Good Morning! 1-14-05

  1. Good morning, evening and night! I'm on a break. My night is going well, we have 8 patients. But dont' tell the supervisor. We're a nurse short, she knows were a nurse short but is on the phone trying to give us two admissions. What part of "one nurse short" does she not get? "But the ER's is busy and about to shut down". Sorry, but I can't own the fact that the ER is busy and needs to shut down. If two admission to med-surg is going to shut them down, then they are in dire straights indeed and need to shut down.

    End of rant.

    Not much else going on.

    Hope you guys have a great day!!!!
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Just say no Tweety.

    Been kind of a hectic evening - went to the in-laws for my sis-in-law's birthday dinner ... 3 year old was a crackup. He puts on his invisible armour and attacks the dragon and tonight the dragon was my 25 year old nephew.

    Just got everyone to sleep and I'm sitting down at the computer with a glass of wine and Cheetos

  4. by   URO-RN
    Sometimes at my old job, and when on break, I would sneek in to the ER and check things out....walk around see what the cops or the paramedics dragged in...

    When I worked days, there was one nurse who as soon as she d/c a patient, she would call the charge nurse asap, so that (I guess) she could get another admit. :uhoh21: Strange, but true.

    and Tweety just say, "Heck no" to another admission.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday, and does something fun this weekend that involves alcohol and dancing on tables....I am just kidding...
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  5. by   presC.
    hi guys, "morning"!
    just got home from a children's party! such fun!! and the good part is i got take home food also hehehehe
    will check again later.
  6. by   nursemary9
    hey guys!! good morning
    you're all here nice & early
    i have just a minute--i'm at work too.
    tweety--are you allowed to say no to admissions??
    we are not; we can question & sometimes they change it, but we're not allowed to just say no.
    we have adequate staffing tonite. i only have 3 beds left; we have had 1 admission all ready. i need to save my 1 pvt room for a leukemia pt. coming in for chemo!!
    see you all later

    mary ann

    here's some coffee, tea, soft drinks, milk!!
    can someone else get breakfast??
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Can we wait a bit on breakfast? I'm still working on the glass of wine.

    Mary - we are allowed to say no.

  8. by   Rep
    Good morning to everybody here!
  9. by   weetziebat
    morning, everyone

    took yesterday off cause i just needed a rest. will need to go in early today to catch up with everything thats waiting for me. that is the worst thing about being the only nurse - everything sits and waits just for me.

    mary ann, think i'll wait for breakfast, along with steph. i'm having a beer right now. i could be nice and cook breakfast for everyone else ........................... but i'm not going to. cause i am laaaaaazy.

    must say i'm glad the weekend is almost upon us, although i'm on call so it could be busy. all the residents have decided to have health crises at the same time, and i'm almost convinced they did it just to aggravate me. lol. then off on monday for mlk day. we used to get president's day off, then they changed it to mlk day.

    dh's work is also really busy now. he has to work at least half day on saturday and possibly sunday also. i'm hoping to go out with my daughter saturday for our 'girls day out' - nothing like spending money to put ya in a good mood, right ladies??

    hope we all have a great day. hugs to all -

  10. by   H ynnoD
    TGIF:hatparty: Going to take the wife and kids to Yosemite Saturday.Only alittle more then an Hour away and have'nt been in years.Last time was about 12 years ago,kids have never been.First week of school has been OK.Lots of reading to do this weekend and teacher for political science is already hinting around that we'll have our first pop quiz Tuesday.He does'nt do any type of writing assignments.Just reading and lecturing 2 days a week.I have socialogy this morning.I like the teacher and Class,so far has been a real eye opener.Hope Everyone Has a Great Day
  11. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Just stopping by to say a quick hi! Off to work in about 15 minutes.

    So far it is just orientation except for Wednesday which was PBSD (performance based something or other). I thought it was challenging, but not too awful. The NP sitting next to me thought it unrealistic, can't blame her, she's pedi and this was adult critical care. I noticed they gave her the entry level adult stuff for part two. Two of us didn't even get to do it--they told them to clock out (!!!) and come back in two hours (!!!!), and it wasn't ready then either. (!!!!!)

    I sympathize.

    Yesterday we had glucometers and how to use the computer. 24 of us 20 computers. Did they not know we were coming? LOL Bad thing was, 6 people were previous employees, or current employees upgrading status from PCT to extern, or from extern to RN, etc. There they sat in front of the computers, and they didn't offer to vacate in favor of newbies, nor were they asked by to by the instructor.

    Monday we are back in a regular classroom, just for the one day, then twn 12 hour shifts during the week. I still don't have a preceptor assigned (that was supposed to be done last week, before I came), and I don't know what my work schedule will be. I've gone up to the floor three times in four days, they keep smiling real big and saying, come back tomorrow! I skipped yesteday, and I think I might just call them today. We only get 10 minute breaks and 30 min for lunch--not enough time to make a personal visit.

    OK! I'm real! I have a job! Whoopee!!!!

    Miss you guys....
  12. by   maire
    Good morning!

    We are having the strangest weather...was almost 70 degrees yesterday (I had windows open!) and today it's supposed to drop into the 30s. It's windy as all get out right now and raining, so I am about to take my kids to school.

    Heading to my folks' house for the weekend, Haven't seen them since Thanksgiving so it will be nice to hang out with them for a few days. My Dad loves when we come down to visit because he likes to go shopping. LOL I just hope my fish will be ok not being fed for 2 regular "fish sitter" moved and I haven't found a replacement yet. This is what happens when I let myself have so many dang aquariums, I suppose. I do love my bettas, though.

    Anyhoo, enough rambling from me. Hope you all have a great day and a great weekend.
  13. by   rjflyn
    GM everyone.

    I gotta laugh Tweety- close the ER thats a good one. I work ER and our motto is were like Motel 6- the lights always on. She can say the ER is going to close but guess what it never really occurs. Yeah they try to devert ambulances but typicaly what happens is every other ER is just as busy so the point becomes moot. About all that can really happen is you can close to trauma as the OR is full and you cant take care of that patient at that time.

    Another thing do you have FL warmed up, my travel assignment- my first starts down there in about 10 days. Thank goodness the weather here in the good ole midwest stinks- snow one day rain the next, ice the day after that.

  14. by   Tweety
    rjflyn, our ER never closes either. They can go on "divert" meaning the ambulances need to choose another hospital in the area, but they only do it when they are backed up with critical care patients, never had med surg holds every diverted the ER.

    See, I've been there for 13 years and have worked many departments, including house supervisor, so it's not easy to fool me.

    Mary Ann, usually it's negotiable, especially when we're in a bind and short staffed. It was understood by the super that we were running a nurse short and we were not able to take admits. I guess I can't blame her for trying, but I wanted to ask her...remember our conversation just hours ago when you said you wouldn't give us any admits? Have you mysteriously come up with a nurse for me at 2AM?".

    What's cute is ICU had a transfer after shift change. Night nurse calls. "I need to give report because I have to leave early and catch my ride. We're not being the patient until 7am but can I give report now?" Sure, I say give me report. 20 minutes until 7am...."it's an emergency the ER needs a critical care bed and I must move the patient now." ...........Me: "I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I know the ER is holding critical care patients until day shift, and aren't in a hurry to admit to you, and I know you want to leave early, so don't play that with me, but go ahead and bring the patient."...ICU nurse....."hehehehehehe" (essentially admitting I had caught her in a selfish lie). People are so cute.