Good Morning 1/9/2005

  1. My first time starting the Good Morning thread.

    Guess WHO sits in our yard every day?
    A spotted owl!
    In the city!

    Wonder if he or she is a member of the famous spotted own species?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning! I'm at work and it's going well. I'm just a bit tired.

    Those are nice pictures Spacenurse, I always here an owl in our yard or nearby but never see it.

    Have a great day! (This site is very slow loading again.) Woot!
  4. by   Thunderwolf
    Good morning folks!

    Great pics, spacenurse.

    Tweety, every time I see your sign on, I think of food. Tell me, if I were to go out and order the best meal that I could eat, ...what would it be per your recommendation? I'm getting hungry already.

    Thanks folks for reading my short story on my native american background yesterday and giving me back your comments. I wonder how many natives/mixed bloods are out there on our BB. Sometimes, it is good to know. In Oglala Lakota, Thunderwolf is, I believe, Sunkmanitu Tanka Wakinyan humble attempt at the language. I am just a learner. My chief, in his 70's, would say the same for himself...although he is a very learned man in the area. He provides me a good example in the importance of humility. This so contrary to the main stream culture where we are pushed to be and recognized as experts or to be the expert. Although he IS an expert in his field and recognized as such, he would never boldly hold himself in this manner at all. If you walked past him, you would never know he held such wisdom, being very quiet spoken that he is. He still considers himself a student or learner.

    Going to bed soon.

    Well, actually...I'm going to bed now. Been a long day.

    Wish me pleasant dreams.........................:zzzzz
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  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Man alive! We got some late-night folks up here

    Just finished watching 4 movies in a row. Ahhh! Holidays. I could really get used to this life

    Thunderwolf :: I'm a mixed Indian too - just not the Indian we are talking about here

    Got to talk with Mother after ages today. Father is away on religious pilgrimage. Brother is too busy to talk. Oh well, atleast the family is ok.

    I gotta start reviewing stuff. School starts soon. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I don't wanna go back :-( *sigh* Now I kinda know how RainDreamer feels. Chee! I wish school was over already. I'm afraid I'm running out of rom in my head!

    Well, hope y'all have a great day ahead. It's Sonntag. The Day of Rest. So my command (being the opinionated punk that I am!) is for ALL of you to take a few DEEP breaths, exhale slowly, calm your mind, relax a little.

    Don't forget to kiss and hug the ones you love today

    Auf Wiedersehn
  6. by   barefootlady
    This bug is keeping me up late and waking me up early. I hope everyone is having a great day.
  7. by   nurseunderwater
    Here's to getting my tired ol' booty out of bed for a 7-3 after a wild 7-11P yesterday!!! Whoot for me! I swear - how does a bed feel so good?

    Hope you all have a lovely day. One and all. : )

    Peace out _

  8. by   Tweety
    Kate, gotta love getting out of bed after getting off at 11:00p. I couldn't do it.

    Roy, I feel your pain.

    Thunder....hmmmm....don't know how to answer that. But John left some fried chicken in the fridge he bought at the grocery store. After I made some healthy turkey chili with beans....maybe he's trying to tell me something. The best meal...well you said it the other and chocolate!

    Barefoot, so sorry you're still feeling crappy. Get well soon.

    Had to take spouse to the airport today. Will be gone a week. Boo hoo....
  9. by   FranEMTnurse
    Good morning, everyone. Ya mean I really get to provide some coffee and a brand new kind of cereal? It's the kind that makes ya smile.

    You sure got some nice photos spacenurse. I'm not sure what kind of owls they are though.

    Good morning Tweety. Get some rest now. I'm going back to bed too as soon as I take my meds. That's why I got up. The meds make me sleepy, so why not take advantage of it, right?

    Good morning Thunderwolf. You may be mixed, but your story was so fascinating! I a mixture too: the kind that says, "mixed up mess."

    Good morning Roy, and Auf Weidershein to you too. Maire, Dia Duiet to you too. I have a funny story about that.

    Awwww Barefootlady, I feel for you, hon. I had that awful thing for 8 very long days before I went to the hospital. My tummy felt like I ate lead pie.

    And Kate girl, I get to say hi to you again. Dang that's nice.

    Okay, off to the pill box. Later all.
  10. by   jnette
    Glad you decided to start the GM thread this morning. Spacenurse !

    What lovely photos, thanx for sharing them. I love to hear the owls. We have one that hangs around our patch of woods pretty regualrly, and I love listening to him as I drift off to sleep.

    Roy, I said the exact same thing while I was still in school... there's simply no more room in my head to cram even the tiniest scrap of info into ! Amazing how the ol head expaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands............ :chuckle

    Barefoot.. you still under the weather? Poor girl.. GET WELL, da**it !

    Aw Tweeters... missing spouse could be detrimental to your health. I say pretend he's still there.. go ahead and continue to cook his regualr meals just as if he were still there.... then zing 'em up this way where I'll be waiting with mouth gaped wide open...

    Kate.. that would suk. :stone Hope you get through it.
  11. by   Roy Fokker
    I swear - how does a bed feel so good?
    Four weeks into boot camp for cadets - I said something along simiar lines - "Man alive! I never knew that a BUNK could feel SO GOOD!" :chuckle

    Tweety : Yikes! Spouse away for a week! As it is you guys see little of each other. I sympathise my friend

    However, jnette's suggestion feels nice though

    barefootlady : Wish I could squash that bug (I know I can't) Hope you get well REAL soon

    Fran :: Well Ms. Poopsybubblenose [], it sure is nice to read your funny posts again

    jnette :: I hope that head expansion thing you mentioned kicks in soon! :imbar I fel like such a dummy at times, no kiddin'!

    Have a great day y'all. I think I'll pop off to bed soon...
  12. by   jnette
    Love that cereal, Fran ! Thank you !!! See, it's working, already !

    Think I'll have a second helping.. there.

    How 'bout a third..

    YUMMY !!!!
  13. by   akcarmean
    Guys yesterday you were talking about having some pictures in a gallery to look at. Where is that located at? Would love to see them.

    Does anyone want a 19mnth old today. He is being a distructive little devil right now:angryfire .

    Guys school is over whelming and so is my depression. I keep sinking deeper and deeper into depression I do get into the counslor and psychiastrist this month. Between kids, home, school, depression, finances, I feel myself falling deeper and deeper into it AnD I am SO close that I am afraid I can't pull myself out. I just started school and can't be like THIS>

    Daughter is selling girl scout cookies now and is driving us nuts wanting to get her orders in. The last 3 yrs. she has sold over 800 boxes and been top seller in her group. She wants to make a 1000 this year. Anyone interested??

    Anyways need to go. Mind is so soggy I can't think straight. Have a good day and hope everyone gets to feeling better. Will check back in later.

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  14. by   akcarmean
    Thanks Jnette about how to get to the photo gallery I will have to post some time.