Good Morning 5-6-05

  1. :Melody: Good Morning :Melody:

    Back to work again.

    Hi Debbie, glad you decdied to join in!

    Jnette! Good to see you again.

    Hugs. Marla. I know about the sick and tired of being sick and tired feeling. Been there and done that. The key most of the time for me, has been lifestyle changes, in addition to some outside help sometimes, like getting check ups. Congrats on the weight loss.
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  3. by   akcarmean
    marla, i can definately relate to being sick and tired of being sick and tired. i was actually doing pretty good with phyical therapy, was gaining ground; until i fell on wed. well now back to square 1 with more physical pain. hurt my shoulder and ankle. oh well. i keep praying that some day i will be able to do the things i should be doing.

    sorry don't have a lot of time to address everyone. but hope you all have a great day whether at work, home, or play. hope those who are sick are feeling better.

    take care all need to get busy on my reports. will try to check in later.

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hello everyone! How can it be Friday already? ugh means work time again....and it's been a busy week for me. I am ready to slow down......

    vacation in 10 days woot......a week at the beach is just what is needed around here.

    good to see everyone.

    Welcome to the threads, Debbie, from another "deb"
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    been a busy bee the past few days and i didn't realize that the weekend was sneaking up on me...have to do 16 sat/sun going to be a real fun mothers day
    had to take my van in, it was feeling kinda puny they had to order a couple of parts..somehow they never have what you need
    i am going to a CASA volunteer meeting in the evenings...i hope that it is better than they talk it go around to meet with foster children and their parents/foster parents and extended families the caliber of parents who lose custody these days is kinda scary
    marla you are getting some good advise...if you want things to change you have to change will find everything but the kitchen sink thrown in your way but keep it up...move new people...get out of the house etc

    going to bite the bullet and clean the house catch up with you all later...
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Hi all!

    I appreciate everyone's input on my recent travails. Yes, I know the answers are all up to me; I think I just need a little help finding them, is all.

    I'm still recuperating from my procedure last Wednesday; I probably could have gone to work today, this is the first day that I've felt reasonably good, but I know they'd have had me running my hiney off, and I'm definitely NOT ready for that when going to the grocery store and to the doctor in a single afternoon wiped me out two days ago. I should be good to go by Monday.....I'd better be, anyway, because I'm already in deep doo-doo with my frequent absences. :uhoh21:

    Ah, well........My Army brat finally graduates from her air-traffic controller program today, with honors no less! Best of all, she will likely be stationed stateside......maybe as close as Fort Lewis, WA!! That's only half a day's drive from here. But even if she's sent to the other base (somewhere in Kentucky) they were considering, that's ever so much better than Korea......or IRAQ. I should find out today or tomorrow if she'll be able to come home for a bit, and where she's headed.

    BTW, Happy Mother's Day to all of you here who are mothers and/or grandmothers!! I'm going to do something a little special for my 'expectant' daughter since this is her first Mother's Day.....not sure what yet. I'll be doing something for Micah on Father's Day as well.

    Have a great weekend!!
  7. by   manna
    Hello, all. I've been pretty MIA on the boards, lately. Life is pretty hectic - my mother is ill, my son is failing first grade, I'm getting a divorce (my best friend is coming over tomorrow to help me pack up my husband's things).... wish me strength.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Manna . . . I'm sorry about your divorce. And you don't "fail" first grade . . . kids at that age are all so different and maybe your son just wasn't ready and will be next year. I am waiting until Danny is 6 to start him in kindergarten - boys have a harder time with the sitting still stuff. I'll probably homeschool anyway - that makes it a bit easier. Better now with your son than when he is older.

    A big hug sent your way Manna . ..

    I took my daughter to see Beauty and The Beast at a local high school last night . . wonderful show - really almost like going to Broadway. Took her out to dinner too . . mom did good for once.

    Today is overcast and dark but no rain so far.

    Marla - big hug to you too.

    Off to help Danny clean his room . . .

  9. by   akcarmean
    Quote from manna
    hello, all. i've been pretty mia on the boards, lately. life is pretty hectic - my mother is ill, my son is failing first grade, i'm getting a divorce (my best friend is coming over tomorrow to help me pack up my husband's things).... wish me strength.
    i will add you to my prayer list. i sure hope things start to get better. but remember we are here if you need to vent. we have all done it and everyone on here can be a great support system if you need us. take care and keep hanging in there.

  10. by   akcarmean
    well i just finished my reports. fil is going to have a yard sale this weekend. he expects dh to help. we are going to try to get the grocery shopping done tonight but don't know for sure.

    the van needs it's old changed. not to mention vaccummed out.

    i am feeling a little better today. my back is better than my shoulder. i go back to the dr. on monday to recheck my uti but i am almost positive i still have it. so will most likely have to go another round of abx. i will have to get her to write a script for me pt. it really has been helping so i want to continue to go so that maybe i can start to do some normal things again like maybe take a walk.

    well i am going to go dh will be home soon. have a good noc all.

  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from akcarmean
    the van needs it's old changed. not to mention vaccummed out.

    my van needs it's "old" changed too . . . changed to brand new. show me how to do it!! (teasing ya here).

  12. by   jnette
    Wow.. only nine wittle posties?

    Angie.. sorry to hear about your fall.. what a setback.. hate it for you. (((HUGS)))

    Manna.. difficult times.. (((HUGS))) to you as well.. I'm sorry about your troubles. I do agree with Steph about your little guy, though. He's either TOO smart for first grade and bored silly (my Adam went through this in grade school) or he's just not ready yet. Encourage and support him.. find out what REALLY interests him and build on that. He'll find himself and having your support and praise in those things he does well will help him more that anything. Divorce may well be playing a role here as well. Hang in there.

    Steph.. sounds like you had a great evening out with your daughter ! Good for you ! Those mother daughter times are so special and something she'll always remember. Ya done GOOD, Momma !

    Marla.. sorry about your ilnesses this year. It really has been a crappy year for you so far.. poor baby. Hope you get back on track real soon, and HURRAAAAAAAAAAAAY for your soldier girl !!! I know you are greatly relieved.

    I know your Mother's Day will be special with your own daughter about to be a momma herself now.

    Hey Blue Eyes ! Good to see ya ! Yeppers, it's Friday, and while I hate it for YOU, I love it for ME ! It's been a long, long week.. past ten days. I'm pooped. MORE than pooped. I'm going to enjoy my weekend off. Need to do a little shopping in the morning and browse the outdoor patio sections for some goodies and ideas for our newly cleared and expanded backyard, then get home and do some raking and leveling back there.. pull out some more dead brush (while keeping a serious eye peeled for poison oak !) while dh plays golf all day. He deserves it. He's been at this yard thing for eight days straight and has done a superb job of it ! It's his day to play.
    So you're going to the beach in ten days? Woohooooooo for YOU !!! :Melody: :Melody: Refresh thyself !

    Hi Tweeters ! Feels good to be back, yes indeedy ! :chuckle

    Have a great weekend, my friend !
  13. by   Tweety
    Howdy! What a day. I'm so pooped, ran my patootie off and then some, my feet are killing me. I was going to meet friends but came home first, I'll catch them later.

    Allow me to vent. Family members at work are draining me. I had the mom of a 16 year old call the manager today with multiple complaints about the care her son recieved, one of which was about me. I had just met the kid the morning of discharge, doc discharged him at 6:30 AM, and I basically just discharged the kid without really getting to know him. Apparently on the d/c sheet I wrote the right leg when it was the left leg that was injured. I knew which leg it was, because I assessed his pulses, put him in a CPM machine, and a wheelchair, but she accused me of being scatterbrained, unobservant and "is he a new graduate nurse?". I almost never get complaints so when I do, and they are unkind it stings.

    Also, I discharged a patient without the primary writing the order. I thought one of the consults was the primary because the patient told me her primary was in and discharged her and I believed her because I couldn't read the MD's sig and I was in another room. So an hour after I send her home, here comes the primary. Opps....after I explained, he was nice and said he was sending her home anyway. The consult doc wrote "o.k. to d/c home" when basically he was just clearing her for d/c from his standpoint. DUH.

    Sigh....just one of those days I feel like a total loser. But my sore feet tell me I'm still a good guy, that I need to let it go, that people love me. The best part was coming home to two adorable Italian Greyhounds who could care less I screwed up today at work.

    Thanks for listening to the rant.
  14. by   CHATSDALE
    look there are days like this...sometimes they come in bunches like grapes but most of the time they are far enough apart you can remember them...
    if she had multiple complaints then she is setting a pattern this will not stain your record
    massage your feet, put on something comfortable and join the friends
    and yes i know about those loving unjudgemental eyes, my poor old poodle only has one eye due to a fight with a dog eating cat but she is so full of love, i wish that everyone was as happy to see come home as she is