanted one, but they didn't directly say anything about it until a few days ago. We told them we already got their shopping done, that they should have mentioned it more than a couple days before Christmas. We went out and bought them one anyway, so I think they'll be surprised. I can't wait to give it to them, it'll be nice to sit in the backyard around the fire

    Other than that I've just been enjoying my break. Did a lot of baking today to help my mom out, have tons of cookies now. Going over to my grandma's tomorrow night like we do every year on Christmas Eve to have finger foods and cookies and just visit with the family. Then Christmas morning we'll go back over to my grandma's for breakfast and that night we'll have Christmas dinner at our house. This is my grandma's first year without my grandpa being here , I hope we can make it as good for her as we can though.

    Last night we went looking at Christmas lights, people around here go all out putting up their lights. There were 3 neighborhoods that we walked through. Park your car and just walk through the neighborhood, every house has different themes. At one of the houses we walked through the backyard along a path, it was a 911 memorial type thing and the Silent Night 911 song was playing, incredible.

    I guess I'm just talkative tonight lol. Hope everyone has a great night/morning! Enjoy your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without being too stressed out!

    Leslie, good to see you posting, yall are still in my thoughts and prayers, ((hugs))
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  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Merry Christmas to those celebrating....and hugs all around! May you and yours have a peaceful, blessed day.
  12. by   Tweety
    Christmas Eve!

    I'm beginning my 3 day stretch of 12-hour shifts tonight. Spouse has invites tonight and tomorrow, so he'll be with friends this holiday since he now works in a clinic and has it off. He's going to see his dad and stepmom on Sunday.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday.

    ((((Leslie))))) and everyone else too!
  13. by   joyflnoyz
    Our Christmas will be a quiet died on the 7th I just went back to work Monday Going to do our "traditional" home made pizza and jello for Christmas Eve, and our Christmas breakfast.
    We haven't had a chance to do much shopping..I think we'll just plan on pigging out and watching videos

    I wish all of you a very joyous Christmas!
  14. by   nursemary9
    2 ftgood morning to all of you!!
    i can hardly believe so many of you have been here this early!!

    merry christmas eve to all!! :snowman1: :snow: :santa5:

    well, i'm at work for another 3 1/4 hrs.!! so far, not bad.
    we moved all of our patients to half of the floor since we only have 14 +1 coming. easier to care for this way. i'm charge tonite.
    once i get off work, have to do last minute shopping--never did it yesterday.
    there is not too much house work left, and in the evening just my dh & myself will have pizza for dinner & open gifts.
    have any of you ever had swedish glogg?
    well, my husband is swedish & he has made glogg--it is very, very good--rather strong the way he makes it.
    it's a type of spiced wine. yum!!!
    we'll have some glogg with the pizza--of yeh, it'sd served warm.
    oh boy, can't wait, now!!:santa1:
    did you ever wonder about some of the night time admissions? needless to say, the admission we are getting sounds bogus. we have lots of those kinds!!:angryfire

    boy, sometimes i feel like a little kid-- i see all these fantastic looking gifts under our tree & want to rip them open!! (by the way, our beautiful little tree is all of
    2 feet tall !) oh well!! it's just us. we have a lot of other great deco's!

    well, as you can see, we are not excessively busy, but i guess i'd better get going anyway--i've got to start calling staff off who are getting unexpected pto days.

    have a wonderful day; will see you guys later...
    oh, yes, i'll leave some coffee, tea & fresh juice!!

    mary ann