Good Morning 1-4-05

  1. Welcome to the Good Day Thread, where we chit chat about everything.

    I guess Jnette is sleeping in on her day off. Weetize is lurking about so I better post this quick.

    Off to the gym! More later.
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  3. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    it's been a long night. baby has been up and down all night crying. i finally rec'd my steroid injection in my back; but this time was in severe pain afterwards. have been unable to really sleep due to the pain. i wasn't like this last time. the only thing i can think of is that with the last one i came home and laid down afterwards. this time i had 2 online class chat sessions both were suppose to be 2 hrs. long. i made it through the first hr. of my first class and could no longer stand the pain. went and laid down and took my pain medicine.

    well baby goes to the sitter today for 4 hrs. maybe i can work on homework for 2 then rest for the other 2. i really need this injection to work this time. i can only have 1 more for an entire yr.

    well i'd fix breakfast but in to much pain so i will let someone else do it this am.

    tweety -- hope you had a good workout. don't forget to get some homework done today. lol. i have to get my disscusion board project done today and posted by tomorrow night. i havn't even looked at the book yet. i have been working on my other class. oh well!! i will get it done some how.

    to all who follow have a great day/afternoon/night which ever it may be for you. feel free to share with us. take care and i will check in on and off today when i need a break from studying.

    take care
  4. by   nursemary9
    hi gang,

    [color=#008080]at work for another 2 hrs. then, free at last---at least until wed. nite!!
    [color=#008080]i'm going to be very stingy and impose my new healthier life-style on you all--
    [color=#008080]don't all cringe--
    [color=#008080]oj or tomato juice
    [color=#008080]scrambled egg whites
    [color=#008080]wheat toast or better still--7-grain toast--dry
    [color=#008080]fresh fruit or 1/2 tomato
    [color=#008080]coffee, tea
    [color=#008080]plenty of nice, cool h2o
    [color=#008080]sorry, all!!
    [color=#008080]ok--maybe some toasted english muffins with jelly for the non-dieters
    [color=#008080]tweety, you've all ready been to the gym, so you're ok
    [color=#008080]work tonite has been so-so
    [color=#008080]we're busy-but, full up, so can't get any more.
    [color=#008080]i'll see you all later, when i'm at home.
    [color=#008080]today is nail day, so that's a good thing--a bit of pampering.
    [color=#008080]mary ann
  5. by   Tweety
    Mary that sounds like a good breakfast, but I would have to have whole eggs to go on that dry toast, got to sop up the yolk with the toast.

    But actually I'm having samon and leftover pinto beans (yeah, I had pinto beans too! LOL, but we usually have beans once or twice a week, but I use the cans and go from there). Weird breakfast I know.

    I have an online chat session from 10:00 to 11:30 and then I need to sleep to go to work at 7pm. This is an experiment to see if this time is going to work for me. Next Tuesday I'm off, so it's only every other Tuesday. The chat sessions disappoint me because the beauty of distant/online learning is you can make your own schedule. Oh well, there's always something I'm not happy about.

    Angie, I'm so sorry your having so much pain. Not a good time with all that schoolwork and the baby sick. (Is there a correlation between stress and the back pain....hmmmm.......).
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  6. by   nursemary9

    Sounds pretty good to me. Nice complex carbo's!!


  7. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    Angie, I am so sorry to hear you are in such pain and a sick baby too!! Take care!

    I had a healthy breakfast: oatmeal and OJ, then coffee to go! I am trying to get back on my diet, I gained back a few pounds over the holidays! I have been going to Curves 2-3 times a wk over the holidays, now I really need to get serious again! Actually, I have found exercising is a great stress reliever with my dad being sick!! You just have to find the time and that is the hard part!

    The remodel is coming along. BIL was here yesterday to do some wiring. The windows are in the upstairs in the bonus room. It has rained so much that they have been working inside, at least they are here!! I wish it would clear off enough to do the siding!

    I need to get going to work!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
  8. by   Tweety
    Quote from nursemary9

    Sounds pretty good to me. Nice complex carbo's!!


    Actually it was a good post-workout meal. I can feel the muscles growing from all that protein!
  9. by   lisamc1RN
    Morning all! Since I'm lowcarbing it, I'll take some of those eggs and some lc wheat toast.

    I'm back from my mother's house. We had so much fun last week. My 3 brothers, their wives and children were all there as well. Total, wonderful chaos! My mother got me an ultrascope for Christmas. I am loving it! Can't wait to try it out in clinicals.

    I withdrew Ben from school today. It can take up to 3 months for the public school to test him for learning disabilities and in the meantime, the gap between his classmates and himself is widening. We were doing better at home. I had a nice long chat with the principal and we both decided that he was being better served at home. So he's home today!

    Tweety, I started exercising yesterday. I am so sore! Have you been going to the gym for a while, or is this a new year resolution?

    Angie, I'm so sorry that your back is still in pain. I hope the injections begin working soon.

    Waving hello at phn92 and Mary. I'm with you on getting fit! I need to drop about 30 lbs this year!

    Well, I guess I'd better get started on my laundry. It never ends.
  10. by   lil' girl
    good morning all. i see a few have made it already. and some even going to gym already, good grief wish i had some of that motivation!

    it is supposed to be 70 here today. i love it, love it!!!

    well i read some of my books yesterday, not too bad. our med surg book still not in. i am freaking. really wanted to read some before school started :angryfire

    nothing much going on today, will go to nursing home later and hopefully they will call and say book is in so i can go get it. my house is clean so no cleaning today. still have to get to the car though. i guess today would be a good day to do that.

    thanks for breakfast, just toast and coffee for me.

    hope everyone has a good day.

  11. by   jnette
    G'Morning Family !!!

    Yep, Tweeters was right.. I slept in. But I've been up for a good while, anyway... fed Charlie and groomed him, made coffee, piddled around.

    And yes, I'm off today and like Mary, don't go back 'til Thursday.

    Angelai, wish you'd just get this pain stuff OVER with and get your health back ! Sorry you're hurting. It really seems to be disabling.. will you ever see the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Mary, enjoy the papmering, you deserve it !

    Hi phn! Have a good day at work.
  12. by   lil' girl
    Tweety do you realize you are a year behind?????
  13. by   live4today
    good morning allnurses!

    looks like another cold and rainy forecast today. mother nature is preparing the ground for spring, so i'm starting back to taking my prescription allergy meds each morning. nose stuffy...eyes heavy....
    all who suffer with seasonal allergies know the drill all too well.

    tweety, i'll be joining you and all the other daily exercisers soon.
    gotta drop mucho weight and retone lazy muscles including muscles
    i haven't met yet.

    ((((((angie)))))) rest today as much as you can, and i hope you
    begin to feel relief from the shot you received soon.

    lisa, i don't blame you for pulling your son from a school that takes months to evaluate him. good for you!

    good day to everyone, and students hardy, but take
    a break often, stretch your "other muscles"...i know your brain gets plenty of stretching. :chuckle and...feed those hard working braincells.

    too early for breakfast, so think i'll crawl back in bed for another hour.
    i have some apartment hunting to do later today in hopes i'll be gainfully employed by weeks end.
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  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hey, were all allowed an "OOPS" corrected..

    Note to self: Get updated gym membership and forget about work.
    There, I feel better already exercising my finger muscles.....