Good Morning 1/10/05

  1. Happy Monday!!! Come one come all to the good morning thread. Have some danish, muffins, waffles, pancakes, fruit. Low carb dieters can have some eggs, bacon, sausagage!

    I'm at work and doing well. Busy, but not a lot of drama.

    Going bowling tonight and then tons and tons of homework. This is a bad week because I have to do everything by Wednesday because of work. Ugh........

    Gotta go, it's taken me ten minutes to type this paragraph. People have the nerve to expect to work while I'm on my break. Whatsupwiththat? Oh, I forget, I'm a night nurse, interrupted breaks are allowed.
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  3. by   HannasMom
    Hi Tweety!

    Thanks for the breakfast. Just tea for right now and my chocolate macadamia biscotti. YUM!

    Well, I just took my first quiz for Microbiology. When I pressed submit I expected more questions, but 15 was all there was. I said out loud "That's all there is?" With all the homework, I expected a long quiz, so this kind of put me off balance for a minute...a very short minute.

    I turned in my Micro Objectives the other day, tonight I turned in my Micro lab assignment and Micro Concepts so I'm all done with Unit one and ready to go onto Unit 2. I think this Unit will be more interesting.

    I was moved into a more ambitious group last night. The other group hardly participated except two other girls and I, so I guess they decided we needed a group which actually did the discussion work.

    What I like about online classes is the fact that you can sip your beverage while taking a test, or munch on snacks while you do your school work, in my PJ's.

    How is school going Tweety? I'm glad your work is manageable tonight. Going bowling huh? I love bowling, just haven't done it in along time. Yesterday my husband and I went to Olive Garden and I had the Crab and Shrimp Raviloi in Seafood Sauce with dried tomatoes...oh is this ever delicious!!!!!

    Well, I guess I can start the reading assignments for Unit 2, but first I think I'll play a game of Spider solitaire as my reward.

    Have one more day off then back to work Tuesday night.
  4. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    You guys and school make me tired!!! I admire you for going back and reaching your goals!!

    No news on DH's grandmother this morning. Talked to my mil last night and she was still with us and fairly comfortable.

    Going back to work today, shouldn't be too bad, I hope!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!
  5. by   maire
    Good morning everyone.

    Tweety, thanks for breakfast.

    I'll be doing more practice NCLEX questions today. Whee. I think by the time I actually pass this exam and become a "real" nurse I will be so sick of the medical field I'll want to do something else. LOL I wonder if that's ever actually happened?

    Hope you all have a great day!
  6. by   Tweety
    Hannasmom! You go girl. I'm proud of you. I'm glad you're plugging along despite your doubts. I love online courses for the same reason. Just walk to the computer and you're already in class. I finished my first module/unit and am into my second of 7, so it's going along. I've got to just take one day at a time. If I look at all the work coming up the next couple of years I get depressed and tired.

    I've been bowling many years. I go every Monday, it's good clean fun. Since the no smoking law in Florida last year it's even better.
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Good Morning one and all

    Thanks for the breakfast Tweety. Was feeling a bit lazy today, so it was nice of you to take care of it

    What I like about online classes is the fact that you can sip your beverage while taking a test, or munch on snacks while you do your school work, in my PJ's.
    So many girls in my class do the same anyways I might think of the snacks - but go to school in PJs?

    phn92 :: Hope work goes well and good news come in from Grannma

    Maire : I am surprised as each day goes by at the capacity of the human brain! I'm surprised because I haven't run out of room in my head

    Busy busy busy day today. Gotta update health records, mail the bills, balance accounts and send 'em to Father, start "shoppin'" for my books for the comming semester, do laundry and my sheets, my turn to shovel the snow, fix my computer and tidy up in general.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Working working working . . . .

    Had a long conversation with a pt. about Satan and God and pulling his eyes out of his sockets . . . gonna be a good day I think. :hatparty:

    I'm hungry - low carb yogurt, here I come.

  9. by   Thunderwolf
    Good morning, family!

    Tweety, thanks for breakfast! It is so nice to wake up and find breakfast on the (computer) table.

    Fran, saw your thumbnail pic yesterday in reference to chili. I really liked your wolf shirt. My girls, whenever they give me a gift for what ever occasion, usually get me something either in wolf or american indian motif. My girls know me well. The wolf (sunkmanitu tanka) is my totem animal. Speaking of chili, I think I'm going to go get some today. Love chili!!!!

    It was very busy at work yesterday. I was in charge (usually I and another RN rotate this every other week...nice, preventing burnout). Somewhat short staffed starting off with ER slamming us later with several admits and getting transfers from other floors. My poor LPN was getting a little overwhelmed. All I could do was tell her it was going to be OK, kissed her on the top of her head, then gave her a quick back rub. It costs so little to be nice to one another when things go hectic...usually the time when we need it the most. We often, on my shift, give the quick back rub, pass out the motrin, and offer each other help as needed. They, in a lot of ways, are another part of my family. We have to take care of each other, especially when things get hectic.

    Going over to my buddy's house tonight to shoot some pool after he tucks his two sons off to bed. My buddy is a LPN on the floor. He and I, on occasion, shoot pool at his house, commiserate about the ups and down on being divorced with an ex yanking the proverbial chains, and have a couple beers. He really is a good guy, a good father. I consider myself very fortunate to have him as a friend. One thing I really like about him is that he walks his talk. Very genuine guy. He and I are alike in that our needs are really pretty simple, not asking for much. You know when you click as friends in that you can start off a conversation with ease and also you can be inside the same room and not feel any pressure to start or keep a conversation going. Simply put, we are equally comfortable in each others presence doing whatever, to accept where we are at at the moment. This is a beautiful thing, you know. No pressure, just acceptance. He and I both know we would probably give the shirt off our back to the other if need be, but never take advantage of each other in this. This is a beautiful place to be in a friendship. Just wanted to share.

    I have to say one thing, totally off topic. I do miss nursebedlam and her posts. I know she was upset about the whole thing regarding premium membership. Has any one seen her around? I fear she totally left. But, I did want to say, I miss her company. Enjoyed reading her posts.

    I'm off today!!! And I have nothing to do! :chuckle What am I going to do with myself? I'm not used to giving myself time off. I'm off tomorrow too, but will spend time with my girls. I believe my older daughter has basketball practice again. Since they have returned back to school after the break, I know we will spend some quality time doing their homework together. I really enjoy doing this with them...never had that when I was a child.

    Speaking of my older daughter, It is amazing how she has changed since turning 13. She is so a teenager. It seems like it happened like over night. I kid her at times about these changes that I've noticed. I told her last week that I may plan writing a journal "You know your daughter is a teenager when...". She thought this was funny. I was serious. She hasn't started the boy stage yet :blushkiss, I'm so glad. It gives me more time to adjust. Still thinking about the journal though. It may be a good nostalgic gift to give her one day when she has a kid this age. What do you guys think?

    Speaking of my younger daughter (9), she still is in love with her daddy. She will often want to hold daddy's hand when we go out, like to the mall or to the library or where ever. Its nice to know someone still loves you. She has had a certain friend her age for some time now. The friend is OK, but this friend's mother worries me. The husband is a lawyer, stable, and nonpretentious. The mom/his wife can be sort of the opposite. They have lots of kids in a humongous house. The problem is that mom, I believe, is going through a second childhood. She is about fifty, but acts and dresses quite often as a young teenager. Not too much problem with it per se, but she will often, according to my daughter, show R rated movies to the young ones. I don't feel comfortable with this. I plan to mention it to my ex sometime. Kids do not need to see such things. They are only children for so long. I do not have custody of my girls, so it is a delicate thing since my ex sort of likes their glamour. My young daughter mentioned that she might like to see "The Passion" sometime, no doubt brought up in the friend's home as a topic. You know how kids like to dare each other in being part of something to each other. I saw the movie. It is very was meant to be. But, it is not something for a 9 year old to see. Essentially, the film is a snuff film with religious garg attached to it. It would be showing my daughter a man being murdered in a horrific way, with all the blood, guts and gore. Not appropriate at all. I'm not a fanatical man. But, I do believe in being right according to my beliefs, regardless if it may be popular or not. But, it is a sticky issue with my ex, since she likes this family. I just don't believe this mother of my daughter's friend has enough integrity for herself to set the necessary boundaries. What are your thoughts? It is sticky being a divorced guy who has concerns about one's children's exposure when one has lost custody and not wanting to stir up a pot of bees with the ex. What is a guy to do?

    Spacenurse, loved your post regarding your family.

    Online classes. Oh, I wish that had been available to me when I was in college. Doing homework in PJ's...what a beautiful thing that must be. Hope everyone does well on their school assignments this week. Make A's for me. I have a NA at work who has just finished her nursing school at a community college (for her RN), studying for her N-CLEX. We sort of did trivia pursuit together yesterday at work with one of those study prep for the exam books. She wanted to beat a seasoned RN with questions. She did pretty well. I missed only one questiion, not bad for an old guy who has been out from a generic nurse program for what seems like a very long time. She will make an excellent RN. She is energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, upbeat, can set boundaries, and is a joy to work with. I think we have a good one here. She calls me her older brother.

    Any way, my lord, I didn't mean to type so much this morning...AND, LOOK AT ME!! Need to stop here and get on with my day and leave room for other folks to post.

    Until tomorrow my brothers and sisters
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  10. by   Roy Fokker
    Still thinking about the journal though. It may be a good nostalgic gift to give her one day when she has a kid this age. What do you guys think?
    Do it! You can always decide on wheather or not to gift it to her. Or toss it in the trash after you have finihsed writing it and if you end up not liking it.

    But if you never write it - you may never know! You won't have that choice!

    Better to say "I wish I hadn't" than to say "I wish I had".
  11. by   CCU NRS
    Good Morning everyone! Just popping in. Hey Thunderwolf I looked through your threads started by and didn't see any short stroy, perhaps I don't know what I am looking for or maybe you posted it under something else or in your journal, I would love to rerad it if you would allow, just let me know where to find it!

    Tweety thanks for the BF as well I am Low carbing so I will pack on the bacon and sausage.

    I hope everyone has wonderful day
    Cya Larry
  12. by   Sadie04
    Morning, all! I'm getting a late start this morning. I worked all weekend so I decided to sleep late today. I'm going to the grocery store to get the makings for minestrone, then I'll probably get some laundry done before I have to work at 3.
    For all those starting school this week, good luck and study hard
    Have a great day everyone :hatparty:
  13. by   Thunderwolf
    CCU NRS, the reference to my short story was a post I did on the good morning thread in the break room on 1/8/5 about some of my native american heritage. Good to see you on this good morning's thread. Hope you have a good day too!
  14. by   CHATSDALE
    WOLFY i thing that you are a good friend to your friend...sometimes you can speak with someone for 10 minutes and you know that this is a person you just can have rapport with...
    your decisions with regard to your children are going to be based on your good sense and a sixth sense that we can fall back are making decisions that your dtrs will grow up and use as a guide when they have children...being a parent is an awesome responsibility...your dtrs are lucky they picked in a winner in a father